What Does A Brand Naming Agency Do?

Brand naming agencies are firms that develop names for brands and products. They also offer different branding services including logo design and corporate identity.

According to Stackla, 84% of consumers consider authenticity as a key factor when deciding which brands they like and support.

And considering these services, businesses can become easily recognizable and allow their consumers to see them as a unique company that differentiates from all others.

Naming Products And Services: 5 Steps Brand Specialists Go Through

Brand naming agencies ensure that your brand name is clear, powerful and attractive to your target audience.

They follow these steps to achieve the said qualities:

  1. Simplicity and easy pronunciation: Brand names should sound simple, easy to read and pronounce. They should be geared towards your target audience, reflective of their character and phonetically familiar.
  2. Uniqueness: A brand should be unique and decidedly different from the competitors in every aspect, including its name.
  3. Availability: Once you and the brand naming agency come up with a brand name, you need to make sure that it isn’t taken by somebody else. Simply visit the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), and run your name through. The results will show whether there are any registered trademarks with the same name. Moreover, you should also check domain name availability. You don’t want other businesses to take all the domain options with the same name, right?
  4. Logo and visual representation: When brand naming agencies brainstorm name ideas, they keep your logo in mind, striving to achieve a visual and phonetic synergy between these two important aspects of your brand.
  5. Meaning. Branding specialists know the power of storytelling. A brand name with a meaning, i.e. a story behind it, humanizes the brand itself, allowing the audience to form deeper emotional connections to it.
A naming agency creating a name for a brand
Naming agencies use various strategies and techniques to devise memorable brand names.

How Much Do Brand Name Development Services Cost?

The cost of brand name development services will depend on several factors. Firstly, the price is determined by the type of project or the size of the company. The more research is needed, the more money you will have to pay to these specialists.

Then, the cost also depends on whether you need only a name or other branding services as well. For example, if you also need a logo design, then the price will increase.

Moreover, another thing to consider is whether you want to have the same name domain as your brand name. Let’s take Apple for instance. This company’s brand name matches its domain (apple.com). In such cases, the domain cost would be higher, and the agencies would charge you more.

It is impossible to come up with a single ballpark cost. However, if you hire brand naming agencies, the prices would range between $2,000 - $75,000 for a brand name development.

If the services include trademark searches and domain name, then the cost will be higher.

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The Key Aspects Of A Memorable Brand Name

Brand naming is a creative process of developing a unique name for your business. Brand names should be distinctive, emotionally appealing and easy to remember.

Naming a business isn’t easy. It can take weeks even months to come up with the right name. That’s why business people hire professional agencies to help them with this overwhelming process.

There are several types of brand names, and these are the most common ones:

  • Descriptive: These names simply describe the product or services the business offers. They are simple and functional. Although there is no room for creativity, they describe the brand clearly to the audience. A good example of a descriptive name is General Motors. It is simple and describes the business.
  • Invented: Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect word to describe what you offer. That’s why you need to invent a brand name. In such cases, you can use your imagination and come up with an interesting word or phrase. However, even invented names are hard to build. So, you can always ask brand naming agencies for help. Starbucks is an example of an invented name.
  • Acronym names: A quick fact says that 72% of the best brand names in the market are acronyms. Very often businesses use acronyms for their long company names or names which are difficult to pronounce. For instance, NASA is the brand name and acronym for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The right brand name development services can make a product desirable, a must-have and unforgettable. It can make a big difference to your brand’s success and achieving your business goals.

Benefits of Having A Strong Brand Name

The advantages of having a strong brand name are endless. Here are the top three reasons why investing in brand name development services is beneficial:

  • Increases customer recognition: According to Global Banking And Finance, 71% of consumers believe that it is essential to recognize a brand before they make a purchase. So, having a strong brand name matters and it helps in being recognized by clients easily.
  • Contributes to trust and loyalty: Strong names are hard to forget. They are appealing, build trust and contribute to building an emotional relationship making clients loyal to the products or services your brand offers.
  • Makes you stand out from your competition: We live in a world where competition is huge and severe. With the help of branding agencies, you can develop a brand name that will stand out and make you unique. Having a strong name means being recognizable and different from others.

Investing in brand name development services is something that every business should do to increase brand awareness and recall.

However, coming up with an effective name also means turning to the best brand naming agencies for help. They will make this process much easier and less overwhelming.

Why Hire A Brand Naming Agency?

Brand naming is an essential part of every branding strategy. Without the right name, no one will notice you. Your business will suffer and you will lose clients.

It takes as little as seven seconds for your audience to form an opinion about your brand. When you promote your products or services, your name will be the first element that people see.

That’s why names should be catchy and appealing. They should have the power to engage the audience and make it take action.

However, developing a brand name is not easy. It can take days, weeks even months.

Partnering with a brand naming agency will save you a lot of time and effort. With the help of their expert opinion and resources, you will ensure that your brand stands out from your competition, and, ultimately, attracts more revenue for your business.

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How To Choose The Best Brand Naming Agency For Your Business?

There are many branding agencies you can choose from, both locally and globally. As the demand for naming products and services rises, there are more and more brand developers around the globe.

However, how can you choose the best partner for your business?

We’ve listed three key steps that will help you determine what is the right brand naming agency to work with.

Follow these tips and trust your instinct. Invest in the partner that you believe is the most suitable for your business needs:


The brand naming agency you hire, have to be knowledgeable and have experience in helping brands in your industry.

They should be creative and know the brand naming process very well. So, you find out how much experience they have in providing businesses with similar services in your niche.

Previous work

Looking at the previous work of the potential agencies will give you an insight into their strengths. By going through their portfolio and clients, you will see how creative they are and whether they will be able to meet your needs.

Recommendations And Reviews

When deciding which of the brand naming agencies is the best for your business, you should also go through their recommendations and reviews.

They will show you how reliable these experts are. By taking the time to read what other people say about the potential agencies, you will be able to tell which specialists you should hire.

7 Questions You And The Brand Naming Agency Should Consider When Developing A Name

When creating a name, make sure you bear the following questions in mind:

  1. Is the name distinctive? To stand out from the crowd you need a unique name. With the help of brand naming agencies, you can come up with one that is easily recognizable and which differentiates your brand from all others.
  2. Does it make sense for my business? When naming products and services, it is advisable to choose a name that is connected to your business. So, think about your brand’s personality; Is your voice entertaining or a serious one? Your partner will make sure that you capture this spirit.
  3. Is it simple and easy to remember? It is of great importance to be creative. However, during the brand name development process, you shouldn't forget about pronunciation. The brand name should be short and easy to read so that the audience can easily remember.
  4. Will the audience like it? When branding agencies brainstorm names, they should think of your audience. Will the name be attractive to the people you target? Will they connect with it? The right brand name must engage your target audience. So, these are the key questions to consider as well.
  5. What do I want to achieve with this name? With the help of brand naming agencies, you will ensure that you keep your focus on what you want to achieve with your brand name. Do you want to be distinctive from your competition? Or, maybe you want to make your brand image stronger? Make sure the name you develop has a purpose.
  6. Do I find it right? Never accept a name just because it is available, or just because your brand naming agency told you to use it. If you don’t like your business name, no one else will. You should be comfortable with it and proudly promote it.
  7. Will the name sell my products or services? Brand names should be eye-catching, attractive and engaging. They should be able to sell your products or services as well.

There are a lot of factors to consider during brand name development. Yes, this process is not an easy one and takes time and effort to come up with the right name.

However, with the help of branding agencies, you will go through the necessary steps easily and quickly.

Takeaways On Brand Naming Agencies

The advantages of brand name development services are enormous. However, your business doesn’t need just a name, but it needs a strong name.

Strong names increase loyalty and customer recognition and help you stand out from your competitors as well.

Brand naming agencies have the knowledge and experience to meet your business needs and develop the right name for your brand. They will make sure it is authentic, appealing and easily identified by the audience.


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