48% of US dental patients research and choose their care provider for more than two weeks, and 83% of care-seekers visit the care provider's website during that period, more than other informational resources. DesignRush ranked the top small business and dental web design companies that help businesses create trustworthy content and engaging web presentations.


Google’s data shows that 48% of dental patients in the US researched for more than two weeks before scheduling an appointment. With users taking a close look during that period, the care provider's website stands out with an 83% visit rate among patients. it's at the top of the list of looked-at resources, while only 50% visited health information guides.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with specialized agencies, has issued the October list of the top small business and dental web design companies that help customers choose their brand and patients feel at ease before scheduling a visit.

The top small business web design and dental web design companies in October 2021 are:

1. eSEO Space - eseospace.com

eSEO space is a web design and development agency specialized in building affordable and high-quality solutions. Started as a free service to local businesses in San Diego, eSEO Space covers start-ups, the health and wellness industry, but also caters to Fortune 500 companies and Government alike.

2. gang&lani media - askusforanything.com

gang&lani media specializes in social media, branding and design, and web design, tackling complex problems and delivering simple solutions. They actively work with clients in dental web design, in general health, hospitality and others.

3. Java Logix - javalogix.ca

Java Logix claims to utilize "100% data-driven" and result-oriented marketing techniques. These are used to scale and predictably measure both the utilization method and results of the various techniques they employ, be it PPC and social media marketing, or reputation management.

4. Digital Rankking - digitalrankking.com
Expertise: Lead Generation, Web Design, Social Media Marketing and more

5. Yaadvi Brand Creators Inc. - yaadvi.com
Expertise: Creatives, Digital Marketing, Web Design and more

6. webloftdesigns - webloftdesigns.com
Expertise: Website Design, Systems Integration, Marketing Automation and more

7. Crediso Media - crediso.io
Expertise: Social Media Optimization, Web Design and more

8. Techvantage Innovations - techvantage.org
Expertise: Web Design, Big Data, Custom Software Development and more

9. ForeFront Web - forefrontweb.com
Expertise: Success Plans, Social Media Management, Web Design and more

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