How To Make An Explainer Video + Video Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

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How To Make An Explainer Video + Video Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business
Article by Bisera Stankovska
Last Updated: May 29, 2022

The Importance Of Video Marketing

In the times of visual culture and social media domination, video content is everything. It catches the attention of the viewer in splits of seconds and its multiplatform character is perfect for this diverse landscape of sources – you can use video marketing on social media, broadcast TV, outdoor advertising, and more.

According to ComScore, 64% of consumers are much more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

What’s more, 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process. Plus, brands can achieve an 80% landing page conversion rate increase simply by including a video.

However, brands can use videos for more than just selling products. According to leading video production companyBluBlu Studios, videos can strengthen a brand’s identity, target specific audiences and share the message that reaches a bigger audience than a set of long articles.

Video is more popular than ever and embracing this type of medium is the key to a successful marketing campaign.

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What Kind of Video Should I Create To Promote My Brand?

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect video for everyone. The type of video you should produce depends completely on the goals you need to achieve.

For instance, are you launching an entirely new start-up? Or maybe you’re presenting an upcoming product? Perhaps you need to explain how a service works to your consumers.

Based on your objective, there are multiple ways to communicate your message through video. Common types of video marketing include:

  • Traditional commercials
  • Social video ads (with different aspect ratios)
  • Product videos
  • Software overviews
  • PreRoll Ads (often used for YouTube)
  • Conference and expo videos
  • And, of course, explainer videos.

Overview of Branded Video Types Including Explainer Video

Furthermore, these videos can come in many styles, including:

  • Live action
  • Screencasts (animated or recorded)
  • Animation/Motion graphics
  • And more!

“We specialize in animation – and we strongly recommend using this type of visual message as a marketing tool. Why? Because it looks good, it’s universal and you can show almost anything in it, even the most complex or surreal things that comes to your mind,” says Jed Skrzypczyk, Creative Partner & Producer at BluBlu Studios. “Creating an animated ad is also much cheaper from the traditional ad, and it’s much easier to make potential amendments during the process.”

BluBlu Studios also recommends pairing animation with explainer-format videos for optimal performance. They note that animation and explainer style can suit everything from product demos to TV commercials, and can suit a wide range of tones.

In addition, BluBlu Studios shares that animation instead of traditional live-action video is particularly helpful for educational videos – especially those that target younger viewers – and showcasing complex processes, as it makes it easier for viewers to comprehend and retain the information presented.

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So, What Is An Explainer Video?

As you may have already guessed, explainer videos (often simply called explainers) are a visual marketing tool that describes and demonstrates how a product or service works in a short, comprehensive form.

“Explainers can cover a wide range of topics, including medical, cultural, scientific or even political issues,” says Jacob Kurek, CEO & Executive Producer at BluBlu Studios. “When using an explainer video, you can present the history and the idea behind the company, the prospects for the future and – most of all – you can build a stronger relationship with the customers.”

In fact, most customers want to know all about a product before they actually purchase it – it’s a piece of the “buyer’s journey” and companies are an integral part of that journey.

By using explainer videos, brands can show, explain and convince customers in a beautiful, colorful and unique way to use their product.

How Much Will My Video Cost To Make?

Animation Videos

Unfortunately, nailing down the cost of an animation video itself is tricky because it all depends on the complexity of the video, style, length, and type of the video. Is it a commercial? An animated short or even short series?

There are ways to get a quick estimation, though. For example, you can visit cost calculator websites to estimate the production cost of many different types of animations. Regardless, this is just an estimation. Prices may vary, depending on which animation studio you ask.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos typically cost between $5,000 and $20,000.

However, as we mentioned above, the final cost depends on a number of factors. Budgets are usually estimated after the initial call with the client when the style, lengths and complexity of the video are determined and agreed upon.


Usually, animated commercials cost more than explainers.

Commercials are most often made for broadcasting and other traditional mass-media, which raise the costs significantly. Meanwhile, explainers are mostly used in social media and websites or can be used for internal communication inside the company.

What Are The Best Styles For Your Explainer Video In 2022?

Check out a few examples gathered by BluBlu Studios and subscribe their YouTube channel to get regular inspiration!

How Long Does It Take To Create A Marketing Video?

According to BluBlu Studios, typical animated videos take 6 to 9 weeks to finish – and during that process, communication between the studio and the client is crucial.

If the client provides the studio with quick and extensive feedback and the studio is ready to implement the amendments in a short time, then the production goes smoothly and without any obstacles. Therefore, staying in constant contact during the production process makes things easier for both sides and speeds up production time.

Video Marketing Strategy Best Practices To Follow In 2022

Creating a video marketing strategy can be a daunting task. With so many brands competing in the marketing – and the growing importance video has on revenue – you might feel major pressure to get it right the first time. Lucky for you, there are a few tips that can help you craft a successful video marketing strategy right out of the gate.

First of all – think it through. A video marketing strategy is not only a creative idea but also a planned set of actions. “Which social media channels will you use? What’s your target audience? How much can you spend on your campaign? What’s your goal? These are some of the key questions you should ask yourself before starting production on a video.” says Jarek Nowak, Creative Managing Partner & Lead Producer at BluBlu Studios.

Second, if you’re a small company, start small! For instance, a short 60-90 seconds explainer video will do just fine for your first attempt, and you can then supplement the information through animated GIFs or short dedicated ads.

Finally – and most importantly – choose a video production studio that you have confidence in. Check their references and reviews from other clients to understand what it is like to work with them and what skills they have to offer because you’ll want a set of experts who can take the lead.

Although you might have strong opinions on what your video should look like, if you choose a top video production company, you’ll gain access to professions with knowledge and expertise in media production. They’ll be able to advise you in high-level ways that will ensure success.

3 Examples Of Successful Animated Marketing Videos In Action


This animation from BluBlu Studios was used unique animation to showcase the brand’s technology and service.


“As you look at this animation, you’ll see how beautifully crafted the animation is and how we managed to place few video game references since this animation is about that industry,” says Monica Kurek, Creative Director at BluBlu Studios. “We love it when we can combine the style with the essence of the animation together to make something that really stands out.”


Besides higher conversion and increased web traffic, one of the indications of success are the awards. BluBlu Studios received a GlobalTrend Video Award for this video for the animal rights group Viva!

Video Marketing Trends To Watch Out For

In 2022, two big video marketing trends that we can see are that:

  1. Explainer videos are becoming more and more popular, and
  2. Video clips are getting shorter.

Of course, that comes as no surprise. Social media limits – and even lowers! – viewers’ attention spans, so brands are forced to condense their message in order to compete.

Another trend that’s gaining speed? Augmented reality and virtual reality.

“We are very excited for what’s coming in the field of VR/AR marketing, interactive videos and other new types of visual media,” says Jed Skrzypczyk, Creative Partner & Producer at BluBlu Studios. “But we expect the traditional form of video marketing to stay intact for the next couple of years.”

How To Choose The Best Animation Studio To Produce A Creative Explainer Video

When done properly, an animated explainer video can be a great marketing tool. However, in order to ensure success, it’s important to find the right video production company, like BluBlu Studios, that is eager to learn about you as a client, your business-field and your audience.

It’s a good idea to check their portfolios, see what styles might work best for your needs, ask a few studios for quotes, and see which agency will be the best fit for you.

In addition, many studios don’t just produce premium-quality animations – they also offer video marketing strategy consulting and all things related. In fact, the best studios will help you design content for social media, walk you through each production process and advise how to plan your marketing campaign.

All in all, it’s important to remember that animated explainer videos are for everyone – small startups or big companies, media conglomerates and pharmacies. If you want to share your message to the world, animation studios will find a way to do it.

And luckily, there are a few tips that can help you choose the best studio to create an animated explainer video for you: 

  1. Check out their portfolio.
    You can often have a look at a showreel presenting a summary of the styles they feel good in, like the example above.

  2. Get to know them.
    Have a short conference call to understand their attitude and learn if they care about your project.

  3. Don’t rush the process.
    As we mentioned above, the more time you have to create the animation, the better. Plan ahead and don’t agree on tight deadlines – those usually translate to more compromises and more issues.

  4. Check out their rankings, ratings and reviews.
    There are ranking sites, like, that list top-rated video production companies and collect client reviews. You can explore DesignRush’s collection of the best video marketing agencies here.

  5. Understand their experience.
    It’s always good to work with someone who knows the topic you need to present (although the best video production firms usually spend a lot of time researching the client’s field of business). Nonetheless, it’s always a great idea to check out a studio’s client list to see who they have worked with and what industries they are familiar with.

If you need help visualizing your story or telling your client’s mission, set up a video call with Creative Partner at BluBlu Studios. They have helped 100’s of brands and agencies cut through the crowd with award-winning animated videos. Their client list includes IKEA, Forbes, Panasonic, Mentos, Chupa Chups, MultiSport, Mitsubishi, TEDx, Macmillan Publishers, Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press, Sensei, Microsoft, Dell, L'Occitane, Project 202/Cibo.

In just one phone call, BluBlu Studios can help you: 

  1. Identify the problem that needs solving. 
  2. Define the best type of video for your business. 
  3. Learn about their process and pricing. 

Phone/Whatsapp: +48 609297231
Jarek Nowak, Creative Managing Partner & Lead Producer

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