Interactive Facebook Posts Guide

Interactive Facebook Posts Guide
Article by Bisera Stankovska
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

Likes, shares, and comments are all somewhat vanity metrics, but we love them because they give us an idea of what our audiences like. These metrics also help us collect data that we can use to optimize social media strategies in the future. Plus, they drive engagement, and the more attention you get, the higher it impacts your exposure.

This is where interactive Facebook posts come to play. Facebook is prioritizing personal profiles and expecting brands to invest more in advertising.

In this article, let’s establish the importance of interactive Facebook posts for brands.

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What Are Interactive Facebook Posts?

Interactive Facebook posts encourage users to like, comment, share, or click through, i.e., interact with the post.

The types of posts that come under this category are:

  • Quizzes, polls, or surveys that tap into people’s need to know more about themselves or to test their knowledge
  • Product tags on photos as they allow shoppers to click through to a landing page for a particular product. The tags eliminate the need to search for links in the copy.
  • 360-degree videos that help followers to move around a real-life scene
  • Tag Friend posts that encourage users to mention their friends in a comment to spread the reach
  • ‘This’ or ‘That’ posts to gain more information about the followers by asking them to decide between two options
  • AMA threads that allow knowledge sharing with the followers by encouraging them to submit questions to be answered on Facebook Live

How Do Facebook Interactive Posts Work?

Facebook is a social platform where people interact and engage with friends, family, and brands they like. This interaction with the posts happens through tags, shares, reactions, or comments. Interactive posts are designed to drive action and stand out.

Brands must remember that there are over 60 million business pages on Facebook. Brands must stand out if they want to continue engaging with their followers and stay in front of the mind.

And interactive posts generate engagement, which further drives the Facebook algorithm to push your posts to the top of your users’ feeds.

Are Interactive Posts for Facebook Valuable for Engagement?

Yes, interactive posts on Facebook are valuable for engagement. Alongside creating conversations with the followers, they offer a host of other engagement benefits such as:

  • Broad reach – The more interactions a brand has, the more it will appeal to Facebook’s algorithm, which, in turn, will reward by showing the posts to more people.
  • Lead generation - This comes automatically with a wider reach. There is an increase in conversions from the Facebook page.
  • Increased retention rates – This implies remaining relevant to the existing followers by staying in front of their minds.
  • Drive traffic – Interactive posts encourage users to click through to the website or landing page to increase the number of visitors.
  • Stand out – The engaging posts differentiate your brand from the competitors and help it to stand out.
  • Personalize interactions – The information collected from the Facebook interactive posts helps personalize a brand's future interactions with the audience.

Top 10 Interactive Facebook Post Ideas

Here are some of the top interactive post ideas for Facebook that brands and marketers can consider, especially when they think about how to create a social media campaign:

  1. Narrate a Story
  2. Ask Questions
  3. Take Part in Trending Conversations
  4. Share Inspiring Quotes and Images
  5. Redirect to Your Blog
  6. Personalize Your Content
  7. Fill in the Blanks
  8. Quizzes and Polls
  9. Conduct a Contest
  10. Post Videos

1. Narrate a Story

Audiences love honest and genuine content. Plus, when brands are relatable and personable on their social media channels, it drives emotional connections with the audience.

The more attached a customer is to your brand through your social media content strategy, the higher your chances of retaining that customer as an ongoing, loyal one.

Telling a story about the inspiration behind your brand/product or sharing a customer's experience are great ways of interacting with the audience. The audience connects with your brand on an altogether personal level.

2. Ask Questions

You can add this simple tip for Facebook interactive posts to any post format.

Interactive marketing is based on two-way communication between brands and their audience. By asking questions, brands can encourage the audience to get involved in the conversation. This makes it possible for the brands to stay relevant in the consumer's feed.

There are two ways of posting a question. You can structure the post as a question or include one at the end of your story or post. You can also ask friends to leave a comment to get more responses.

3. Take Part in Trending Conversations

Most audiences love commenting on trending topics. So, if there is any popular trend online, you can also hop on and share it on your social media pages.

However, you need to ensure that the post aligns with your niche. It is better not to broach controversial subjects as they can get your brand in trouble with the business standards.

4. Share Inspiring Quotes and Images

Interactive posts should not always promote your products/services or drive website traffic. Incorporate inspiring posts into your Facebook marketing strategy if you are trying to build a long-term relationship with your audience.

All love a feel-good quote or an image. Make sure to strike the right balance of exciting, relevant, valuable content for your community.

5. Redirect to Your Blog

Blog posts are already crafted to engage and educate, so leveraging this content on social media pages is a good idea.

The ideal way is to pull a quote or an attractive section from your blog and navigate your audience to the main blog.

This step can also encourage Google to crawl and index your page faster so that you increase the reach on the SERPs too.

6. Personalize Your Content

Social media audiences love personable content in the form of behind-the-scenes images or videos.

The content can be a glimpse of the new product before its release or a sneak peek of the office shenanigans.

7. Fill in the Blanks

This fun and unintimidating interactive post idea is quite addictive for audiences. The concept is simple and involves posting a statement with a blank for the audience to fill in.

The fill-in-the-blank posts allow them to use just one or two words yet, participate in a conversation. These posts help in driving continued engagement too.

8. Quizzes and Polls

Besides likes and comments, polls and quizzes are incredible ways to make your posts interactive and boost engagement.

These are also fun posts, encouraging your audience to get involved and share the content with others.

You can create educational and exciting content. At the same time, a quiz that leads the customers to realize your product's need and importance helps build relationships. These posts often establish an emotional connection with the audience too.

9. Conduct a Contest

Contests are content gold for Facebook. You can leverage several engagement activities and grow your Facebook followers in significantly less time.

Brands need to set the competition rules and decide on the types of graphic designs to enhance the visual appeal. Once the audience has engaged with the post, they will see the other content on the page and come back to check the results.

10. Post Videos

Last but not least is video. Live videos and reels are increasing in popularity, and they are the best way to keep the audiences on the page and interact with your content.

Videos should be such that they capture the audience's attention in the first few seconds. Highly engaging videos always convert. Also, video content drives authentic shares, further boosting the Facebook audience's reach.

Interactive Facebook Posts Takeaways

Facebook is an activity hub. The social media platform has nearly 3 billion users comprising important decision-makers and potential buyers.

The online audience expects to be delighted with engaging, high-value content regularly. That is why brands that wish to reach a wider audience or build an online community must focus on creating interactive posts for Facebook.

Above all, you must always be creative, think outside the box, ask questions and never forget to tell a story.

A professional social media marketing company can also help you with this process, so we advise looking for the right agency to partner with for your project.

We’ll find qualified Facebook advertising agencies for your project, for free.
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