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Miguel Christopher De Guia
By Miguel Christopher De Guia
Last updated: July 15, 2024
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10 Best Logo Designs of All Time

1. Apple's Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Minimal design
  • Brand authority
  • Mythological and historical roots

The Apple logo, a globally recognized symbol, holds profound cultural significance and design industry impact. Rooted in mythological and historical narratives, the bitten apple signifies lust, temptation, hope, and knowledge. This logo ties together universal stories, establishing an emotional connection with consumers. Its allure extends to the modern aesthetic, exuding innovation and reinforcing Apple's authority.

The logo's sleekness, bold outline, and precise proportions reflect the brand's commitment to excellence. Apple's unconventional approach, forgoing a wordmark, underscores its innovative spirit and distinguishes it in the industry. The logo's power lies in minimalism, embodying Apple's ethos: "Think Different." It invites consumers to join a legacy of disruptors, emphasizing the transformative impact of Apple luxury products.

According to Fortune, Apple just made history by becoming the first company with a $3 trillion market value. Beyond being a symbol, the logo encapsulates Apple's culture, encouraging risk-taking and societal change.

2. Nike's Logo Design

Standout Features

  • Greek-goddess inspired
  • Abstract, timeless appeal
  • Brand excellence

With a brand value of over $30 billion (according to Statista), Nike, the world's largest supplier of athletic goods, dominates the sporting apparel and sneaker category. The world-famous swoosh, a symbol of simplicity, modernity, and authority, was created by graphic designer Carolyn Davidson in 1971 for a mere $35! Talk about timeless design. Representing the wing of the Greek goddess Nike, the logo exudes strength and victory.

Its timeless and minimal design, evoking speed and fluidity, is synonymous with Nike's ethos of inner strength, resilience, and passion. The swoosh, seen across Nike's range, from fashion to footwear, leaves a lasting impression, embodying determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

This logo continues to inspire and impact, solidifying the brand's legacy for decades to come. In fact, to this day, the Swoosh is held up as a perfect example of an abstract logo that effortlessly communicates the brand’s identity — something logo designers around the globe seek to emulate in their projects.

3. Disney's Logo Design

Standout Features

  • Timeless design
  • Founder’s signature doubles as a logo
  • Storytelling and brand recognition

The Walt Disney Company's logo stands as a testament to its iconic history, humanity, and innovative spirit. From its inception as the Disney Bros. Studio in 1923 to its current status as a global entertainment giant, the logo has evolved, rooted in the artistic legacy of Walt Disney. The modern design, introduced back in 2012, features Disney's signature surrounded by a decorative castle, paying homage to the company's storied tradition.

Simply put, Disney’s logo is timeless, although it has seen minor cosmetic changes over the years, primarily the removal of Mickey Mouse’s triumphant pose. The “ears,”, however, became a secondary branding element that rules over the entertainment industry undisputedly.

Overall, Disney's logo design combines elements of heritage, storytelling, and innovation, creating a globally recognizable symbol of the company's enduring legacy. Check out the best branding companies that can help you create your logo.

4. Starbucks' Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Iconic color scheme
  • Blend of traditional and modern design trends
  • Blend of intricacy and simplicity

Starbucks' logo, with its captivating mermaid emblem, stands as an iconic symbol that’s arguably almost more famous than the brand itself. Originating from a small Seattle-based coffee company back in 1971, Starbucks has evolved into an industry titan with over 20,000 storefronts across 62 countries. The logo has undergone a remarkable transformation, transitioning from an intricate, hand-drawn design to a modern, vibrant representation.

The mermaid illustration, while initially detailed and graphic, has become streamlined, with a focus on its smiling, tranquil face, and flowing hair. The color scheme shifted from black and brown to the now-iconic green and white. This clean, fun, and instantly recognizable logo reflects Starbucks' commitment to a lively, innovative brand image.

The emblematic mermaid has become synonymous with the brand's dedication to a fresh, sophisticated, and engaging identity, making Starbucks a global emblem of strength, authenticity, and leadership in the food and beverage industry.

5. Shell's Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Red and yellow color choice
  • Symmetry
  • Memorable brand identity

The Shell logo design narrates a century-long journey of continuous progress and evolution, positioning Shell as the second-largest energy corporation globally. The iconic red and yellow pecten logo, representing a mussel shell, has undergone a whopping nine iterations since 1900. Rooted in the company's history, the logo's story dates back to Marcus Samuel and Company, initially dealing in oriental seashells, which later influenced the company's name.

The color scheme, possibly inspired by the Royal Banner of Scotland or the Spanish flag, played a crucial role in brand visibility. The logo transitioned from a colorless era in the early 1900s to the introduction of crimson red and yellow hues in 1948.

The evolution continued with subtle changes in subsequent renditions until the contemporary design, maintaining the crown shape and achieving wide recognition. This journey highlights the well-oiled expertise of logo designers behind the symbol that has fueled the automotive industry for over a century.

6. NASA's Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Evocative elements
  • Simultaneously universal and deeply patriotic
  • Adaptable/Modular branding variants

The NASA logo design stands as a symbol of American pride, technological prowess, and space exploration. Its iconic emblem has transcended the organization; featured in films, television, and even on pop-culture icons such as Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear.

The logo's evolution, designed by James Modarelli, incorporates a red chevron against a white background, symbolizing a mythical bird's wings and reflecting America's mission in space exploration. The red, white, and blue color scheme reflects courage, justice, and strength, embodying American values.

The simple typography complements the bold symbol, creating an immediate and timeless impression. The logo's symbolism, rooted in history and mythology, communicates NASA's mission to explore the unknown and make bold discoveries.

7. Mercedes-Benz's Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Evocative symbol
  • Emanates luxury and sophistication
  • Instantly recognizable

The Mercedes-Benz logo stands as a testament to automotive innovation and resilience, reflecting the brand's rich history dating back to the creation of the first petrol-powered car in 1886. The iconic three-pointed star logo, representing domination over land, air, and sea, was officially adopted in 1909 and became an integral part of the brand following the 1926 merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler's companies.

The logo's design has evolved over the years, maintaining its regalness and honor while adopting a modern, luxurious, and minimal aesthetic. The silver-colored logo, seen on car hoods and various mediums, symbolizes the brand's raw and unfiltered roots. Instantly recognizable, the Mercedes-Benz logo embodies the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence, resulting in a timeless representation of craftsmanship and automotive legacy.

8. Playboy's Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Unchanged throughout years
  • Monochromatic design
  • Minimalistic tendencies

The Bunny logo, an iconic symbol of sex appeal and elegance, has become a timeless representation of the Playboy brand's identity and legacy. Designed by Art Paul, the logo features a sleek, angular bunny profile in rich black coloring, exuding both playfulness and mystery. Paired with the serif, uppercase Playboy wordmark, the logo embodies the brand's dual nature — sophisticated, yet frisky.

Originating in 1953 with the second issue of Playboy magazine, the logo has remained virtually unchanged, symbolizing the brand's consistent allure. As the brainchild of founder Hugh Hefner, Playboy revolutionized the publishing world by blending politics and sex.

The logo transcended magazine covers, appearing on various products and marketing materials, solidifying its place as a symbol of sex across diverse mediums. Despite occasional rebranding efforts, the Playboy logo stands as a showstopping and unique brand emblem, showcasing its enduring impact on design, culture, and the adult industry.

9. McDonald’s Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Iconic color scheme
  • Symbolic “Golden Arches”
  • Minimal, simple design

McDonald's, the fast-food giant that revolutionized the restaurant industry, boasts an iconic logo that plays a significant role in its brand recognition and cultural impact. The golden arches, shaped like an "M," originated from the architectural design of early McDonald's restaurants but gained prominence when Ray Kroc acquired the business in 1961. Today, these arches are a symbol of McDonald's global dominance and serve as a gateway for aspiring food and beverage brands.

The logo's simplicity, with a single golden "m," resonates universally, making it instantly recognizable even to toddlers. The rounded arches, resembling fries, exude strength, authority, and a hint of creativity. The strategic use of yellow and red colors triggers appetite and communicates speed, reinforcing McDonald's status as a fast-food powerhouse.

The logo's enduring success lies in its intentional design, incorporating color psychology, historical references, and a minimalist approach, making it one of the best logo designs in the food industry.

10. Microsoft's Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Sleek, minimalist redesign
  • Black, sans-serif typography
  • Color symbolism

Microsoft's logo stands as a symbol of its tech domination and global influence, reflecting the evolution of a brand that has shaped the computer industry. From its roots in 1975 to its current status as the world's third most valuable brand at half a trillion dollars, Microsoft has been a constant presence in the digital landscape.

The iconic logo underwent a significant transformation in 2012, abandoning the colorful, flag-like design for a sleek and minimalist look. Comprising a logotype in the Segoe font and a vibrant multicolored window symbol, the new design represents the Windows operating system used by over a billion people worldwide.

This logo speaks to Microsoft's commitment to innovation, simplicity, and boldness. The sleek typography and modern grid-like design convey a timeless yet contemporary identity, reflecting the brand's trust in its products and its position at the forefront of global technological innovation.

Best Logo Designs 2023 - 2024

Best Logo Designs of 2023

Best Logo Designs2023
Zaad's Logo Design

The Zaad Farms’ logo design plants the seeds of brand recognition impeccably. With its vibrant palette, symbolizing growth and vitality, the logo demonstrates a commitment to providing quality agricultural products. It expertly inoculates modernity with tradition, capturing the essence of the company's 25-year legacy.

The typography, reminiscent of integrated agricultural processes, reflects their dedication to nutritious, healthful offerings.
Zaad's Logo Design
Hireoquick's Logo Design

The Hireoquick‘s logo design captures the brand's ethos of technological excellence, blending quirkiness with simplicity to stand out in the ever-expanding HR sector. It cleverly integrates evocative characters into its typography, symbolizing its commitment to efficient hiring processes aided by cutting-edge tools.

The typography strikes a balance between professionalism and personality, emanating innovation with its sleek font and vibrant colors.
Hireoquick's Logo Design
Bee Dub's Logo Design

The Bee Dub Move’s logo design became synonymous with agility, embodying an enjoyable fitness journey with a dynamic and impactful visual identity. By incorporating movement-inspired elements and bold, in-your-face typography, the logo captures the essence of Bee Dub Move's commitment to ethics, energy, and enthusiasm in helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.
Bee Dub's Logo Design
The Woolf's Logo Design

The Woolf logo design is a fashion artistry masterpiece. With its clever, albeit obvious symbolism, it solidifies the brand's presence with its sleek and chic identity. Representing a sportswear brand that specializes in golf clothing, Woolf’s logo ingeniously incorporates the animal’s recognizable silhouette, aligning with the brand's name and evoking strength and refinement.

The wolf motif symbolizes the brand's commitment to uncompromising luxury and sophistication, while simultaneously encapsulating the essence of Merino wool, the brand's premium material, through subtle weaving patterns within the design.
The Woolf's Logo Design
12INYA’s Logo Design

The 12 INYA's logo design is a textbook example of timeless luxury and elegance, seamlessly blending the past and present into a singular refined image. Inspired by the historical significance of Inya Road in Yangon City, the logo elegantly merges the numerals with geometric shapes reminiscent of the region’s mountain peaks, symbolizing growth and progress.

The geometric design, arranged in a circular pattern, alongside serif typeface, evokes unity and balance while adding depth to the visual narrative.
12INYAs Logo Design
Meow’s Logo Design

Meow's logo design commands attention with stylish simplicity. Its minimalist yet meaningful icon showcases the brand in a sleek and contemporary image. The streamlined design speaks volumes, ensuring instant recognition and versatility across the digital playground. With a clever incorporation of a cat symbol, Meow's logo exudes youthfulness, vibrancy, and approachability, resonating with a wide audience drawn to its playful charm.
Meows Logo Design
RCM Law Office Logo Design

RCM Law Office's logo design delivers modern symbolisms via a minimalist approach, setting it apart in the realm of legal branding. Moving away from conventional symbols of justice, the design draws inspiration from the owl, a creature synonymous with wisdom and knowledge, perfectly aligning with the legal profession's pursuit of truth and clarity.

By ingeniously incorporating the client's initials into the silhouette of the owl, the logo achieves a unique monogram design that is both unique, memorable, and symbolic.
RCM Law Office Logo Design
Plant Potion’s Logo Design

Plant Potion's logo design brilliantly embodies plant care with its imaginative and artful approach. The logo's eccentric serif typography merges naturally with the brand’s representation, reflecting love for everything plants.

The swirling vines and looping letters evoke a sense of whimsy, emphasizing the company's premium positioning and dedication to nurturing our green companions. Moreover, the prominent green color reflects Plant Potion's eco-conscious character, symbolizing growth, harmony, and nature.
Plant Potions Logo Design
Lewis & Clarke River Expeditions Logo Design

Propaganda Creative revitalizes Lewis & Clark River Expeditions' legacy with a captivating adventure-themed logo. Designing a logo that effortlessly merges authenticity with modernity, the logo captures the essence of the legendary explorers’ expeditions, conveying trust and excitement. Bold typography signifies their resolve and resilience, while clean lines ensure brand consistency across mediums.
Lewis & Clarke River Expeditions Logo Design
The English Pint's Logo Design

The English Pint's logo design is brewed to perfection, as it masterfully encapsulates the brand’s “liquid luck” with bold typography and a clever color palette. The fusion of bold and serif fonts speaks to tradition and modernity, inviting consumers into a world where heritage meets innovation.

Limited yet impactful colors reflect London's signature charm, while compelling illustrations, like the bottle case reminiscent of double-decker buses, evoke nostalgia and depth.
The English Pint Logo Design

Best Logo Designs of 2022

Best Logo Designs2022
Laboshe's Logo Design

Laboshe's logo design elegantly embodies the brand's Indo-Korean skincare essence, earning its place among the best logo designs. The clever color symbolism of "labo" and "she" enhances its appeal to a diverse audience, while the combination of modern serif English typography and simple Korean script ensures wide recognizability.

This logo design excels in clean aesthetics and cultural harmony, making Laboshe a distinguished player in the skincare market.

View our editor's full thoughts on Laboshe's logo design.
Laboshe's Logo Design
Eat, Drink, Play's Logo Design

The Eat, Drink, Play logo blends simplicity and modernity through straightforward iconography. A comforting color palette of blue, red, and white invokes warmth and contentment. Its variations maintain the brand's dynamic and stylish identity, showing versatility without losing its essence.

The logo's uncluttered design and effective use of color perfectly capture the brand's mission to guide people toward gastronomic happiness, making it an excellent example of the best logo design.

View our editor's full thoughts on Eat, Drink, Play logo design.
Eat, Drink, Play Logo Design
Taste Java's Logo Design

The Taste Java logo design dazzles with its 21st-century aesthetics, merging contemporary design trends with rich Javanese heritage. Its geometric Joglo-inspired icon and classy serif typography reflect the brand’s core values of sustainability, purity, and harmony.

Versatile in its application, the logo can stand alone or as separate elements, ensuring wide adaptability across various media. Such flexibility and evocative representation deserve recognition among the top logo designs.

View our editor's full thoughts on Taste Java's logo design.
Taste Java's Logo Design
Khozaku's Logo Design

The Khozaku logo design uses a symbolic emblem to showcase the brand’s Japanese heritage and familial story. It stands out among the best logo designs by featuring the Jelawat fish, an icon deeply rooted in local tradition that brings warmth and communal belonging.

Its geometric look is complemented by sleek, modern typography. This minimalist approach makes the logo visually striking and versatile, lending itself to various business collateral.

View our editor's full thoughts on Khozaku's logo design.
Khozaku's Logo Design
Kyma's Logo Design

The Kyma logo sits as one of the top logo designs because of its stylized letter “Y." This unique design forms a house roof, perfectly embodying the brand's focus on enhancing home life. The logo features a harmonious color scheme of soothing grey and warm yellow, exuding tranquility and balance.

Its minimalist yet impactful illustration positions Kyma as a brand that balances an inspired lifestyle with practicality, making it a memorable emblem in the home goods industry.

View our editor's full thoughts on Kyma's logo design.
Kyma's Logo Design
Lupta's Logo Design

Lupta’s logo employs a striking color palette and rich imagery, reflecting a bold and unapologetic identity. This best logo design balances modernity with timelessness, incorporating sharp-cut edges and a tech-inspired typeface.

These contemporary elements accurately reflect the brand’s forward-thinking approach. Its versatility across platforms, from digital to physical signage, demonstrates its adaptability in a saturated market.

View our editor's full thoughts on Lupta's logo design.
Lupta's Logo Design
Giani’s Logo Design

The Giani's Ice Cream logo’s ingenious “G” glyph cleverly melds tradition with modernity, securing its place among the top logo designs. The stylized letter resembles an open ice cream container, symbolizing the brand’s essence of offering delightful experiences.

This emblem, rendered in bold red and white, echoes Giani's longstanding heritage while projecting a fresh, contemporary vibe. A simple, rounded sans-serif font ensures clarity and adds to the logo's charm.

View our editor's full thoughts on Giani's logo design.
Giani's Logo Design
CAD LAB's Logo Design

The CAD LAB logo design visually represents the art of precise and layered 3D printing through its sophisticated linework. It displays a fusion of continuous lines forming the custom lettering with a robust yet refined style.

This cleverly symbolic and future-proof logo creates a visual metaphor for the 3D printing journey, firmly establishing CAD LAB among the best logo designs.

View our editor's full thoughts on CAD LAB's logo design.
CAD LAB's Logo Design
Jekyll & Hyde's Logo Design

The Jekyll & Hyde logo steps into the limelight of the best logo designs with its striking face outline that doubles as a bitten bagel. This rough, minimal design marries professionalism with a wild, adventurous spirit.

Pairing the neat Industrial Gothic and the chaotic "Face Your Fears" fonts, this logo represents the brand's unique duality and invites customers into its transformative dining experience.

View our editor's full thoughts on Jekyll & Hyde's logo design.
Jekyll & Hyde's Logo Design
Rubi Residencias' Logo Design

The Rubi Residencias logo features a sophisticated letter "R" that draws inspiration from the multifaceted structure of rubies. The intricate icon is accentuated by a gradient of crimson hues, lending the logo a dynamic 3D quality.

The mix of detailed geometry and minimalist text perfectly embodies the brand’s contemporary luxury and refined elegance, solidifying its spot among our best logo designs.

View our editor's full thoughts on Rubi Residencias' logo design.
Rubi Residencias' Logo Design

Best Logo Designs of 2021

Best Logo Designs2021
You Can Do It
You Can Do It Logo Design

The "You Can Do It" logo design uses its striking "retro-futuristic" boxy structure and angular letter shapes emulate the feeling of ancient scripts, blending a touch of nostalgia with modernity. The uniform design across each letter infuses a contemporary edge. This duality, seamlessly connecting the past and the future, shrouds the logo in an enigmatic aura.

Striking a balance between familiarity and otherworldliness, it emerges as an exceptional contender among 2021's best logo designs. This logo crafts a visually captivating narrative, exemplifying a harmonious fusion of historical inspiration and cutting-edge branding aesthetics.

View our editor's full thoughts on You Can Do It logo design.
You Can Do It Logo Design
Mihi Home's Logo Design

Mihi Home's logo emerges as one of the best logo designs by leveraging artful minimalism and the timeless allure of early 20th-century aesthetics. Comprising of two distinct but complementary versions, the logo transcends conventional boundaries. Beyond the visual appeal, the logo's tranquil, rounded lines embody the brand's mission, intertwining serenity and structure into everyday life.

Mihi Home's logo is a testament to avant-garde design principles and seamless brand integration, and it stands as a luminous exemplar in the logo design landscape.

View our editor's full thoughts on Mihi Home's logo design.
Mihi Home's Logo Design
Shakesphere's Logo Design

The Shakesphere logo stands tall among the best logo designs with its blend of simplicity and an edgy, contemporary, and multifunctional approach. Simple as it may be, the lettermark cleverly represents both the brand’s initial, as well as the unique capsule shape of its main product.

The logo exudes a dynamic and energetic vibe that befits the fitness industry perfectly. Although it doesn’t visually rely on its witty play on words, the brand name, presented in a sans-serif font, ensures readability, enhancing brand recognition within the fitness domain.

View our editor's full thoughts on Shakesphere's logo design.
Shakesphere's Logo Design
House Of Ellixirz's Logo Design

House of Ellixirz embodies the best logo designs with its evocative symbol that echoes the bar's distinct ethos. The logo seamlessly blends local tradition and folklore with contemporary bar culture, establishing a distinctive and memorable brand identity.

The abstract dragonfly serves as the heraldic emblem that symbolizes a connection to the “world beyond” while its tail transforms into a stylized cocktail stirrer, accentuating the bar's specialty drinks.

View our editor's full thoughts on House Of Ellixirz's logo design.
House Of Ellixirz's Logo Design
House of Cocktails' Logo Design

Similar to the previous entry, the House of Cocktails became one of the best logo designs by skillfully merging symbolic innovation with minimalism. The monogram cleverly forms a sleek cocktail glass, uniting the initials "H," "O," and "C" with finesse.

Beyond aesthetics, it resonates with local tradition and bar culture, creating a unique market position. Inspired by the locale’s rich history, the logo incorporates ancient symbols, marrying historical elements with modern design. The unicolored logo, chic sans-serif typeface, and strategic use of orange exude class while maintaining universal appeal, making it seamlessly adaptable across diverse demographics.

View our editor's full thoughts on the House Of Cocktails' logo design.
House Of Cocktails' Logo Design
Anggun Residences' Logo Design

Anggun Residences’ lettermark secures the accolade for one of the best logo designs by blending luxury, minimalism, and accessibility. It seamlessly integrates four distinct elements, including a sans-serif typeface, lowercase interpretation, an alluring rose gold palette, and a subtle centered glow.

Reflecting the property's allure, the logo effectively communicates attainable opulence with a touch of understated elegance.

View our editor's full thoughts on the Anggun Residences' logo design.
Anggun Residences' Logo Design
Callisto's Logo Design

Callisto’s logo design presents us with a visual identity that epitomizes friendliness and ease of use. The logomark cleverly forms a bear's head, representing protectiveness, comfort, and the app's reliability. The bear's snout, resembling a lightbulb, symbolizes epiphany and innovation.

The logotype, in a simple sans-serif font, exudes openness and friendliness, enhancing brand accessibility. Callisto's logo not only follows the principles of memorable design but also ensures cohesion and consistency across various platforms, standing out in the competitive digital market.

View our editor's full thoughts on Callisto's logo design.
Callisto's Logo Design
Eden Healing's Logo Design

Eden Healing’s logo mirrors the brand's commitment to the therapeutic potential of herbs, cleverly intertwining traditional pharmaceutical symbols, such as the mortar and pestle, with a leaf motif, symbolizing nature's healing properties. The logo achieves a harmonious blend of simplicity and nuanced tranquility, striking a perfect balance between attention-grabbing visuals and a natural aesthetic.

The contemporary, minimal typography enhances legibility, while the monochromatic green palette reinforces the brand's inspiration from the "Garden of Eden," establishing a divine connection with natural healing.

View our editor's full thoughts on Eden Healing's logo design.
Eden Healing's Logo Design
Wallace Whittle's Logo Design

Wallace Whittle's logo emerges as a standout in the Best Logo Design category as it cleverly weaves the company's initials into a wave of sharp angles, mimicking Scotland’s highlands landscapes. The custom typography, with its pointy upper ends mirroring the logo's angles, adds a distinctive touch.

The logo's simplicity ensures seamless adaptability across diverse media, from business cards to billboards.

View our editor's full thoughts on Wallace Whittle's logo design.
Wallace Whittle's Logo Design
Early Bird Mimosa's Logo Design

The sunny, vintage, and vibrant Early Bird Mimosa’s design ingeniously merges diverse elements, featuring horizontal vector lines, captivating colors, and an illustration of two birds flanking a champagne glass against a rising sun. The logo's streamlined complexity, initially perceived, unravels into a seamless interplay upon closer inspection.

The deep orange hue, inspired by mimosa cocktail ingredients, harmonizes with teal bird accents. The abundant white space enhances clarity, making the emblem coherent, effective, and visually delightful, primary traits of the best logo design member.

View our editor's full thoughts on Early Bird Mimosa's logo design.
Early Bird Mimosa's Logo Design

Logo Design Resources

Logo Design Resources
Tools for Graphic Designers
1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for vector graphics and logo design, offering precise control over design elements. It's preferred by professionals for creating scalable logos and brand graphics, with more advanced features than simpler tools like Canva.

  • Advanced vector graphics capabilities
  • Wide range of design tools and effects
  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Subscription-based pricing can be costly
Pricing Plans:
  • Individual: $22.99/month
  • Business: $37.99/month/license

2. Canva

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool, primarily ideal for beginners or quick logo creation. Compared to Adobe Illustrator, it offers greater simplicity but with less advanced manual design options.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop features
  • Extensive library of templates and design elements
  • Limited customization compared to professional tools
  • Some advanced features are only available in the paid version
Pricing Plans:
  • Free
  • Canva Pro: $14.99/month for one person
  • Canva for Teams: $29.99/month for the first five users

3. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a powerful graphic design software that excels in vector illustration, layout, and logo creation. Like Adobe Illustrator, it's suitable for professionals seeking detailed control over their designs.

  • Comprehensive vector design capabilities
  • Versatile file format support
  • Less popularity means fewer community resources
  • One-time purchase can be expensive
Pricing Plans:
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 for Business
    • Annual Plan: $439.00 per license
    • One-time Purchase: $1,030.00 per license
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 for Individuals
    • Annual Plan: $27.42/month
    • One-Time Purchase: $687

4. Looka

Looka combines AI technology with user inputs to generate custom logo designs. It's ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for an instant logo solution. It's a more accessible option for design beginners than advanced tools like CorelDRAW.

  • Easy to use with AI-generated designs
  • No design skills required
  • Less tailored than handmade designs
  • Limited design flexibility
Pricing Plans:
  • Basic Logo Package, One-Time Fee: $20
  • Premium Logo Package, One-Time Fee: $65
  • Brand Kit Subscription: $96/year
  • Brand Kit Web Subscription: $129/year

5. LogoMakr

LogoMakr offers a simple, template-based approach to logo creation. With various built-in design elements for a swift design process, it's a more basic alternative to comprehensive tools like Adobe Illustrator.

  • Suitable for small businesses needing a basic logo
  • Simple and easy-to-use design tools
  • Limited creative control and uniqueness
  • Basic designs may not suit all branding needs
Pricing Plans:
  • Free
  • Pro Files: $29
Tools for Graphic Designers
1. CreativeLive

CreativeLive offers live-streaming workshops and classes on various creative topics focusing on branding. You can watch past broadcasts for free or sign up for a paid membership to access exclusive content. It's ideal for designers looking to enhance their skills and learn new techniques.

  • Expert instructors and industry professionals
  • Specialized video tutorials
  • Courses can be expensive
  • Limited free content
Pricing Plans:
  • Billed Annually: $10.75/month
  • Billed Monthly: $29/month

2. Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ provides extensive tutorials on logo design, covering everything from basic concepts to advanced techniques. Its library has written and video tutorials on numerous logo design topics. They are typically short and to the point, making the site an excellent resource for beginners. You can create an account here to get started.

  • Real-world branding projects and case studies
  • Diverse selection of logo design tutorials
  • Some advanced tutorials may require pre-existing knowledge
  • Extensive topics might be overwhelming
Pricing Plans:
  • Free

3. Skillshare

Skillshare is an outstanding platform with interactive logo design classes for hands-on learning at all skill levels. You can find courses on specific software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as general principles of logo design. Some courses are even free to access. Sign up for free to activate the 7-day trial.

  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Rich course selection covering different design styles and principles
  • Requires a subscription for full access
  • Quality of courses can vary
Pricing Plans:
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Pricing varies per region
Logo Design Tutorials
1. Domestika

Domestika offers logo design courses focusing on creative techniques and practical applications. You can find lessons on specific software like Adobe Illustrator and Figma and courses on more general topics like logo creation principles and branding. Create your Domestika account to start learning.

  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Courses taught by experienced professionals
  • Courses are generally in Spanish with English subtitles
  • No free courses; each course must be purchased individually
Pricing Plans:
  • Plus Subscription starts at $6.99 (billed annually)

2. Udemy’s Logo Design Mastery

If you’re looking to delve into the intricacies of logo design using Adobe Illustrator, this course is your match. It covers everything from basic logo concepts to advanced techniques like creating logo mockups and presentations. You'll be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion after completing the lesson. Get lifetime access to the course here.

  • Comprehensive focus on Adobe Illustrator for logo design
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced learners
  • Requires Adobe Illustrator software
  • Other Udemy courses can vary in quality
Pricing Plans:
  • Course price: $139.99

3. Coursera's Build Your Own Logo Design

This course provides a hands-on approach to logo design, educating learners on key graphic design principles. It guides students through creating logos, with valuable insights into design theory and application. Register here to enroll.

  • Project-based learning for practical experience
  • Focuses on the fundamentals of logo design
  • Might be too basic for advanced designers
  • Certificate of completion requires payment
Pricing Plans:
  • Course price: $9.99
Logo Design Courses

The Design Research Process

Our design research process is a dynamic journey in the ever-evolving landscape of logo design. We search the web, contact brands and agencies, and evaluate the designs worthy of being part of our collection. To be acknowledged among the best logo designs, one must master innovation, trends, impact, functionality, and most importantly, brand recognition. 

Designs that manage to transcend expectations and take logo aesthetics to the next level gain recognition, and the finest among them may advance further and compete for the title of Design Award winner. 

If you believe your design embodies these principles, you too can submit it for consideration, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of logo design excellence. 

Best Designs 2023

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Logo Design Award - June 2024

Pomeranian University

Print Design Award - June 2024

The Agency

App Design Award - June 2024

Farmer's Solutions

Packaging Design Award - June 2024


Video Design Award - June 2024

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Best Logo Designs FAQ

How are the best logos designed?

Designing the best logo is a detailed process that starts with researching the brand's history, values, and the message it wants to convey. From there, designers brainstorm ideas and develop the perfect visual representation. They use graphic design tools to experiment with shapes, icons, colors, typography, and other elements of the brand's unique image.  

For example, the Lewis & Clark River Expeditions logo designed by Propaganda Creative skillfully incorporates thematic elements that reflect the brand's adventurous spirit. The design leverages bold typography, symbolic shapes, and multiple colors that resonate with the brand's outdoorsy nature. This logo shows how a design rooted in the brand's story can lead to a memorable and impactful brandmark. 

What is the most important thing when designing a logo?

When designing a logo, it's important to ensure that it effectively communicates the brand's identity and resonates with its target audience. It should be distinctive, memorable, and versatile, working across various mediums and scales. Plus, the logo must be timeless to remain relevant and impactful in the long run. Remember that a successful logo is more than just an attractive graphic; it's an entire brand's visual embodiment. 

Take the Marvel logo design, for instance. Its standout red color and bold font are instantly recognizable, capturing Marvel's thrilling essence. The straightforward layout works everywhere – in a comic strip or on a movie poster, proving that a well-thought-out logo can capture what a brand is all about and make a lasting mark. 

How much is a quality logo design?

A high-quality logo design in 2023 can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $150,000. The cost may depend on certain factors like: 

  • Project scope and location 
  • Design's complexity 
  • Designer's experience 

Simple logo designs using online tools like Canva may be free. However, prices can range widely for custom designs from experienced logo designers or agencies. In the US, designers can charge $125 to $200 per hour. Project-based logo design companies typically charge between $10,000 and $25,000.  

Note that these numbers can increase if you require additional branding services.

What do most logo designers use?

Most logo designers rely on vector graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, because of its extensive features for creating and editing scalable vector graphics. Other commonly used tools include CorelDRAW for its powerful vector capabilities and Canva for its intuitive interface. 

Some designers also use online platforms like Looka for simpler projects. Advanced software like Adobe Illustrator is favored for its precision and flexibility, which are crucial for designing professional and intricate logos. 

Here are the tools most professional logo designers use:  

Design ToolBest ForQuick Links
Adobe Illustrator High precision and advanced vector design 
CanvaBeginners and quick logo creation 
CorelDRAWProfessional-grade logo and vector control 
LookaInstant, AI-generated logos with easy inputs 
LogoMakrTemplate-based logo creation with basic elements 

Do professional designers use Canva?

Yes, professional designers use Canva, especially for projects requiring quick turnaround. They also use it when working with clients who prefer an easy-to-use platform for future edits. Canva's user-friendly interface and massive template library suit fast, straightforward design tasks.  

However, professionals often utilize more advanced tools like Adobe Illustrator for more complex and unique designs. Canva is good for its simplicity and efficiency but may not always be the first choice for custom graphic design projects. 

What are the rules of effective logo design?

Logo designers adhere to these key principles to create an excellent logo design, maintaining the logo's impact and memorability: 

Can DesignRush help me get expert feedback on my logo design?

To get professional feedback on your designs and possibly have them featured on DesignRush, email your work to This is a fantastic chance to receive expert insights at no cost. 

However, if you want to get officially recognized by our Best Design Jury and have a chance to win the Best Design Award, you can submit your designs here. This is a paid service that costs $75 per submission. You'll get comprehensive feedback from top experts in the field and the potential for significant industry recognition. 

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