Branding RFP: How to Find the Right Agency to Tell Your Brand Story [+ Free Template]

Branding RFP: How to Find the Right Agency to Tell Your Brand Story [+ Free Template]
Article by Jelena Relić
Last Updated: March 25, 2022

Did you know that showcasing your brand consistently across multiple platforms can grow your revenue by 23%? And if these buyers share your values, 89% of them will remain brand loyal!

You can achieve this by finding a qualified, professional branding agency that can help you with brand consistency and customer relationship.

The first move in this direction lies in a well-structured and accurate branding RFP document that outlines everything you need for your branding or rebranding project.

Having already discussed the RFP meaning and other types of service RFPs, this article is dedicated entirely to the branding request for proposal. Read on to learn how to structure this official solicitation and why this document is imperative for the success of your branding project.

We also provide a free, downloadable branding RFP template that you can use for your project.

What Is a Branding RFP?

A branding request for proposal (RFP) is an official document that announces a branding project (along with a detailed description and requirements) that's open for bidding to qualified vendors.

When a company needs to create a unique brand identity or successfully rebrand, they usually outsource the services of a professional branding agency instead of resorting to in-house resources. Doing so gives them an outsider’s perspective that can provide valuable insights into how the brand is or will be perceived.

The branding RFP summarizes all the important information about the project in a nicely formatted presentation. A well-organized RFP can grant you competitive proposals and allow you to compare different branding vendors that submit their bids in an RFP response.

The entire RFP process provides an objective framework to select the best provider for your branding project and successfully outsource branding services.

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Why Do You Need a Branding Request for Proposal?

A branding request for proposal is the first step to finding the ideal vendor to deliver a successful branding or rebranding project.

Apart from being a useful tool for eliminating providers that don’t fit the bill, here are some other benefits of creating a branding RFP:

  • Get the best price for your project: Sending your RFP to various branding agencies will help you get more competitive proposals and therefore, the best price for your upcoming project.
  • Meticulously compare potential branding providers: This well-structured document will enable you to compare costs, services, portfolio, expertise, capabilities, results, team size and other criteria to select the most suitable agency that can deliver the best branding solution.
  • Save valuable time and resources: In general, the RFPs follow a very strict format and clear guidelines which will allow your procurement team to save time and energy researching the bidding branding companies.

What Elements Should You Include in Your Brand RFP?

A branding RFP is much like various RFPs for different services and specializations created by a company looking for potential suppliers. But only this time, it’s for those interested in procuring specialized branding services.

That said, these are the essential components you need to include when creating your branding RFP:

  • Company information and background
  • Marketplace and key competitors
  • Brand Mission, Vision and UVP
  • Existing branding issues and challenges
  • Target audience
  • Project scope
  • Project and RFP process timeline
  • Budget

How to Write a Branding RFP in 8 Steps

Each brand RFP should adapt to the procuring firm’s specific business needs and project requirements. However, regardless of the types of services needed, all types of RFPs incorporate a set of steps to ensure an accurate briefing and a consistent RFP process.

These are the 8 essential steps to writing an effective branding RFP:

Step #1: Provide the Key Info About Your Business

Start your branding request for proposal by providing accurate and detailed information about your company.

Prospective branding agencies need to discover what your business is all about. Try to provide an exhaustive description of what you do, your product or service offerings and how they address your customers’ needs, how long you have been in the business, what sets your brand apart, what stage you are in your business, etc.

Simply put, your business information summary should include:

  • A short history about your company
  • Brand Mission and Vision
  • Unique value proposition
  • Business values and goals
  • Business stage (start-up, industry leader, etc.)
  • Current revenue
  • Market and industry
  • Competitive landscape
  • Major stakeholders
  • Procurement Officer or Branding Project Manager
  • Links to your website and social media accounts

Step #2: List Your Current Branding Challenges

This section is about outlining the components you think your brand lacks. Be honest in why you think your branding is failing, from misguided messaging to irrelevance in the marketplace and everything in between.

Dive into aspects like:

  • Improper brand positioning
  • No competitive brand differentiation
  • Inconsistent brand messaging
  • Lacking brand authenticity
  • Breaking brand promise

Aim to clearly define the challenges your business is currently struggling with as well as potential issues you predict in the long run. This will help your future agency partner devise a relevant branding solution.

Step #3: Share Details About Your Brand Audience

Defining your target audience is imperative for successful branding and it is the foundation for your brand positioning. Your brand audience is the group of consumers that your brand’s offerings are most likely to appeal to.

Share all the available information you have about your target audience in your branding RFP. Experts will use this valuable input as the groundwork for your branding strategy.

Include details about your target audience and their main attributes:

  • Demographic info:
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Location
    • Education level
    • Occupation
    • Income
    • And more
  • Psychographic info:
    • Buying behavior and habits
    • Shopping history
    • Hobbies
    • Values
    • Expectations
    • Pain points
    • And more
  • User Persona/Ideal customer

Step #4: Outline Your Branding Project’s Scope and Deliverables

This is where you make sure the scope of work is clear and to the point. List the specific deliverables for your branding/rebranding project, including:

  • Audience research:
    • Surveys
    • Interviews
    • Focus groups
    • Social media analytics
  • Brand auditing
  • Proposed branding/rebranding strategy
  • Logo design in different formats for multiple channels
  • Brand style guide:
  • Brand identity templates:
    • Business cards
    • Letterhead
    • Email signature
  • Ingenious ideas for ad campaigns and marketing collaterals (digital and print)

If your company is struggling with explicitly defining the project deliverables, you may request prospective branding agencies a discovery phase in which branding strategists and designers will help you map out the scope of services needed.

Step #5: Describe Your Ideal Branding Vendor

You should also draft in your branding RFP what you expect from an ideal provider. This step will help you shortlist the candidates that meet your particular requirements.

These could be anything from:

  • Desired working hours and time zone
  • Expertise working for your niche or similar industries
  • Relevant work portfolio for your branding goals
  • A senior-level team of specialists and executive involvement
  • Willingness to collaborate with other third-party providers like marketing specialists
  • Availability for regular video calls or live meetings, weekly reports and updates
  • Flexible payment options or other financial considerations
  • And more

Additionally, you can ask potential vendors to offer a few references from clients who have employed their services for branding or rebranding, alongside a summary of their project scope and contact information.

Step #6: Communicate Your RFP and Project Timeline

This section is dedicated to one of the most important aspects of a thorough branding RFP — communicating your project’s deadlines and the timelines for the entire RFP process.

Make sure to include the dates for:

  • The start of the project
  • The duration of your branding project
  • The separate milestones for different parts of your project
  • The brand RFP distribution to potential vendors
  • The interval during which you will accept and review the RFP responses
  • When you will choose the most suitable branding agencies
  • When you will announce the winning branding agency

Taking this step is crucial so that your potential list of agency partners can plan accordingly, develop strategies and submit their proposals within your timeframe. Also, try to specify if your proposed deadlines are fixed or flexible.

Step #7: Present Your Budget

Include a realistic budget plan in your branding RFP as that will help you receive more accurate responses from vendors. It will also enable them to identify and propose the most important service offerings to help you reach your project goals.

When presenting your budget, be transparent and highlight your openness to negotiations. You may also share any budget constraints that you may have as that will also help you better assess the RFP responses from various providers.

Step #8: Provide Your Contact Information

Conclude your document by introducing the contact person for your branding RFP. You can also use this opportunity to reiterate the most pressing deadline for your branding project.

Get connected with the right branding agency for your project.

Branding RFP Template

Branding RFP Template is useful for creating your own request for proposal from scratch, because it already contains all the essential fields and questions that just need filling out by the agency.

You can also download your copy of a free branding RFP template to the right on this page.

Here is an example of what a well-rounded Branding RFP Template should contain:

Branding Project Overview

• What kind of branding agency do you seek
• What you want them to do
• When you need it completed

Company Background/Overview

One or two paragraphs that explain who you
are, what you do, where you’re located, and who your target audience is.

Brand Mission and Vision

Current Situation

Who are your primary competitors?
Why do you want to undertake a rebranding effort? 
What are the major threats you face right now?
Where are the opportunities etc.

Project Scope and Deliverables

Proposed Timeline


Share your anticipated budget, range, or not-to-exceed figure

Proposal Requirements

Agency Information

Project Approach


Schedule and Timeline



Submit to (Contact Info)

Top Branding Agencies That Will Boost Your Business In 2022

DesignRush has hand-picked the best branding agencies to ensure your business’ success and cement your brand identity as the archetype in your industry.

1. 24 East Media

  • Location: New York City, NY
  • Average Hourly Rate: $150/hr
  • Expertise: Social Media, Branding, Graphic Design, Paid Digital Advertising, Influencer Marketing, PR, Web Development...

Allow us to introduce 24 East Media, the Branding RFP agency that guides your business through the often-tumultuous path of branding and advertising.

24 East Media uses an analytical approach when conceptualizing its branding strategies and campaigns, thereby solidifying its clients’ businesses both digitally and socially. Encompassing a selection of skills (such as branding, SEO, digital marketing and design), 24 East Media establishes dynamic crusades that push audience recognition.

With its philosophy firmly rooted in client satisfaction, relationship building and creating the smoothest of processes, one simply cannot go wrong with choosing 24 East Media as your go-to RFP agency.

24 East Media clients: Karla Dorsey Team, Precision Care Detailing, LaGuardia Entertainment, South Dale Marby Self Storage, Fenix Parts, Last Mango Boatworks, Pier Ridge Realty, Speedy Dock, Jio Coco, Berde

2. Allen Marketing Communications, Inc (AMCPR)

  • Location: 540 Sheppard Avenue, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11208, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $150/hr
  • Expertise: SEO Optimization, Public Relations, Web Design, Website Development...

Established in February 2009, AMCPR has a long, rich history of strengthening brands in their respective industries.

AMCPR’s brilliant PR campaigns are crafted by focussing on several key disciplines, namely: destination marketing, media relations, brand building, social media and influencer marketing, cause-related marketing, crisis communications—the list is endless!

When opting for AMCPR to take the lead on your business’ branding, you’re opting for a complete selection of personalized packages guaranteed to place you solidly on the map of your industry. Additionally, you can look forward to being exposed to some of AMCPR’s top specialties, such as SEO, SEM, SMS, web development, paid search, media buying and stellar video content.

AMCPR clients: Otaheti Travel, Casas del XVI, Chef Darlee Dorcely, Sublime Samana Hotel, Paralympian Wheelchair Curler Steve Empt, Kimberly A Morrow, Parenting Expert and Author

3. Business Intelligence Agency (BMT Agency)

  • Location: 9305 W National Ave, West Allis, WI 53227, United States, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $60/hr
  • Expertise: 360° Digital Services, Small Business Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design...

There are many reasons to choose BMT Agency as your essential RFP agency. Still, the ones that stand out to us are its ability to put together a unique package that will suit all your branding needs and their ability to do it well at surprisingly affordable prices.

Combining expert knowledge in digital marketing, web design and development, eCommerce, SEO, SEM, multi-media, graphic design, and business intelligence, there are no limitations to how BMT Agency can launch your business to new heights.

Furthermore, BMT Agency houses professional, experienced and certified talent that will ensure your brand’s reach and personally guide you each step of the way. All while keeping their eye on the prize: reaching your business's full online potential, generating sales and staying ROI orientated.

BMT Agency Clients: Viking Communications, Swift Roofing, Tenderness Healthcare, Workshift, Ambrosia Events

4. Branding Bosses

  • Location: 3802 Spectrum Blvd, Suite 100, Tampa, Florida 33612, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $125/hr
  • Expertise: 360° Digital Services, Branding, Small Business Branding, Law Firm Branding...

Opening its doors in 2019, Branding Bosses cemented itself as a team of marketing experts who live and breathe brand and content innovation. Apart from its top-tier industry skills (which include everything from web design and SEO optimization to NFT and social media marketing), the thing that sets Branding Bosses apart is their immense focus on getting to know its clients and their respective brands personally.

It’s a significant part of Brand Bosses’ process and an important aspect when wanting to set your brand apart from all the rest. This RFT agency delves deep into getting to know you, your story and how you can resonate with your ideal client. It also believes in quality over quantity. Now, this isn’t to say your project will take forever to complete, but it’s always nice knowing that the agency you work with prides itself on its attention to detail and commitment to making your business shine.

BMT Agency clients: 813 Tequila, Tampa Coffee Company, The Law Offices of Makar P.A., Mitigate Partners, Achieve Health Management, Omni Public, Tampa Taco Fest, Tampa Bay Latin Chamber of Commerce, Next Level Homes, Xochitl Cocina Mexicana

5. Create Element

  • Location: 1352 Partner Road, San Luis Obispo, California 93405, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $125/hr
  • Expertise: Branding, Brand Design, Web Design, Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO...

Create Element helps their clients reach customers on any platform. Their effective and creative digital marketing strategies are tailored to the unique needs of any brand, whether just starting out or having an established company.

In addition to their considerable design, branding, and messaging capabilities, they provide technical website optimization, on-page optimization, local optimization, blog outreach, and other Digital Marketing & Development services their clients need. Once hired, Create Element becomes an integral part of their clients' team, providing resources, expertise, and a listening ear.

Create Element clients: Kaleidoscope Koncept, CannTrans, MB Elite, Bnb Bestie, Stoked Oak, SOP Distrobution, Friends of the Elephant Seal...


  • Location: 10500 Little Patuxent PKWY, Columbia, Maryland 21044, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: Inquire
  • Expertise: Branding, Food and Beverage Branding, Industrial Design, Digital Design...

The agency that are CREATIVES in Digital: Creative Technologist, Strategist, Marketers and Designers. They develop custom responsive web experiences viewable across devices. Migration, optimization, tweaks...they'll design a digital aesthetic and tailor a digital experience based on their clients' goals to empower brand growth and brand story.

Aligning concepts and strategies from inception to launch. UPGCC | UPCREATIVES specializes in brand identity, brand strategy and digital solutions, graphics, visual identity and visual design, print and marketing. Their process is thoughtful & granular as they want clients' customers to experience what it's like engaging with them authentically.

Their clients include Lois M, iXM Digital, Willie Wingz, BodiLab...

7. Art Fresh Inc.

  • Location: Po Box 312, Charlottetown, C1A7K7, Canada
  • Average Hourly Rate: $150
  • Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing...

Art Fresh is a multi-award winning full-service branding agency. We provide high-quality services that include market research, marketing strategy, naming, branding, content marketing and social media support. We specialize in top quality packaging and exclusive web design. We create powerful ideas that sell, we build brands that stand out. 

8. Bionic Egg

  • Location: 400 W 50TH STREET, New York City, New York 10019, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $80
  • Expertise: Branding, Naming, eCommerce Development, Website Development...

Whether you are running a boutique business, launching a startup, or managing a well-established company. We work with each of our clients with full transparency to create your new brand identity and design. Bionic Egg creates a seamless online user experience – tapping into the deep knowledge we’ve learned from our 20 years in the web design industry. Our dev team stays on the cutting edge of current industry practices impactfully addressing every touchpoint in the customer journey.

9. Arq Design Studio

  • Location: 25100-120 Adelaide St W, Toronto, M5H 1T1, Canada
  • Average Hourly Rate: Inquire
  • Expertise: Branding, Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design...

Arq Design Studio is an agency that specializes in Shopify development and branding services for lifestyle, beauty and wellness brands.

They use a combination of data-driven strategy and emotive storytelling to connect with customers and produce results for emerging brands with a story to tell. Their goal is to empower brands that aim to make a positive impact on the world. Their branding services include brand strategy, identity suite, photography, packaging design and more.

Clients include Bare Biology, Waka Coffee Co., Kibou Bags and Kabrita USA.

10. BKThemes

  • Location: 1379 NW 6th Ave., Ontario, Oregon 97914, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $40/hr
  • Expertise: Web Design, Website Development, eCommerce Development, Small Business Website Design, SEO...

Led by an experienced SEO and development specialist, BKThemes is a great choice for businesses looking for digital branding solutions.

They help businesses establish a strong presence across multiple platforms while maintaining a consistent image and messaging throughout. The company specializes in eCommerce development for Shopify and BigCommerce, and also offers services for WordPress development, migration, SEO and link building to help grow your brand.

Clients include Godsmack, Miller Veneer Products, Farver Farms and Argyle Haus.

11. Cognegiac Solution

  • Location: 91 Springboard Sector 1 Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301, India
  • Average Hourly Rate: $20/hr
  • Expertise: Branding, Small Business Branding, SEO, Small Business SEO, Local SEO

Cognegiac is a leading India-based technology company that offers consultancy and creative solutions support for various needs. They help businesses leverage technology to establish and maintain their brand identity

The agency specializes in software and web development, as well as digital marketing services using cutting-edge technologies. They have a close-knit team of dedicated and committed professionals who strive for excellence in their field. Cognegiac serves a global network of clients in the USA, Canada and Australia as well as parts of Europe and the Middle East.

Clients include Philips, Creative Factor, Boult Audio and SAP.

12. CIS Agency

  • Location: 6501 Balsam Drive, Hudsonville, Michigan 49426, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $50/hr
  • Expertise: Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Reputation Management, Advertising…

CIS Agency is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create a strong and effective image. They understand that a business's image is a valuable asset and is critical to achieving short and long-term goals.

With experience working with various national and international companies in different industries, CIS Agency offers a wide range of services that can complement your branding strategy, including web design, advertising, social media management, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, and email marketing.

Clients include LawExchange International, Kroll Furnace, America’s One Title Agency and Synergy Appliances.


  • Location: Camp David Co-Working 237 36th St, Brooklyn, New York 11232, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: Inquire
  • Expertise: 360° Digital Services, Branding, Web Design, Digital Marketing, PPC…

Based in Brooklyn, DAVID.MARKET is a digital and creative agency that helps brands jumpstart their growth through digital and creative marketing.

The agency has wide expertise, spanning from branding, digital advertising and graphic design to website design and development, SEO and social media. They work closely with brands to build and optimize brand strategies and execution and pride themselves on providing expert, individualized long-term service and attention.

Clients include Solid Merch, Foray Design, Miko, Parasol Projects and The Anthony Quinn Estate.

14. Cider House Media

  • Location: 28 Northampton St, Easthampton, Massachusetts 01027, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $105
  • Expertise: Website Development, Web Design, SEO, Branding...

Cider House is an award-winning web design & digital marketing agency. Our core services include web design, search engine optimization (on-page and technical SEO), branding and brand strategy, paid search engine marketing (Google and Bing Ads management) and local business marketing. We like having all of our services under one roof, this way, we’re able to provide a complete & strategic approach to your business, website, and online marketing. This helps drive the marketing results you're looking for.

15. Creative Harmony

  • Location: 160 City Road,, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom
  • Average Hourly Rate: $40
  • Expertise: Branding, Design Agencies, Web Design, SEO...

We’re a creative design and branding agency that help businesses like yours stand out!
With our Graphics, Web Design & Branding services, you’ll achieve ultimate consistency under one roof.
So, create harmony in your brand and boost the power of your marketing today…

16. Asia Media Studio

  • Location: 18/8 Fico Building, 7th Floor, Sukhumvit 21, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand
  • Average Hourly Rate: $30
  • Expertise: Beer Branding, Branding, Naming, Digital Design...

We know there are plenty of great creative minds out there, but we believe that what differentiates us are our process and our partnership with clients, many of whom have come from referrals and recommendations. Our reputation is critical to the continued success of our business and it is this that sets the standards for our strategic and creative output.

We understand you’re building an unstoppable business force, we want to make sure your brand matches your determination. We’ll create something distinctive and truly unforgettable to penetrate markets and inspire audiences.

Receive proposals from top branding agencies. It’s free.

Branding RFP Takeaways

A branding RFP can help you collect valuable responses from different vendors. It also helps you objectively choose the provider that best fits your branding goals.

This RFP checklist can be reproduced for essentially any other desired services or industries such as:

We’ll find qualified branding agencies for your project, for free.
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