60% of consumers abandon purchases due to poor website experience. DesignRush selected the top web development companies that help businesses deliver superior online experiences to customers.

Latest survey by Storyblok reveals that poor website user experience leads to 60% of consumers giving up on their purchases. This poses a significant challenge for eCommerce businesses, as they are losing an average of five purchases per consumer annually.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, picked the best web development agencies that help firms optimize their websites and reduce the risk of losing customers.

The top web development companies in July are:

1. CSSChopper - csschopper.com
Expertise: Web Development, eCommerce Development, CMS & Migration, and more

2. Krify - krify.co
Expertise: UI/UX Design, Web Development, App Development, and more

3. Michael PACE digital - michaelpace.com
Expertise: Web Development & Design, Managed Website Hosting, SEO, and more

4. Techuz - techuz.com
Expertise: Wireframes/Prototyping, Web Development, Blockchain Development, and more

5. Social Media 55 - socialmedia55.com
Expertise: SEO, UI/UX Design, Web Development & Design, and more

6. Sz Studios - szstudios.net
Expertise: Graphic Design, Web Development, Illustration, and more

7. Tentackles - tentackles.com
Expertise: UI/UX Design, SEO, Web Development & Design, and more

8. Sreyas IT Solutions - sreyas.com
Expertise: eCommerce Development, App Development, Manual Testing, and more

9. Hamilton Multimedia - hamulti.com
Expertise: Graphic Design, Web Development, Branding, and more

10. Duetsoft - duetsoft.com
Expertise: Web Development & Design, Web Security, SEO, and more

11. Rohido Media - rohido.com
Expertise: eCommerce Development, Web Development & Design, Graphic Design, and more

12. Awake Media - awakemedia.com
Expertise: Web Development, Hosting & Maintenance, Content Creation, and more

13. fastweb.dev - fastweb.dev
Expertise: Gatsby Development, Jamstack Development, Web Design, and more

14. Techno Pixelss - technopixelss.com
Expertise: WordPress Development, Web Development, SEO, and more

15. Wilson Wings - wilsonwings.com
Expertise: UI/UX Design, Content Creation, Web Development, and more

16. Website HQ - websitehq.com
Expertise: Web Development & Design, Hosting & Maintenance, Website Security, and more

17. Avesent - avesent.com
Expertise: SEO, Web Development, Web Maintenance, and more

18. Center 3 Consulting - center3consulting.com
Expertise: eCommerce Development, Web Design, SEO, and more

19. Enovate - enovatelb.com
Expertise: Software Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design, and more

20. Wisdomain UK - wisdomain.uk
Expertise: Web Development, Project Branding, White Label Web Solutions, and more

21. Ecom Development NYC - ecomdevelopment.us
Expertise: eCommerce Development, eCommerce SEO, Landing Page Design, and more

22. Usertive - usertive.com
Expertise: Web Development, Landing Page Design, eCommerce Development, and more

23. DevelopersPerHour - developersperhour.dev
Expertise: eCommerce Development, Web Development, IT Staffing, and more

24. 5Fusion Tech - 5fusiontech.com
Expertise: Web Development & Design, eCommerce Development, Digital Marketing, and more

25. SharpTip Technologies - sharptiptech.com
Expertise: Product Consulting, Web Development, App Development, and more

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