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Website Designs Award - May 2024


Logo Design Award - May 2024

Nova Yoga

Print Design Award - May 2024


App Design Award - May 2024

Welcome Renovation

Packaging Design Award - May 2024


Video Design Award - May 2024

Libbs AI - Mental Health at Work

Methodology for Selecting the Best Designs

Design Hunt and Collection

The first step towards creating our curated list of best designs is to perform an initial research. We collect the best designs in two ways:

  1. Design Research: The process starts with the team searching for web, print, app, packaging, video, and logo designs that have the potential to be added to our Best Design Collections. To learn more about the designs that we have identified, we then contact the brands and agencies that own the designs. Finally we discuss with them the possibility of their design being featured.
  2. Direct Submission: Interested brands and/or agencies can also send over their creations via the Best Design Awards Submission page. Designs submitted this way are eligible for the Design Awards competition.
Design Hunt and Collection

Design Evaluation

The next step is design evaluation. All designs gathered from research and submission undergo assessment following five meticulous standards, ensuring quality and excellence.

  • Impact: How well does the design command attention and elicit a response from the user?
  • Creativity: Is the design unique and resourceful in its techniques, tools, concepts, and materials?
  • Functionality: Is the design able to achieve its purpose and improve the user's experience?
  • Execution: Is the design detail-oriented in its execution process and final presentation?
  • Branding: Is the design effective in reflecting the brand it represents?

Notable designs are featured in our Best Designs section, while those that surpass expectations are shortlisted for the next level of recognition — the Design Awards Competition.

Design Evaluation

The Jury Process

After the evaluation, the shortlisted designs undergo another assessment from the Design Awards Jury.

Our jury comprises industry experts with solid design, development, marketing, and advertising qualifications who are eligible to discern each project objectively.

They are given a shortlist of candidates per design category. The jury assesses each work and rates it on a scale of one to ten. The design with the highest average score wins the Design Award.

Sample Computation:
Creativity - 10
Impact - 9.5
Functionality - 8
Execution - 9
Branding - 9

Total Score: 9.1

The Jury Process

Design Authority

In the end, the brands or agencies behind the award-winning designs gain design authority in the field, enabling them to elevate industry standards and set benchmarks for excellence.

Award winners are published monthly on DesignRush and promoted on our channels, including social media.

Here are some of the perks award-winning designs enjoy:

  • A dedicated article showcasing the design
  • Increased exposure via DesignRush agency directory
  • Certificate of recognition and an award badge

Visit our Best Designs Submission page to know more.

Design Authority

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Best Designs FAQ

What is a great design?

A great design seamlessly combines form and function. This thoughtful balance ensures an impactful visual experience and effective communication. It engages users, remains accessible, and creates a memorable experience. Beautiful and user-friendly, it should make complex information easily digestible.  

Barton G.'s website design by Digital Silk exemplifies great design with its dynamic visuals and intuitive navigation. The dramatic animations set a vibrant tone, while the clear, expressive typography and well-organized services menu ensure easily accessible information. Its integration of innovative visuals into a seamless user experience makes it a standout example of design excellence.

What is the next big design trend in 2024?

The next big design trend in 2024 is layered and 3D elements, driven by technological advancements in web technologies like CSS and JavaScript. These innovations enable designers to craft engaging experiences that stand out in a crowded digital space. 3D elements not only grab attention; they also enhance storytelling and emotional connection.

From websites with immersive interfaces to textured prints, this trend will revolutionize how users interact with content, making designs more dynamic and impactful!

Why does a design look good?

A design looks good when it employs color theory, typography, and composition in a way that aligns with the brand's identity and improves user experience. Beyond looking attractive, it's about creating a cohesive, intuitive design that resonates with the audience. These foundational elements ensure a design is visually pleasing while communicating its intended message across mediums: web, print, logo, packaging, etc. 

The logo design for Plant Potion exemplifies these principles through its imaginative and artful approach. Its eccentric serif typography and looping letters blend creativity with brand representation. The deep green hue reflects the brand's eco-conscious character, tapping into color psychology to evoke growth, harmony, and nature. These elements perfectly embody the brand's premium positioning and passion for plant care. 

What are the seven steps of design?

The seven steps of the design process are: 

  1. Research: Understand the project's context, audience, and objectives through market research, user interviews, and competitive analysis. 
  2. Define: Clearly articulate the problem you're solving. Establish goals, target audience, and critical project requirements. 
  3. Ideate: Come up with various ideas and concepts through brainstorming sessions, sketching, and creative workshops.  
  4. Prototype: Create preliminary versions of the solution to explore concepts using mock-ups, wireframes, or models. Figma and Adobe XD are great tools for prototyping. 
  5. Select: Evaluate prototypes against the project goals and criteria. Choose the most promising solution for further development. 
  6. Implement: Develop the chosen solution into a final product. This involves detailed design, development, and refinement using tools like Adobe Creative Suite or CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.
  7. Evaluate: Test the final product with users to assess its effectiveness. Then, gather feedback and make necessary adjustments before the final rollout.

What is the design capital of the world?

The World Design Organization (WDO) designates a city as the World Design Capital (WDC) every two years, and San Diego, USA and Tijuana, Mexico hold this title in 2024. Their innovation and social awareness are notable qualities that have inspired designers everywhere. Their collaborative spirit and commitment to human-centered design made them worthy of the title. Cities like Seoul, Helsinki, Cape Town, and Taipei have also previously received this honor.

What are the best design agencies?

The best design agencies have a high level of creativity and strategic thinking. They deliver innovative solutions that align closely with business goals. They also prioritize collaboration and user focus, ensuring projects look exceptional and efficiently meet the end user's needs. 

While several great design companies exist today, a few stand out for their award-winning portfolios. Here are some of the best design agencies you can check out:

  1. Digital Silk: Excels in creating stunning website designs that drive conversion and improve SEO performance.  
  2. Lounge Lizard: Offers various digital marketing services, such as branding, UI/UX design, and content creation.  
  3. Indigo Productions: Specializes in producing compelling video designs. They handle production and editing, from concept development and storyboarding to visual effects, sound design, and 3D animation. 
  4. Naked Development: Develops intuitive app designs that prioritize user convenience, from design strategy to product launch.  
  5. DD.NYC: Boasts a roster of eye-catching packaging designs ranging from premium brands to beverage packaging.  
  6. SmartSites: Specializes in digital marketing and website design, focusing on SEO and PPC.  
  7. RNO1: Provides various design services from UI design to logo design. They also excel in branding, graphic design, and mobile app design.  
  8. Suffescom Solutions Inc.: Focuses on mobile app development projects across various verticals, such as banking, healthcare, eCommerce, and more. 
  9. Deal Design: Offers broad design expertise in packaging, web, logo, and print design to enhance their clients' brand performance. 
  10. Fosters client trust by delivering impressive customer service. They offer full-scope app design and development services from prototyping to QA testing.