Total Identity (slide 1)

Discover. Dream. Design. Destiny. That’s what Total Identity focuses on when it comes to their clients. Total Identity is a multilingual website dedicated to providing a totality of services to help businesses like yours get off the ground and become a forerunner in your industry.

The company keeps their personal design to a minimum by utilizing a number of client images on the landing page, accessible through an easily-manipulated slider option at the top of the page. Potential clients have the ability to flip back and forth between cleanly-designed photographs and image mock-ups.

The landing page doubles as a place for site visitors to find articles and information about the branding world. By utilizing the infinite scroll, you can move down between numerous articles. Surrounded by a wide negative space, the articles are organized in a center-aligned masonry grid full of colorful images and small sans-serif writing. The left and right sides of the four-by grid are left completely empty so as to draw the focus to the grid’s contents alone.

Total Identity (slide 2)

In lieu of a traditional portfolio, Total Identity offers up a large number of single-page case studies. These case studies are designed in poster format, combining writing and product or project imagery that is meant to be downloaded by potential clients in a PDF format. Case studies are organized in an evenly-distributed six-by grid format with the size of each display image being equal to its neighbor.

The use of gray negative space allows the focus to be on the vivid and bright sample images leading into the case study. A left-aligned module above the first row of images allows visitors to break down the page from an infinite scroll format to one that focuses on a specific area of interest and thus minimizes the viewable PDFs.

Vibrant colors and organized grids showcase an intriguing portfolio on Total Identity’s site. The clean design makes for a pleasant user experience guaranteed to entice and draw users in.