Alternative Social Media

Social media has been around for a while. Its inception introduced online space to platforms like Myspace, Friendster and Multiply.

However, the induction of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was a game-changer for social media and internet users worldwide. These two names spearheaded the mainstream website list and offered one-of-a-kind features that captured a massive audience from all parts of the globe.

As social media continues to reign over the online lives of users, the growing Internet cosmos gives life to alternative social media. These alternative social networks have now started to gain traction.

Some Facebook and Twitter users, for example, have growing concerns for privacy, tracking and security breaches. Competing social media platforms, regardless of the slightly dialed down features, tend to have fewer of these issues simply because they haven’t had a wide stage to stand on yet.

If you’re looking to introduce another dimension to your social media advertising, feel free to try these growingly popular alternative social media platforms. With unlimited data available to its developers, rough edges can be polished and eventually give life to something that can coexist with social media juggernauts.

If you’re one of those who want to jump ship, we’ve compiled a list of "dark horse” social network apps that connect you to the rest of the world.

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What Is Alternative Social Media?

Getting into alternative social media can be intimidating, knowing how certain platforms have had a tight grip on the social media landscape for over a decade now.

But, the finest alternatives to social media platforms also possess distinct qualities. It can be avoiding hidden terms and conditions present on some mainstream websites, data privacy and more lenient rules and regulations.

The mainstream social media frequently goes through the scrutiny regarding users’ privacy implications. One of such pressing issues was when Facebook leaked over 80,000 users' information in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, followed by another 6.8 million users’ data in September 2018 when a third-party program gained access to user photos.

Instances like these pushed a large chunk of the community to voice their concerns against Facebook. Of course, there’s also a section of people that wanted to protect personal data while staying in touch with the social media space. And this is what alternative social media usually provides: a fair playing ground for everyone without having to disconnect from the online world.

Marketing professionals who are deep in social media advertising are also active in venturing out of mainstream socials. With the recent Apple update, tracking users’ behavior has been difficult for iOS users on Facebook. This, in turn, makes advertising a little difficult as well.

The beauty of alternative social media in advertising offers a whole new perspective. Most of these websites cater to niche markets with specific personalities and needs. Brands offering specific products or services can reach their target audience more easily. For advertisers, understanding the space of their key customers is critical to a successful social media strategy. That's why they’re always on the lookout for alternative social media networks they can soon tap into.

Part of these brand’s social media strategy is monitoring online users. In a nutshell, this is a process of determining how the brand is perceived by the audience on different social media platforms. Niche brands usually deviate from the mainstream social media networks and focus instead on some alternative platforms since most of their audience are there.

Identifying available social media alternatives is a huge undertaking. Anyone who wants to fall in with the proper platform needs to go through due diligence such as weighing the options, the pros and cons and features one might look for.

That being said, we introduce you to this list of the best platforms that are helpful for both casual and commercial use – and whose time is coming.

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Ello sets itself apart from Facebook by being an ad-free alternative and guarantees data security to all its users.

The platform is yet to hit the mainstream picture but drew plenty of interest in 2014 when Facebook enforced measures that demanded the real names of its users. The minimalist approach of the designers and added emphasis on content makes Ello an attractive alternative to a particular crowd, including artists, photographers and specific creatives.

There’s a bright future for this alternative social media page that boasts functional user-to-user chat and other tools commonly seen on mainstream social media sites.


NextDoor is a great pipeline for those who want to connect with people within their vicinity.

There’s a good block of users that want to link with people close by and in the same neighborhood. Think of NextDoor as a close-knit Facebook group for homeowner associations, schools and other local crowds. You can communicate socially without the overwhelming feeling that comes with larger social groups.

Furthermore, NextDoor requires a name and address verification to complete the sign-up process. Those information is needed so the platform can connect you with people in your community.


Minds can be best described as an anti-establishment platform that veers away from mainstream characteristics. The network officially encourages free speech and is limited to no censorship. New users have the option to migrate their data from Facebook, which is a function that makes the transition more seamless.

Also, users can generate income through their social networking function by receiving monthly support (cryptocurrency) for monetized posts and ad sharing. The platform therefore also helps content creators get their material out.


MeWe started as an alternative social media medium in 2016. While it is a relatively new name in the scene, the platform follows a framework similar to Facebook.

It also boasts greater data security that eliminates concerns usually associated with social media giants. With a handful of features that resemble Facebook, it manages to remain intuitive for old and new social media users alike.

With just six years in the space, its user base is not as packed as its counterparts. Joining early will be an advantage to users aiming to establish their name on the platform.


BitChute’s goal is to prioritize video content creators and build a stage that can be used to express their ideas without restrictions.

The site offers a video-based platform similar to YouTube and Vimeo but without filters. You can deliver your desired message on BitChute and leap over bottlenecks you would encounter on traditional social media platforms.

Censoring the extreme commenters, BitChute has something interesting going on that makes allowance for news, current events and a host of topics that usually go with multiple standpoints.


EyeEm makes use of German technology that equips photography-related services. It puts together a community of people creating and sharing images. It’s a platform and a social media channel to work with others, collect feedback, gather inspiration, or simply appreciate the images of other photographers.

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Niche Social Media Networks

Alternative social media sites go beyond the basic categorization and venture into niche networks that offer a tailored.

Now that the possibilities are endless, it’s worth looking at more specialized websites and what they can offer. Here are three of the most popular niche social networking sites you can try:


Creatives rejoice! If you are looking for a community to share work and get constructive responses from like-minded individuals, Dribbble is a great option.

Introduced in 2010, the platform puts together over half a million creatives through its invite-only membership structure that sustains professionalism and keeps spammers away. The site also has special paid features like portfolio hosting services and a chance to connect to stores and sell products with your designs.


Film buffs are in for a treat in this alternative social media space. Letterboxd is all about the nitty-gritty details of a certain movie or series. Launched in 2011, the site lets you compile and review all the films you’ve seen, find individuals with similar preferences and share insights. It has quickly matured into a practical way of finding new titles and getting together with a community of film lovers.


Wayn is a social network geared towards getting people to travel. Content is built around tourist destinations and areas for activities. Users can share pictures and recommendations for places they’ve visited and serve as a guide for future travelers. It resembles Yelp without the ratings feature and dissentient feedback. Wayn is also a photo-oriented page, letting you peek through places you want to visit before planning a trip.

Discover a Whole New World with Social Media Alternatives

Whatever social network you go for, you should always consider its features, accessibility and security.

Don’t get too caught up in being just with the trendy social media giants. It’s okay to go for lesser-known platforms sometimes, especially if these websites let you cut down the noise and focus on your interests without paying a hefty price.

The giants of social media can be fun to use to an extent. However, there’s a point where it crosses a line and starts to become destructive on a personal, national and global level. These mediums brought people together in a way other platforms could. Creating an account on Facebook or Twitter is no more than a few clicks away.

But after all, it’s all about execution and having something unique to present. Influencer management plays a huge role here, where managers handle end-to-end operations of marketing campaigns.

The mainstream platforms gave most people their first opportunity to voice out their thoughts and concerns. However, moving forward for the better can also mean leaving behind mainstream social media sites for something new and more future-proof.

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