Outsourcing SEO Services: How to Make Sure Your SEO is in Capable Hands
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SEO tactics are a solid factor to set businesses apart from the competition.

However, achieving results with a limited in-house team could be challenging. Impactful SEO results require in-depth expertise, analysis, technology, tools, and more that can be harnessed by outsourcing to a seasoned expert team.

With quick algorithm changes, Google processes more than 3.5 billion daily searches. This creates desperation to rank high consistently.

If you haven’t reaped substantial results after trying your hand at it, it’s time to opt for outsourcing SEO services to professionals.

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What is Outsourcing SEO Services?

Outsourcing SEO services refers to outsourcing search engine optimization services such as on-page optimization (metadata, image optimization, keyword density, blogs) and off-page optimization (social media, guest posts, link-building, link outreach). These services are extended to a third-party, agency, or individual.

Firms may opt for outsourcing to assist them with scalability, keep up with the competition, and offer better services to their clientele.

Functions of Outsourced SEO Services

Google uses more than 200 ranking factors for its search algorithm; hence, outsourced SEO services must provide more than the basics.

These are the primary services that agencies offer:

Conducting competitive analysis

Conducting keyword research

Creating a new content strategy and crafting new content

  • Content Marketing
  • Building backlinks
  • Organizing internal links
  • PPC advertising and other strategies
  • Optimizing the existing content with a new SEO strategy.
  • Optimize website technicalities
  • SEO audit and analysis
  • On-site writing and optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reporting and analysis

Outsourcing Alternatives

Organizations must know how search engines evaluate content, impactful SEO techniques, and areas that require maximum changes.

Outlining the desired results, vision, the scope of work, and other factors can help you finalize the most favorable outsourcing options.

Since SEO has the potential to generate 1000% more traffic than social media, you should pick its associates carefully. Here’s how:

SEO Agency

SEO agency teams offer years of experience and niche expertise. Since they focus solely on SEO, firms can be confident in their methods and approaches.

Studying their previous case studies, testimonials, and results can assure brands about the solutions they can provide.

Although, SEO agencies may also funnel the task to a freelancer, which can produce counter-productive results.

Independent Contractor or Freelancer

This cost-effective alternative allows firms to be directly involved with the service provider. However, it is preferable to maintain constant contact and ensure being updated with the current trends.

Constant monitoring can be a drawback as firms may invest time directing their SEO partners. Being the sole SEO professional may also prolong the brand’s wait. However, reliable professionals can be hard to find—lack of proficiency cause brands to miss out on strategic guidance for campaigns.

Freelancers may be a good fit for small and mid-size businesses, whereas they may be risky for a high-budget project. They may also be a good fit for occasional SEO tasks.

Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency offers multiple services along with SEO, which helps with an overall revamp. This helps with seamless integration with multiple channels such as paid search, native and display advertising, PR, and retargeting.

Since agencies have a team, tasks can progress at a faster rate.

Agencies being a hub of insightful professionals, brands may benefit from their collective experiences, resources, and fresh ideas.

One drawback is that while juggling multiple services, the SEO services might be diluted compared to ones solely focusing on SEO. This can cause shifts in the final results.

In-house vs. Outsourcing


Being proficient with tools and skills may require time and effort. As SEO experts will have no learning curve, beginners may. They might not have the right skill set to begin with, or the training itself may take months. Amateurs must spend some time getting the techniques right.

This approach also includes downsides. The required professionals in the process make it a labor-intensive project. Working on lengthy projects with a limited staff and skill constraints can add to the pressure. These include page optimization, keyword research, content creation, backlink building, and other impactful SEO tasks.

When the scope of work changes, shuffling the internal team could be difficult to achieve desired results. This creates the need for a diverse and experienced SEO team, which can be accessed through outsourcing.


While some brands may hire in-house teams, others may opt for outsourcing.

Outsourcing occurs when scaling becomes an issue. Firms may resort to outsourcing to cater to this SEO automation process.

Outsourcing allows expanding the bandwidth without increasing the internal team’s additional costs. This extends the assistance of SEO strategists and specialists experienced in varied industries and niches to firms. This also helps with expert suggestions required to pivot the current strategy and implementations.

Why Should Brands Outsource SEO Services

For Added Expertise

Organic search is extremely competitive. SEO is more than just sprinkling keywords or writing a well-rounded blog. It is vital to go beyond basic SEO practices or organic rankings. For some, it may extend to customer acquisition, market share, and revenue.

This reduces organic search customer acquisition and paid media expenses.

To Cater to Scaling Requirements

Expert SEO professionals are aware of what works and what doesn’t. They can produce results and a long-term work strategy that consistently leads traffic to the website.

When brands have a grand vision, handling everything alone can be laborious, whereas outsourcing can improve output and performance.

To Induce Prompt Results

Professional outsourcing professionals assist in generating prompt results while avoiding costly errors. Its influence can lead to increased scalability.

Advanced technology and expert assistance can flatten the curve.

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Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services

Reduce the Costs and Time

Extending an in-house team costs additional time and effort. These include salaries, bonuses, equipment, healthcare, taxes, software, subscriptions, and other benefits.

Outsourcing reduces the hiring and training costs of an in-house team. Moreover, as technology advances, training costs also add up. Learning new trends requires time. Since SEO is ever-growing, learning continues, and doing so from scratch can be time-consuming.

Additionally, outsourcing partners may also handle strategic planning, saving business time. Hence, brands can focus on refining other workflows and customer support.

Efficiency in Scaling Projects

Outsourcing helps brands begin their process immediately, without wasting time on planning stages.

SEO specialists can measure, test, and analyze the processes to drive efficiency. Since ranking high is a vanity metric, it might not necessarily mean more leads, conversions, and customers.

Search engines are now smart enough to detect stuffed keywords, unoptimized images, and duplicated content which can drop the rankings. Engaging in SEO best practices, also known as white hat practices, can be fruitful.

A Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive SEO services offer a professional approach that offers niche expertise while decreasing the time and efforts to reach results. These services include technical SEO audits, content marketing, conversion optimizations, etc.

This causes a steep learning curve, which simplifies the process, reduces errors and troubleshooting to deal with

Experts in technical and content aspects, for example, Google updates, can be tremendously successful.

Inexperienced staff can cause dwindling organic rankings and weaken the SEO program foundation, which may affect organic results in the future. These risks are eliminated when collaborating with seasoned professionals.

Improves ROI

Expert SEO outsourcing services significantly improve ROIs. Brands can solidify their trust in SEO partners if they have created results previously.

Besides SEO and rankings, businesses can benefit by generating leads, customer acquisition, assessing customer lifecycle and perception, and increasing market share and revenue.

How to Outsource SEO Services

Every team is different. These differences can be based on prices, experience, and terms of service. Weighing all the options to make an informed decision can be auspicious.

Let’s check the specifics to find the right fit for your SEO needs.

Outline Your Goals

62% of B2B marketers see SEO algorithms as important to them, so, before collaborating, outline your primary objectives.

Answering the following questions can clear the air:

  • Type of traffic
  • Area of sales to increase
  • Does the firm operate locally or globally?
  • Information about outlets. Do they need to be individually supported?
  • Geographies to focus on
  • Focus areas - product improvements, refining new ideas, customer acquisition or leads, or customer success phrases.
  • Long-term goals
  • Projected revenue

Answering this questionnaire lays a strong primary foundation to gauge if a professional or an agency is the right fit.

Highlight the Required Services

The above-outlined SEO goals will determine the required services. These services may include technical SEO, content creation, link building, or keyword research, to name a few. On the second tier, it covers reputation management, local SEO, or algorithm recovery. It finalizes if you need all the services or specific ones.

You might also require specific services, and it’s the right time to highlight those. Some agencies may also offer flexible plans to match your requirements. Enquire about their offerings and what sets them apart from the competitors. Check their website and fact-check if their online presence reflects the same.

Finalizing the Timelines

Since SEO is a long-term strategy, it may take time to reach your goals. If you are looking for quick results, PPC may help. Setting realistic goals may significantly help.

It may take at least 12 months to see results. Accordingly, it's better to be cautious of those who promise an unrealistic timeline, as shady practices will be penalized by Google, which can affect your business.

Further on, requirements might change. Hence ensure the SEO plans are flexible to accommodate your needs. Establishing if the scope of work can be changed without impacting the client’s workflows is also essential.

Concluding the Budget

An excellent deal is a blend of required services and a feasible amount for quality service. Spending little money might show limited results, whereas spending more may shake the budget.

On the flip side, those with low prices may also indulge in spamming backlinks or writing low-quality keywords-stuffed content. These redundant practices may do more harm than good.

Getting it wrong from the start can be much costlier. However, more prices may not always mean quality services. The way out of this dilemma is to conduct research and analyze pricing models.

Evaluate Multiple SEO Agencies

Look for a well-rounded expert firm that has outstanding results to showcase. Check out their online reviews to assess their online presence. As mentioned above, an expensive agency might not be a savior. Likewise, a cheap option may hurt your business.

Examine their case studies and portfolio to inquire about the niche and industry. Once you shortlist some, booking consultation calls is the next best step.

The discussions can be based on:

  • Years of operation
  • The clientele – small, mid, or large size corporations
  • Competitor research approach
  • Tools and technologies
  • Client reference and testimonials
  • Success metrics and how they impact

Answering these questions is the final step to finding a good fit. If there is a lack of transparency, consider it a red flag.

Since substantial results benefit and vague promises, don’t look for firms that promise to deliver results.

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Collaborating with an SEO Agency

Once you’ve found a suitable agency, it is essential to build clarity before commencing the first task.

Here's what to do:

  • Setting SEO outsourcing goals (weekly, monthly, or yearly)
  • Expected services
  • Timelines
  • Success metrics
  • Frequency of meetings

Figuring out the integral factors establishes a healthy work environment. Ensure transparency to evade misleading communications or missed reporting schedules in the future. The SEO partner should produce reports and results precisely. If you find only vague promises, you might want to shift to another agency.

Updates About Reports

While it's essential to be patient, it is imperative to study quarterly reports and reviews regularly.

Establish the expected priority metrics and dashboard data.

You must communicate the vision to your SEO partner so that brands are not continuously monitoring the tiniest steps.

Outsourcing SEO Services – Key Takeaways

Search engine domination is the key to creating brand visibility.

Despite being a rewarding game, it is best not to expect quick wins. Following robust SEO practices can pay huge dividends in the long run.

Outsourcing frees an agency’s time to focus on critical tasks. Relying on an expert team will assure you achieve the desired results.

While ambiguity with Google’s algorithm, changing trends, and competition can cause declining results.

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