What Makes Raleigh SEO Companies Unique

Raleigh, by far the wealthiest metro area in North Carolina, is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and a major business center.

Raleigh consistently ranks among the nation's best economies for years in a row. Unemployment remains low and per capita income stays high, despite the pandemic impact.

Wake County's biggest industries including government, education, and healthcare seem almost recession-proof.

“The City of Oaks” proves itself to be one of the business hubs with the most potential, which is one of the primary reasons why it attracts SEO professionals that help local businesses to expand their online reach and influence.

SEO services in Raleigh, NC are not dissimilar to your typical SEO company’s offering. What makes an average Raleigh SEO company stand out, however, are these three aspects:

1. Top-Tier Talent From Around The Country

Raleigh is home to renowned high education and research facilities, such as North Carolina State University (home to the nation’s tenth-largest school of engineering), Duke University, Shaw University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

These institutions attract top-rated talent from across the US and produce highly skilled and competent graduates in fields such as IT, marketing, design and the aforementioned engineering.

For these reasons, numerous high-technology and medical corporations have stationed to the Raleigh-Durham area, including several Fortune 500 companies that offer plenty of career opportunities:

  • Advanced Auto Parts
  • Duke Energy
  • Bank of America
  • And more

Raleigh had a total of 52,412 job openings in 2020 alone and was ranked the best city for jobs in the United States.

In the 2020 Metro Comparison, an independent study commissioned by WCED, Raleigh was compared with the top 100 largest MSAs across the US. Raleigh came out No. 1 for categories such as “Future”, “Cost of doing business” and most importantly, “Talent”.

The cost of living in the metro area is 5.1% higher than the national average. Given the slightly expensive lifestyle, you can expect only the absolute best SEO services in Raleigh, NC.

The educational and employment opportunities coupled with the virtually unyielding business potential make Raleigh an appealing landing station for both young and veteran SEO experts.

2. Thriving Startup Scene

In the last couple of years, Raleigh has become one of the busiest tech hubs and breeding grounds for tech and medical startups.

According to CompTIA’s 2021 CyberState report, Raleigh is home to 4,573 tech business establishments.

These, mostly newly established companies within the industry, are likely to outsource one of the prominent Raleigh SEO agencies to increase visibility in search and grow their brand awareness.

Specialized Raleigh SEO companies:

  • Provide nationally competitive services
  • Use premium tools and resources
  • Deliver quality and challenging projects

3. A Diverse Workforce

According to the most recent demographics research, more than 29% of people living in the city are Black or African American, while 12.68% are of various different racial origins.

This means that the city enjoys not only the ample culture but a diverse workforce and that Raleigh SEO companies bring multicultural resources to the table.

These agencies can present a major asset for your business because they have the ability to connect with audiences from different cultural backgrounds and help you engage a much wider demographic online.

Raleigh SEO agencies
Raleigh was ranked the best city for jobs in the United States.

What Services Can You Outsource To A Raleigh SEO Company?

Raleigh SEO agencies offer standard SEO packages comprising all the core areas of search engine optimization.

Unlike their peers across the nation, Raleigh SEO experts tend to excel in delivering winning projects for businesses within the locally dominant sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Trade, Transportation and Utilities
  • Information technologies
  • Finance
  • Professional and Business Services
  • Education and Health Services
  • Government
  • And more

If you operate in one of these major sectors, hiring an SEO agency in Raleigh can move the needle for your business.

Generally speaking, the Raleigh SEO companies provide these services:

  • SEO audit: They evaluate their clients’ websites back-to-back to identify issues that might hurt their organic traffic and search rankings. This thorough review will uncover:
    • Technical SEO issues
    • On-page SEO problems
    • Site architecture issues
    • Probable off-site issues
    • User experience problems
    • Content gaps and SEO opportunities
    • Competitive market insights
    • And more
  • Technical SEO: Raleigh SEO agencies apply backend techniques to help the client’s website get crawled and indexed by search engines. These techniques include:
    • Website speed
    • Mobile-optimization
    • Structured data markup
    • Security
    • And more
  • On-page SEO: Raleigh SEO experts develop and implement comprehensive on-site strategies to improve the website’s rankings and organic traffic. They conduct in-depth keyword research to fully optimize content, title tags, meta descriptions, images, URLs and more.
  • Off-page SEO: SEO companies engage in search engine optimization activities that don't focus exclusively on the client’s website. To increase their domain authority and brand reputation (which leads to better rankings) they also provide:
    • Link building
    • PRs
    • Guest posting
    • Influencer outreach
    • Social media engagement
    • And more

Additionally, some Raleigh SEO companies provide extra, ancillary services to strengthen their clients’ online presence. These may include, but aren’t limited to:

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Why Should You Outsource SEO Services In Raleigh, NC?

The main reason why you should reach out to Raleigh SEO experts is to leverage their extensive experience in the locally dominant industries.

The majority of businesses tend to hire Raleigh SEO agencies as local companies have managed to gather unique insights into:

  • Local business environment
  • Local market trends
  • Industry keywords
  • Competitors
  • Local audience

Additionally, the city’s big employers and stable job market attract some of the finest professionals in the nation.

In Raleigh, you will find skilled and accomplished SEO specialists to successfully execute your project.

How Much Does Raleigh SEO Agency Charge For Its Services

Simply put, Raleigh SEO companies offer two charging structures:

  • Per hour
  • Per project

Most local companies have an average hourly rate between $100 and $149, while some may charge between $200 and $300. Projects can vary wildly and can be valued anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000+.

Whatever option you may choose, the cost for SEO services in Raleigh will depend on two key factors:

  • Company’s reputation and size
  • Project scope and complexity
  • Project timeline

How To Choose The Right Raleigh SEO Company For Your Business

Before researching your prospective SEO service providers, be sure to clearly define:

  • Your business goals: What do you want to achieve by partnering with an SEO company? Do you need a long-term collaboration/strategy to substantially grow your website, and by extension, your business? Or, are you simply looking for a quick fix of pressing, more evident issues?
  • Your budget: Based on your objectives, make sure to determine how much you’re prepared to invest in SEO.

After you’ve made a basic roadmap, follow these key steps to find the right Raleigh SEO company:

Step #1: Determine Their Experience And Expertise

An SEO agency that will run successful campaigns and deliver concrete results has proven experience in the industry and can demonstrate its expertise through successful projects and happy clients.

Step #2: Learn About Their SEO Tools And Resources

It’s important to find out what type of SEO tools an agency has access to. The top Raleigh SEO companies use premium tools including Ahrefs, SEMrush and Moz.

To take advantage of all the SEO opportunities that may come your way and not fall behind your competition, opt for an SEO provider who knows how to leverage these tools to your advantage.

Step #3: Assess Their Workflow Process

Search engine optimization can be a long and/or ongoing process that requires skill, dedication and constant search for improvement to generate online business growth.

To nail down successful SEO in the long run, your future partner should:

  • Understand your business and your niche
  • Set the right KPIs to monitor
  • Prepare analytical reports
  • Constantly tweak strategy based on data
  • Keep you informed about their progress

So, make sure the Raleigh SEO agency you choose follows well-structured processes to deliver the best results possible.

Step #4: Assess Their Transparency

An SEO agency should transparently communicate about all the actions they undertake to deliver results.

Make sure your future agency partner has clear answers to questions about their strategy execution, the aforementioned workflow process, the number and schedule of reports they’ll share with you, etc. This way you will know if your SEO investment is paying off.

Step #5: Look For Social Proof

Any Raleigh SEO company can say they are the best at what they do, but you can’t take their word for it.

To evaluate their skills and/or success is to look for evidence on the web. For example, you can:

  • Read the agencies’ client reviews on DesignRush.
  • Look at other feedback on relevant social media platforms
  • Ask candidates for references to learn about their clients’ experience.

In addition, you can even ask your competitors what SEO agency they chose and whether they were satisfied with the results received.

All in all, make sure to do in-depth research so you can choose the best Raleigh SEO company for your business.

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10 Questions To Ask Raleigh SEO Experts

Ask each Raleigh SEO company these questions to validate their knowledge and commitment to your project:

  1. Have you worked with clients within our industry/niche?
  2. Can you show us your best work for the previous clients you’ve worked with?
  3. What are your first recommendations for our current website?
  4. When can we expect to see the initial results?
  5. How will you approach SEO for our brand/company?
  6. What does your keyword research process look like?
  7. What software tools and programs do you use to develop your strategies?
  8. What KPIs do you set to measure the success of your SEO campaigns?
  9. How many SEO specialists will work on our project and what is their level of experience?
  10. How does your team keep up with the latest industry trends?

Takeaways On Raleigh SEO Agencies

With a large pool of marketing and IT specialists, Raleigh SEO companies are bound to have teams of skilled SEO experts who can skyrocket your business online.

They tend to be more experienced in providing services for clients operating in the area’s leading sectors such as manufacturing, trade, transportation, finance, IT, professional services and more.

They have an average hourly rate between $100 and $149.

After you determine your business goals and set your budget, to select the best Raleigh SEO agency partner for your brand, follow these key steps:

  • Evaluate the agency’s expertise
  • Learn about their tools and resources
  • Examine their workflow process and transparency
  • Read third-party agency reviews

Best of luck!

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