7 Best Menstrual Product Branding Examples That Spark Women's Empowerment

7 Best Menstrual Product Branding Examples That Spark Women's Empowerment
Article by Jelena Relić
Last Updated: October 07, 2022

Let’s face it: Menstruation has always been a highly stigmatized experience in many parts of the world.

For the longest time, menstrual products have remained concealed in the retail space. As a result, branding agencies have few opportunities to get creative when it comes to developing identity and various design aspects.

But no more! Today, menstrual product brands are stepping up to break the generations-long taboo surrounding this natural process that women undergo regularly.

A well-constructed menstrual product branding strategy can pave the way for society to normalize periods through assertive messaging and creative visual communication.

It can also empower women and other businesses to create brand identities and visual languages that destigmatize and modernize this niche (Learn the key elements of a strong branding identity here).

Want to see what we mean? Take a look at these prime examples of great menstrual product branding, developed by design agencies unafraid to redefine society’s perception of this perfectly normal human experience.

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1. Padie by Vinc Design

[Source: Vinc Design]

Standout Features:

  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Nature-inspired visuals
  • Comprehensive product labeling

Women's care and environmental protection are two meaningful causes that Padie strongly advocates. With their tagline "For Her, For Earth," their goal of being a sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable product option is properly highlighted!

Agency Vinc Design stayed in touch with the brand's organic character through the visuals. The logo embodies two iconic elements: the letter P in Padie resembles a woman's intimate body part encircling a leaf. Way to hit two visual themes in one illustration!

Excellent product packaging balances aesthetics and functionality – a principle that Padie nailed with its packaging design.

All the materials are organic and raw, which shows the brand's commitment to keeping its products eco-friendly. The unbleached recyclable paper and eco-ink are particularly impressive design touches!

They also didn't skimp on showcasing excellent product quality through comprehensive labeling. Each side of the box displays essential product details such as transparency tags, raw materials, and more!

2. Sunny Girl by Elixir Design

[Source: Elixir Design]

Standout Features:

  • Refreshing color palette
  • Patterned icons in multiple colorways
  • Clean and pristine typography

Sunny Girl exudes a refined yet vibrant and outgoing brand identity developed by Elixir Design. Very fitting for a menstrual product aiming to give women the utmost comfort they deserve!

The turquoise shade as the primary brand color gives Sunny Girl an edge over other menstrual products that usually come in deep, neutral hues. Paired with shades of bright colors like white and yellow, women can instantly get that refreshing feeling of a warm sunny day! (Discover the wonders of color psychology today).

The designers incorporated strips of patterned icons on the layout – great for adding variation to a plain and standard packaging design. The repetitive vector illustrations of leaves, flowers, and plants also help bring out the brand’s distinct summery vibe.

A combination of handwritten and soft sans serif fonts gives the typography its neat and feminine touch. After all, good menstrual product branding should connect with women from the get-go, which Sunny Girl aced in this design!

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3. Gia by Stacy Saturday

[Source: Stacy Saturday]

Standout Features:

  • A vibrant and cohesive color story
  • Powerful and sensual women silhouettes
  • A mix of a stylistic and straightforward typeface

Gia puts forth a strong message that women are empowered when they are free to embrace their femininity. Offering personal hygiene products that are not to be associated with a medicine or a remedy, Gia is “Where Femininity Starts.”

With this brief, creative agency Stacy Saturday concocted a branding strategy highlighting this sensational brand’s revolutionary mission.

Alluring silhouettes of naked women were used for the brand graphic, positioning Gia as a brand that is unafraid to let women embrace their sexuality. This style choice incorporates the abstract pattern for the packaging design.

The gradient-style color story in vibrant shades of pink also highlights the brand’s commitment to feminine style sensibilities. Everything looks cohesive. Even the logo matches the background color, but not to a point where both elements mix and drown out the visuals.

Subtle, yet visually cohesive, powerful, and full of character!

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4. Ebb by Idea Dolls

[Source: Idea Dolls]

Standout Features:

  • Gender-inclusive visual identity
  • Revolutionary brand messaging
  • Bright red and white color combo

Ebb is the brainchild of a brand development company by the name of Idea Dolls and award-winning charity Binti. The goal is to create a brand that makes reusable pads accessible to women in the UK, and the result is simply marvelous.

Red and white are two colors that blend well together; one is bold, and one is neutral. It highlights the brand’s key characteristics: modern, straightforward, and, most importantly, gender-inclusive.

One of their key brand messages said it best, “not all those who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate.” (Learn to create a brand messaging that works).

Product labels also help educate consumers about the overall menstrual experience. To break negative connotations about menstrual terminology such as “sanitary pads” or “feminine hygiene,” they chose to call the product for what it is – menstrual wear.

The logo’s minimalist and geometric look is also a great nod to the brand’s contemporary character without leaning too far toward impersonal or clinical.

5. Period by Brice Clain

[source: Brice Clain]

Standout Features:

  • Fusion of light and dark themes
  • Vector illustrations of tampons
  • Neat and realistic product images

Women hunting for safe and eco-friendly tampons are sure to get hooked by Period’s straightforward yet approachable branding. All thanks to Brice Clain’s graphic design expertise!

From the get-go, women know they are making the right choice through transparency labels like “biodegradable,” “not bleached with chlorine,” and so on.

Regarding aesthetics, the no-nonsense visual language pushes the brand to a modern space that welcomes a wide range of demographics. From the simple “Period” logo to the simple and uncomplicated messaging, it’s clear that the brand values convenience and usability over anything else!

Also, warm and cool tones usually clash, but somehow the designer made it work for this product. A mixture of blue-green and beige effectively highlights the level of comfort that Period brings, plus the warm yet complex feminine quality.

6. Dans Ma Culotte by Chloe Camille

[Source: Chloe Camille]

Standout Features:

  • Spherical geometric shapes
  • Chic and feminine shades
  • Minimalist boxed packaging design

Dans Ma Culotte presents a modern alternative to the traditional menstrual experience. They offer period products that are more respectful to the body and the environment.

For their newest range of washable period panties, they tapped the packaging expertise of Chloe Camille, and the result is simply exquisite.

The products come in thin, sleek boxes styled with the same comfort and modernity known to the brand. Circular gradient shapes in feminine colors like pink and magenta dominate the layout.

Why this style choice?

From a design standpoint, these figures evoke subtlety and sophistication. But they also symbolize another meaningful quality: the physiological and hormonal disturbances experienced by the body during the period.

The designer employed a minimalist approach in typography, showcasing only the essential product labels to make it easier for consumers to interact with the design.

7. The Woman’s Company by Rang by Ayushi

[Source: Rang by Ayushi]

Standout Features:

  • Bold color story and typography
  • Eco-friendly and minimal packaging
  • Flat icons and illustrations

The Woman’s Company (TWC) is making a mark in the branding space by positioning itself as an organic menstrual product that is kind to women and the environment.

Creative agency Rang by Ayushi brought this two-fold value proposition to life – and here’s the result.

Thanks to the 100% biodegradable packaging, TWC instantly delivers on its promise to “do what’s best for you and the planet.” Its environment-focused social media campaign also reinforces this idea. They launched a series of informative posts about how harmful menstrual waste is detrimental to nature.

What a great way to entice consumers to switch to a more sustainable alternative while being a responsible brand!

TWC used solid and striking visual language across its marketing and branding assets to separate itself from other eco-friendly options. Bold fonts, modern flat icons, and vibrant colors convey the brand’s character: straightforward and revolutionary. Fit for a modern woman!

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