92% of marketers claim that videos play a key role in marketing strategies. DesignRush recognizes Brandefy’s Boxis Autoshred video for its award-winning video design.

MIAMI - JUNE 17, 2022

According to HubSpot, 92% of marketers claim that video plays a key role in their marketing strategies. It is why internet video traffic will make up 82% of all global internet consumer traffic by 2022, as reported by Cisco.

However, only high-quality, relevant and interesting videos can drive customer engagement.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, through its Best Design Awards program, recognizes Brandefy’s Boxis Autoshred for its award-winning video design.

The video production company managed to share the brand’s key message in just one minute and seven seconds while highlighting the target users’ pain points, the solution and its benefits.

Design highlights include:

  • Well-selected graphic elements that present the actual look of the product
  • Visuals supported by direct messaging and punchy content
  • 2D animations that depict the chronology of relevant historical events
  • Impactful image manipulation
  • Muted and pastel colors for a serious yet lively look
  • Effective sound editing

See the full video and design analysis here.

According to Brandefy, the Best Design Award is a beneficial addition to their marketing strategy.

“We have included [the award badges] in some marketing materials and believe it to be a beneficial addition to our strategy. We would recommend other businesses to consider it as part of their marketing efforts. Due to DesignRush’s high visibility, being listed as an award-winner on their awards announcements is a great opportunity for creative agencies to showcase their work to a wide audience and get seen by a large group of potential clients.”

For a full list of winners in various categories with project details and design reviews, visit Best Design Awards.

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