Boxis Autoshred Video Design By Brandefy Communicates The Product’s Benefits Through Compelling Animations

Boxis Autoshred Video Design Narrates The Importance Of Document Privacy And Productivity To Drive The Main Selling Point

Boxis is a company that specializes in producing document-shredding equipment. Their credo is increasing productivity and safety for their clients, reflected in the tagline, “Work smarter to live smarter.”

In 2006, the company patented its own inventive Autoshred technology. Brandefy, a full-service video production agency from California, created a short promotional video for the product.

The Boxis Autoshred video condenses all the main messaging elements in only one minute and seven seconds: the target users’ pain points, the solution and its benefits for the user.

Well-selected graphic elements go far beyond simply presenting what the actual product looks like. They also make sure the viewer understands what it does and how it works in their favor.

The codependence of messaging and visuals is very apparent in the video. The video’s brevity requires no content “fluff,” so not a single second is wasted on unnecessary sequences or words.

Boxis video design serves the purpose of direct messaging: its content is punchy and gets to the point quickly, explaining how it improves customers’ lives. It is a prime example of how skilled video producers craft straightforward yet compelling narratives to emphasize a product's unique selling points and benefits.

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2D Animations Depict The Chronology Of Relevant Historical Events In The Boxis Autoshred Video

The first 20 seconds of the video (approximately) provide the necessary historical context to the viewer.

It opens with the recap of significant events like the invention of papyrus and the first pressing machine that made mass distribution of documents possible. The messaging then moves on to the necessity of destroying confidential information that can be easily shared thanks to today’s technology.

This is where the video begins communicating the benefits of the Boxis Autoshredder. It is presented as a solution that is superior to manual shredding and less sophisticated machines that require more energy and time.

The narrator is accompanied by a selection of animations that are a mix of collage-like cutouts. The images follow the storyline closely and change rapidly from one frame to the next.

The style of the imagery changes slightly as the narration progresses from the chronicle of the events to modern-day times and challenges of office productivity.

Image Manipulation And Editing Plays An Important Role In Boxis Autoshred Video Design

The Boxis Autoshred video — same as the product it advertises — is aimed at organizations and offices that create a lot of paperwork.

Much like how branding experts focus on the nuances of targeted communication, it adopts a distinctly corporate style that resonates with the target market and audience. The colors are muted and pastel throughout most of the video, lending it a serious yet lively look.

The video sequences are manipulated to showcase a variety of illustration techniques. There are hand-painted images of ancient manuscripts and etchings of an old printing workshop. Photography cutouts and contemporary vector illustrations also make an appearance.

Boxis Autoshred Video Uses Sound To Accentuate Important Messages

Despite the very non-uniform visual flair, the Boxis Autoshred video design doesn’t come across as disjointed or fragmented.

The video’s sound editing also contributes to the effectiveness of message delivery. The subtle musical soundtrack underneath follows a simple rhythmical pattern, along with the ambient undertones to help with the focus on narration.

The Boxis Autoshred video design makes seamless jumps from one thematical segment to the next. This combination of effective, well-executed animations and confident narration results in a very pleasurable watching experience.

Fluid Storytelling, Cutouts And Animation Deliver A Direct Message In The Boxis Autoshred Video

The Boxis Autoshred video design is understandable, easy to follow and delivers the main points directly and time-efficiently.

It is an example of substance over matter in video production — the aesthetics and visual appeal, although present, are not the video’s purpose. The emphasis is on the customer-centric product and the benefits it brings to the users.

The Boxis Autoshred video is all about the fluid flow of information, brief storytelling and adequate visuals to illustrate the story. The commercial nature of the video requires immaculate interaction between the narrated content and the animated graphics.

In Brandefy’s own words:

“The Brandefy team also utilizes a customer-centric strategy that focuses on engaging our clients throughout the video creation process. This is the main reason why we are able to deliver results while fostering prowess and exhibiting an irrefutable understanding of our customers’ needs and preferences.”

This direct cooperation with their clients is quite evident in the Boxis Autoshred video design. The agency took their time to get to know the client’s main objective and their target audience.

The end result is a memorable video that explains all there is to know about the shredding solution.

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