The Best Marketing Schools in the US To Hire From in 2023

The Best Marketing Schools in the US To Hire From in 2023
Article by Bisera StankovskaBisera Stankovska
Last Updated: January 21, 2023

In 2020, global digital ad spending reached $332 billion.

Remarkably, as many as 69% of marketers from 100 countries have said that their team doesn’t have a dedicated marketing project manager. Also, 40% of them plan their marketing campaigns either rarely or only sometimes.

These stats show that despite the growing marketing spend, a lot of businesses still do not have professionals dedicated to marketing strategies in their teams. 

In this article, we will underline some of the biggest advantages of hiring a marketer with a degree before moving on to the list of best marketing schools in the USA. Experts from the best digital marketing companies and top advertising agencies in our directory may have likely come from these schools.

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Why Hire A Digital Marketing Expert Directly From University?

Research skills, discipline and teamwork are just some of the benefits digital marketing (under)graduates bring to the table.

Here are the top reasons why you should hire a marketing specialist directly from a university:

1. Graduated Digital Marketing Experts Provide Immediate or Quick Payoff

Graduates from the best marketing schools come into the workforce pre-trained.

From theory taught by the top market research agencies and industry professionals to practical knowledge acquired in workshops and competitive internship programs, graduates are likely to start contributing quickly after onboarding.

2. They Bring In A Different Perspective

As they come from diverse curriculums, the marketing degree holders can combine and cross-pollinate knowledge into unique and innovative solutions.

Additionally, they are trained to remain on top of the fast-changing trends and to learn continuously.

3. Graduates Of The Best Marketing Schools Are Highly Trained Researchers

Research and analytical skills are becoming invaluable in the field of digital marketing.

The graduates from the best marketing schools in the US are highly trained in qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as analytical and critical thinking allowing them to interpret data and make informed decisions.

4. They Are Trained For Teamwork

Most university curricula involve group projects designed to promote teamwork.

University trained digital marketing experts will know how to assess each members’ strengths and how to collaborate synergistically towards common goals.

5. Graduates Of The Top Marketing Academies Will Settle For Lower Starting Salary In Exchange For Experience

Graduates in any field do not expect a huge starting wage and are willing to make most of the opportunities for gaining experience and learning.

Companies can save expenses this way and utilize their graduate hire’s willingness to learn and improve.

10+ Best Marketing Schools In the US (Non-Ivy League)

These are the best marketing schools of 2023 that produce top-notch talent:

Best marketing schools: Bentley University
[Source: Bentley University]

1. Bentley University

Through the Center for Marketing Technology, students at Bentley University work directly with the marketing departments of some of the well-known brands such as Apple and Converse.

They have a practice of supporting marketing research and strategic planning for some of the world’s leading organizations as well.

Some of the basics that are taught in the universities’ classrooms include:

  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Market research
  • Analytics
  • Social media strategy
  • Product development

By working alongside universities’ corporate partners, the students at this university get resume-building experience.

Best marketing schools: University of Pennsylvania
[Source: University of Pennsylvania]

2. University of Pennsylvania

Penn University’s students pursuing a degree in Marketing and Communication also get training in business-related fields such as management and finance.

Here they learn the communication process and the constructive methods of conveying information.

Students can choose two from the following:

  • Critical Approaches to Popular Culture
  • Introduction to Communication Behavior
  • Media Industries and Society

In addition, some of the fundamental courses they can attend are:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Influence
  • Business Communication for Impact
  • Corporate Finance
  • Introduction to Management
Best marketing schools: Bryant University
[Source: Bryant University]

3. Bryant University

Bryant University offers an immersive marketing program that takes students on a journey through research, coursework, internships and more that prepare them for a successful, long-term career in marketing.

A cross-disciplinary advantage allows students to learn about marketing from a variety of perspectives including management, analytics, digital media and communications. The future of marketing is constantly evolving, but Bryant prepares students for this switch.

The marketing graduates at this top marketing college earn a median salary of $60,000 post-grad and work in a number of well-known companies including Amazon, The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, Time Inc., and many more.

Best marketing schools: Indiana University—Bloomington
[Source: Indiana University—Bloomington]

4. Indiana University—Bloomington

Indiana University’s Department of Marketing is ranked among the best programs in the USA. The knowledge, experience and connections it provides to its students give a good basis for getting employed by top companies.

The college’s research shapes the field of marketing and informs their teaching, develops creative and analytical skills that are the basis of a successful career. It also provides experience through consumer behavior research in the Customer Interface Virtual

Laboratory. Students can compete in international case study competitions as well.
The college’s Undergraduate Marketing Club, Global Sales Workshop, Consumer Marketing Academy and Business Marketing Academy help students connect with leading employers.

Best marketing schools: University of Wisconsin
[Source: University of Wisconsin]

5. University Of Wisconsin

Wisconsin School of Business Department of Marketing offers a BBA certificate, an MBA with three specializations and a Ph.D. program.

A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Analytics and Insights, the Center for Brand and Product Management and the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management are affiliated with the department.

College’s instructors, experienced practitioners and field innovators bring a diversity of knowledge that helps students develop skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis, problem-solving and communications.

This top marketing college offers you to explore a variety of career paths including:

  • Marketing analytics and insights
  • Digital and social media
  • Sales management
  • Advertising
  • Brand/product management
  • Supply chain management
Best marketing schools: Saint Joseph’s University
[Source: Saint Joseph’s University]

6. Saint Joseph’s University

The Saint Joseph’s University marketing program gives students the skills and experience to become knowledgeable in the latest promotional techniques, digital media options and consumer behavior trends.

With an emphasis on marketing theory through real-life insights via guest speakers, field trips, case studies and internships, students get a healthy mix of real situations and book knowledge.

They also get a lot of practice designing actual marketing plans, promotional campaigns and research projects. Saint Joseph’s University marketing majors also have the opportunity to interact with a diverse faculty composed of world-renowned scholars, industry experts and corporate executives.

Some of the majors and minors this university offers are:

  • Marketing
  • Entertainment Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • General Marketing
  • Music Industry
  • Communication
Best marketing schools: Siena College
[Source: Siena College]

7. Siena College

Saint’s curriculum lets students take a wide variety of courses based on their interests from product development to international marketing and communications.

Customized learning is provided in smaller and engaging classes. Professors insist on discussions, case studies and real-world projects to accompany lectures and computer simulations.

Siena College also allows internships with the following brands:

  • Nestle
  • IBM
  • Nielsen Company
  • KPMG
  • Merrill Lynch

In addition, this best marketing college also prepares students for graduate programs. So, they can choose from a variety of careers such as:

  • eCommerce
  • Sports marketing
  • International marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Advertising
  • Business marketing
  • And more
Best marketing schools: University of Florida
[Source: University of Florida]
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8. University Of Florida

University of Florida’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Marketing provides an overview of business’ functional areas with an emphasis on marketing.

Economics, mathematics, computing skills and accounting are some of the foundation courses that students take, as well as finance, management, marketing and operations management.

Some of the major courses that teach planning and execution of pricing, promotion, distribution of products and managing customer relationships are also included in the curriculum.

Best marketing schools: Arizona State University – Tempe
[Source: Arizona State University – Tempe]

9. Arizona State University – Tempe

Arizona State University’s W.P.Carey’s School of Business makes it possible for students to explore consumer behavior and organizational performance in marketing.

It prepares students to guide agencies in the right direction.

The university has marketing courses such as:

  • Advertising Management
  • Applied Marketing Management and Leadership
  • Brand Management
  • Competitive Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing in Practice
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • And more

Similarly to some other best marketing schools in the US, this college has online and campus studies available so students can customize their studying experience.

Furthermore, to diversify students’ marketing skills, the university offers undergraduate research, internships, targeted career programs and business clubs.

Best marketing schools: The Catholic University Of America
[Source: The Catholic University Of America]

10. The Catholic University Of America

The Catholic University of America teaches its students about marketing through a synergy of social teaching and liberal arts. Their B.S.B.A. marketing program includes internships with top business companies and opportunities to study abroad.

Catholic University Busch School of Business has seven different majors, including the Business Exploratory studies as a broad introduction to different fields, including marketing.

This university’s marketing academics foster creativity and problem-solving in its students while preparing them for a professional career.

The Busch School of Business even has a four-year career development program to help marketing graduates find an adequate position for them.

In regards to marketing education in this establishment, there is also Busch School of Business marketing program that emphasizes its:

  • Smaller courses oriented at discussion
  • Practical examples and experience in the corporate world

Specialization courses include Market Research, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy.

Best marketing schools: William Peace University
[Source: William Peace University]

11. William Peace University

William Peace University offers 27-degree options and their 13:1 student to faculty ratio offers personalized support to every student.

They have a 98% success rate where graduates land a job or are admitted to graduate school within 6-months of graduation.

Additionally, 100% of their undergraduates participate in an internship. The immersive learning approach of ‘learning by doing,’ provides students with the skills and experience to be successful after graduation.

Best marketing schools: Middle Tennessee State University
[Source: Middle Tennessee State University]

12. Middle Tennessee State University

MTSU’s Marketing program classes include hands-on learning through projects in association with campus departments and local businesses.

Several courses are part of the university’s Experiential Learning and MT Engage programs, which emphasize learning beyond the classroom.

Classroom instruction is complemented by professional development through IGNITE, a Jones College of Business program, that prepares students for the transition from college to their professional career.

This is one of the best marketing schools that encourages students to take internships as part of their program of study. They offer to gain marketing experience and many of them turn into full-time job opportunities after graduation.

MTSU’s Professional Selling Concentration is home to the Insurance Group of America (IGA) Office of Professional Sales.

This program produces successful sales professionals who are enthusiastic, relationship-oriented people that take initiative and enjoy exceeding expectations.

Paired with the required Dale Carnegie course, students here can learn the soft skills needed to be successful in any business endeavor.

Best marketing schools: Houston Community College
[Source: Houston Community College]

13. Houston Community College

Houston Community College offers an industry-focused Marketing program that provides its students with up-to-date courses for career readiness.

The concepts, principles and practical experience provided by the program strive to meet the ever-changing and growing needs of the industry.

Students interested in marketing can choose between two options: a certificate and degree.

Marketing-related courses include:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Human Relations
  • International Marketing Development
  • e-Commerce Marketing
  • Principles of Retailing
  • Marketing Research and Strategies
  • Consumer Behavior
  • And more

Five programs at this top marketing college have been awarded accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

These are Accounting, Business Administration, Business Technology, International Business and Marketing.

HCC is the only public associate degree-granting institution in Houston that is accredited by ACBSP.

The offered degrees and awards include:

  • General Marketing – AAS degree
  • Innovation & Enterprise Specialization – AAS degree
  • Enterprise Development – Level 1 certificate
  • Retailing – Level 1 certificate#
  • Social Enterprise – Level 1 certificate
  • Marketing – Level 1 certificate
Best marketing schools: American University
[Source: American University]

14. American University

The American University School of Communication is a top-notch program that gives its students ample opportunities to thrive in the field of marketing and communications.

This broad curriculum gives students access to a number of different mediums, platforms and strategies to build comprehensive digital marketing and communications campaigns that resonate in a digital world.

The communications studies major connects a wide range of marketing fields — from PR and advertising to digital media, journalism and public affairs. With it, students can enter into a number of robust and successful careers in the marketing industry.

[Source: New York University]
15. New York University

15. New York University

NYU Stern offers an undergraduate marketing degree that gives students access to limitless opportunities in the marketing field.

Its urban location puts students right at the heart of the marketing industry, facilitating effective and lasting immersive internship experiences to give them a taste of the communications world right from the start.

Knowledgeable faculty, comprehensive coursework and a commitment to its students make the marketing program at New York University really stand out from the competition.

Graduates of the school can continue their education with Stern’s immense graduate degrees, or they can enter the field with the prestige of Stern backing them.

Penn State University website
[Source: Penn State University]

16. Penn State University

The marketing program at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business offers students a chance to experience all the different facets of marketing — from branding and management to consulting, research, analytics, sports marketing and more.

The diverse coursework, as well as the number of different career options afforded to students with this degree, make Penn State one of the leading undergraduate marketing schools in the country.

Graduates at this best marketing college enter the marketing world ready to handle their own campaign from brainstorm right through launch. Prospective employers include Unilever, Johnson and Johnson, Google and more.

Rutgers University website
[Source: Rutgers University]

17. Rutgers University

The Rutgers Business School is a shining example of a community committed to the growth and success of young professionals, giving students access to a number of diverse courses, internships and post-graduate job opportunities.

Here students can learn:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Database marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Customer relationship marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Retail marketing
  • Research and consumer behavior

What makes this university one of the best undergraduate marketing schools in the country are its industry-connected professors who help students access exciting jobs primarily at global marketing agencies on Madison Avenue, startup companies and across industries in New York, Philadelphia and the tri-state area.

Santa Clara University website
[Source: Santa Clara University]

18. Santa Clara University

The Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University puts students on the path to marketing success.

And the number of different marketing-specific concentrations really allows students to choose their own fate, deciding between business and tech, consumer and channel marketing or their own customized program.

The vast alumni network, as well as the talented and well-connected faculty, make it easy for graduates to enter into a prosperous career. Some notable companies hiring from Santa Clara University include the New York Times, Western Digital and more.

Seattle University website
[Source: Seattle University]

19. Seattle University

Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics takes marketing seriously. It doesn’t just give students formal education to prepare them but gives them practical knowledge and skills to succeed in the professional world as a marketer.

Here, the marketing majors get access to integral marketing courses, but they also receive a solid foundation in business so students can understand all sides of the marketing field, creating better brand experiences as a result.

Texas A&M University website
[Source: Texas A&M University]

20. Texas A&M University

For students looking for an immersive, well-rounded and challenging marketing program, the Texas A&M Mays Business School is the best option.

Part business, part marketing and part advertising and sales, marketing majors are equipped with the skills, experience and connections to make a splash in the marketing world.

But what really makes this school stand out are the number of groups, networks and clubs that students can get involved with to prepare them for their marketing future.

Some of these organizations include The Advertising Club, the American Marketing Association, the Public Relations Student Society of America and more.

Texas Christian University website
[Source: Texas Christian University]

21. Texas Christian University

The Texas Christian University Neeley School of Business marketing program is a robust curriculum that pushes students to think outside of the box.

Because of the breadth of topics, marketing majors at TCU can immerse themselves in, students get exposure to different facets of the industry. They can go down different paths like sports marketing, consultative selling and analytics.

Similarly, the program offers students a number of engaging experiences like internships and other professional development opportunities.

The University of Illinois at Chicago website
[Source: The University of Illinois at Chicago]

22. The University Of Illinois At Chicago

The UIC Business marketing program gives students a taste of the marketing world before they ever step outside the school’s doors.

Its city setting puts students right in the heart of all of the actions. Students get a formal education in the classroom and are able to put that knowledge to use at the many marketing firms around the city.

They get immersed in a research-based curriculum that exposes them to a number of concentrations. But each student’s ability to choose their own concentration really rounds off this program as a personalized degree tailored to each and every student.

Tulane University website
[Source: Tulane University]

23. Tulane University

The Tulane University Freeman School of Business opens doors for students looking to start a career in marketing.

Its core marketing courses prepare them for the technical aspects of the industry while student organizations give them more immersive, hands-on experiences.

Similarly, Tulane University pushes its students to try new strategies and seek out new experiences.

As a result, students are afforded a number of study abroad and internship opportunities to apply their marketing skills in a global market.

When students graduate, they aren’t alone. The extensive alumni network of undergraduate marketing schools like this one ensure that graduates always have a place to call home.

University of Iowa website
[Source: University of Iowa]
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24. University Of Iowa

The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business is dedicated to marketing. In addition to its undergraduate degree, it also offers an MBA and a Ph.D. in marketing.

But they truly invest in these programs starting with their undergraduate offering.

Student organizations like the American Marketing Association help students interact with one another and learn the ins and outs of the marketing industry.

The Marketing Institute allows students to work on real marketing projects for actual, real-world clients and coursework establishes the foundation that drives marketing success post-graduation.

University of Kansas website
[Source: University of Kansas]

25. University Of Kansas

The University of Kansas School of Business molds successful marketing professionals.
This fast-paced, hands-on coursework helps students achieve the flexibility, creativity and skills they need to succeed in the marketing world.

The average median salary of students graduating with a marketing degree at this top marketing college comes to $45,000. And 68% of students graduate with a job to go to post-grad.

This hybrid business and marketing degree prepares students with everything they need to enter the marketing industry with confidence.

University of Maryland website
[Source: University of Maryland]

26. University Of Maryland

The University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. programs in the marketing field.

For its undergraduate offering, the school combines cutting-edge research with traditional education and classroom activities to really build a class of successful marketers.

It pushes students to get involved and open themselves to innovative opportunities. It’s a competitive program that molds creative, experienced and progressive individuals built for some of the most competitive marketing teams in the world.

University of Michigan website
[Source: University of Michigan]

27. University Of Michigan

The University of Michigan—Ann Arbor is located just outside of Detroit, making it the best choice for students looking to get a taste of the urban environment while still living on campus.

The Michigan Ross Marketing program combines cutting-edge research with emerging technologies and shifting trends to give students a modern and innovative education.
Seminars, student organizations, internships and more are all available to students at this to marketing college.

These opportunities give students the skills they need as well as the experience that will mold their professional marketing selves.

University of Oklahoma website
[Source: University of Oklahoma]

28. University Of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma Michael F. Price College of Business focuses on real-world education and experiences.

The Division of Marketing and Supply Chain Management is a great option for students looking to build up a portfolio in the field of marketing before they ever leave campus.

Here marketing students get a dual education in marketing and business management to give insights into how to work with clients and build brand experiences that drive sales.

Extensive research opportunities, experienced faculty and a state-of-the-art teaching facility prepare students for a robust future.

University of San Diego website
[Source: University of San Diego]

29. University Of San Diego

The University of San Diego School of Business gives marketing students everything they need to start their careers on the right foot.

Students learn the ins and outs of marketing, from research and strategy to branding, implementation and digital experiences.

USD immerses students into the industry, providing them with real-world experience in and out of the classroom.

There are also a number of marketing tracks for students to choose from to get a comprehensive and robust education. These tracks include analytics, sales, product management, advertising and digital marketing.

 University of Southern California website
[Source: University of Southern California]

30. University Of Southern California

The Marketing Department at the USC Marshall School of Business is one of the leading undergraduate marketing schools for marketing and business in the country.

Students attend classes, seminars, clubs and more that shed new insights into their own skills and the necessary skills of a successful marketer.

They also get hands-on experience in the marketing field, working with innovative companies and working on cutting-edge projects.

There is always a new opportunity to take advantage of both on and off-campus. And these experiences give graduates a unique perspective that sets them apart from the competition.

University of Texas at Austin website
[Source: University of Texas at Austin]

31. University Of Texas At Austin

The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas is one of the top-ranking marketing programs in the country — and for good reason.

Marketing is a fast-paced and energetic career that requires students to be flexible and creative. Therefore, there’s a huge emphasis on these skills and qualities throughout the education process.

Similarly, the hands-on courses and opportunities provided by the school give students an inside look into what the industry is all about to better prepare them for the projects ahead.

This isn’t a program that emphasizes book smarts but encourages students to get out there and put this knowledge to use through internships and study abroad programs.

Wake Forest University website
[Source: Wake Forest University

32. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is one of the most competitive, selective and successful undergraduate marketing schools with a comprehensive program that prepares students for a successful career in marketing communications.

These programs capitalize on the growing world of digital media, giving students experience in digital communication mediums like social media, video and more.

This ensures that when they enter the field, they have an upper hand with experience with digital media unlike that of their competitors.

Washington University in St. Louis website
[Source: Washington University in St. Louis]

33. Washington University In St. Louis

The Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis is an esteemed program that has birthed a number of successful digital marketers over the years.

Students can enter into a number of immersive programs, but one of the biggest draws of the program is the fact that the school requires students to take 40% of their classes outside of the business school.

This encourages them to gain other knowledge and experience that can help boost their business and marketing careers, infusing liberal arts knowledge and skills into the mix for maximum success.

A future student applying to study at a university
40% of marketers plan their campaigns either rarely or only sometimes

5 Benefits Of Working With Experts Trained At the Best Marketing Schools In The US

Experts trained at the best marketing schools in the US will help you make the most of your marketing efforts. They will improve your:

1. Customer Engagement

Quality marketing keeps the conversation between a business and its customers alive and going.

Customers are more demanding of informational content such as product information, direct feedback from the brand and interactivity on social media.

Experts trained at the best marketing schools in the US understand user psychology and how to leverage it to increase engagement through various channels.

2. Brand Reputation

Marketing activities are aimed towards building a company’s brand equity. Business reputation depends on meeting the customers’ expectations, meaning that marketing must advertise the business correctly and responsibly.

The best marketing graduates know how to use channels such as PR, advertising, branding and social media to build and maintain brand and business reputation.

In addition, developing content that solves customers’ issues and answers their questions on a regular basis also influences your brand’s reputation and turns leads into long-term clients.

3. Customers Relationships

Good marketing builds a relationship of trust and understanding with customers through thorough research of demographics and consumer behavior.

By creating loyal customers, marketing helps with building their confidence to buy more products or services from your company.

By addressing different segments of their audience separately, a business can set the right tone for successful marketing communication with each segment.

4. Information And Communication Flow

One of the most important aims of marketing is to inform your customers about products and services.

Marketing is the most effective method for educating prospects about the values of products, their use and benefits and anything that may be helpful to them. It can create brand awareness and make the business stand out.

It is a means that gives your business an edge over competitors and informs customers of any points of interest that may be relevant to them.

5. Sales

Marketing uses various methods to promote your products or services. Once a product has been advertised it has more chances of selling.

Experts trained at some of the best marketing schools in the country know how to build omnichannel marketing strategies to optimize the sales pipeline and acquire new customers, as well as build customer loyalty for a stable influx of revenue.

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Takeaways On The Best Marketing Schools In The US

The above undergraduate marketing schools offer unique experiences to their students, giving them the tools they need to start a successful career in marketing.

From higher-than-average salaries to extensive internship opportunities and co-op experiences, these top marketing colleges and universities are the institutions behind the future of digital communications.

Working with experts that come from these institutions, you can improve your:

  • Customer engagement
  • Brand reputation
  • Customers relationships
  • Information and communication flow
  • Sales
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