11 Best Technology Branding Examples That Define Innovation

11 Best Technology Branding Examples That Define Innovation
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Last Updated: April 22, 2022

Every great tech organization needs its branding to be as robust as its engineering.

Technology branding isn’t just the public persona of a company, it also demonstrates the power, innovation, and reliability of its products and/or services. And let’s be honest – most of us picked up a few shiny tech gadgets to play with as a direct result of specialized branding agencies' efforts.

These are the best technology branding examples that morph sci-fi wonders into reality:

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1. Kaos Engineering by Workshop Built

[Source: Kaos Engineering]

Standout features:

  • Neon color scheme
  • Lightning-inspired logo
  • Contrasting elements

Kaos Engineering is a leading enterprise in the research and development of electric mobility that has been designing, manufacturing, and innovating new technologies for over three decades.

To help them continue this tradition and develop an equally “electric” identity, the company hired Workshop Built agency, also innovators in their own field.

The new logotype is derived from Kaos Engineering's own "K" which takes the form of a lightning bolt that resonates visually with the name, as well as the enterprise’s main mission. The diagonal and cutting lines suggest the shape of lightning bolts in their most literal form, creating a system that conveys movement in perfect synchronicity.

The visual system plays with the idea of showing and hiding elements, like a flash (not the DC’s character, mind you, but equally agile).

The neon yellow color, mixed with the sharp symbol and the bold typeface makes the identity drift to modernity, futurism, and technology.

2. Staples Connect by Ora

[Source: Staples Connect]

Standout features:

  • Simple, bold color palette
  • Exciting tagline
  • Circle as the unifying element

The home automation (IoT) market has evolved into a series of closed systems, where each brand has its own proprietary “language.” In this climate, customers have to pick and choose the optimal option for them – a package that may have one or two products they like but is not the best one for every application they require.

Enter Staples Connect! It aims to bridge this gap by acting as a mediator between different products, enabling people to custom-build their own, unique network of connected devices.

Staples “synced up” with Ora to create a robust brand for their network-expanding devices.

It was designed to capture the sense of excitement that the target audience feels about the seemingly endless potential of home automation. The tagline “Connected home. Made easy.” embodies Staples’ value proposition perfectly. A bright, simple, and bold color scheme stands out on crowded store shelves and generally, oversaturated market. The energy ring provides a strong unifying element across the brand while a suite of icons helps clarify the function of each product. It unifies the traditional meaning of the circle (totality, wholeness, perfection, infinity) with the contemporary nature of the product (endless potential and interconnectivity).

3. Electromax by Mantra

[Source: Electromax]

Standout features:

  • "Glowing” colors
  • Abstract iconography
  • Fluid, yet tech-inspired typeface

Electromax is a technology integrator company with 5 areas of specialization focused on providing custom-tailored B2B and B2C solutions in Mexico.

For their rebranding, Mantra created an expansive, ultra-modern personality that seamlessly integrates the core attributes of the brand. The branding company drew inspiration from Electromax’s avant-garde technology and expansion capacity. The result? A striking, abstract iconography that when combined with a range of digital and vibrant colors makes each element (and the brand as a whole) glow.

The selected fonts and their thickness change depending on the elements. This approach gives it a condensed, friendly, and fluid trait that showcases the merger of technological and humanistic characteristics.

4. VESTICO by Bureau FM

[Source: VESTICO]

Standout features:

  • Dynamic triangle
  • 3D aspect
  • Multi-layered meaning

Speaking of abstract... VESTICO started with just a name and an idea. This group of visionaries develops interactive apps for the virtual representation of real estate projects. Just from this short bio, you can see the vast playground Bureau FM had in its scope when building the VESTICO brand.

The agency banked all its efforts on emphasizing the brand’s unconventional approach and technical prowess to showcase the spirit of discovery.

Visually, these qualities are embodied in the ever-changing figurative mark, three equilateral triangles, that due to their arrangement, create a partially spatial effect and are constantly rearranged in a special grid.

The dynamism of this generative design is ideal for translating the essence of the company. The triangle that is traditionally associated with qualities such as dynamism, excitement, and something mysterious evolves into something new while retaining said attributes. It comes across as aggressive in a way, which mirrors the disruptive character of new technologies and the nature of digitization in general. The triangle(s) moves in three dimensions because the company operates in the 3D space as well. The merger of colors (red, blue, and green) creates a deep purple that is, just like the renowned band, equally associated with a transcendent digital experience.

The most successful trick of the brand identity lies in its name: “VESTICO” became an acronym for Virtual Experience Systems, Three-dimensional, Interactive, Customized, and Online.

5. SiteOne by Studio Najbrt

[Source: SiteOne]

Standout features:

  • Symbolic
  • Simplistic and minimal
  • Monochromatic

After more than two decades of its existence, the Czech technology company SiteOne has decided to take a major step forward in its visual communication. Studio Najbrt was hired to meet this goal. They prepared a new modular system based on the distinctive number One, which is complemented by a simple morphology based on a square (that symbolizes the pixel, but also the coding, binary “01" language).

Both the logo and design elements that flow from it rely on the ruling minimalist trend, but they are also deeply rooted in the technology imagery.

From this, other brands of corporate products are derived, which achieve their own identity with a set of equally engaging iconography and dynamic elements.

The word “One” becomes the center of overall communication, offering a surprising number of combinations and messages to employ throughout — “All for One and One for all!” indeed.

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6. VYZR Technologies by Electric Consultants

[Source: VYZR]

Standout features:

  • Streamlined professional lingo into digestible bits
  • Innovative and unique
  • Consumer-focused

Remember the time when wearing a mask was mandatory? Although we’re mostly relieved of them, masks evolved into something more.

Canadian VYZR Technologies was founded in response to the absence of innovative and effective Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) available to the public in the face of a global pandemic. To help them spread the message (and stop the spread of the pathogen), Electric Consultants created the visual identity of the brand that would tell the story to the target audience but also present VYZR as innovative, high-tech, and at the same time customer-friendly. They also worked on the product’s packaging design.

The result? A phenomenal brand and packaging for the world’s coolest, consumer-grade Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) that filters the air and shields your personal space.

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7. astory by Studio VRLN

[Source: a story]

Standout features:

  • Play on words
  • Calming color palette
  • Unique typography

The Advantage Software Factory (ASF) company founded in Romania back in 2000 opted for a complete rebrand two decades in. While keeping its initial mission firmly in scope (offering complete enterprise collection platforms) and a promise of technology with genuine “human touch,” ASF was renamed to “astory,” a name that reflects more of what they believe in and how they see the technology world.

When coming up with the new denomination, the studio behind the rebranding, VRLN, contracted the “Advantage Software Factory” and abbreviated it into an acronym pronounced as two actual words (a story) that tell a distinctive and relatable tale.

The logo displays the structure and angularity of a custom-made typeface and the symbol of the digital world through the geometric form of a pentagon.

The design language follows the idea that the digital world can be reduced to one singular graphic element, the pixel (pentagon in this case). It was replicated to create an entire grid structure for the letters of the brand name. The resulting custom-made font is also heavily inspired by LED panel technology (and clocks) used at the precipice of the digital revolution.

8. Andis by BLVR

[Source: Andis]

Standout features:

  • Union of rich tradition and future
  • Abstract logomark
  • Unique typography

Since 1922, Andis has been a family-owned and operated company providing quality, innovative hairstyling tools and products for barbers, stylists, and groomers around the globe. The fourth generation of this century-old brand wanted to leave their own mark on the lasting legacy and modernize the Andis experience by standing for more. And that’s where BLVR comes to the stage!

The agency repositioned Andis as a lifestyle brand and put its brand belief: that creativity makes the world a better place, at the heart of it. The front and center of the brand’s new positioning and look is the empowered creator as Andis has been a passionate evangelist for the creatives and visionaries in the world since inception.

The Andis logo is constructed on a framework of connected triangles, representing said creators as well as the endless possibilities for creative expression. Together, they form the abstract “A” icon pointing upward — a visual call to create your own path. Paired with the icon is a custom wordmark built on the strong foundation of the logo. It was designed to embody power and bring a touch of modernity to the Andis name, but also pay homage to its 100-year legacy of manufacturing.

To complement the logo and wordmark, BLVR created an art direction that was expressive, artistic, and genuine. Starting from a primary color palette of black and white, a timeless and modern color scheme, it expands into an explosion of secondary colors, strategically used to bring energy and expression to the brand. Typography continued the ruling theme of expressionism with a custom typeface that honors the angular precision of Andis’s clippers and trimmers.

9. LifeEar by Cultivate Brands

[Source: LifeEar]

Standout features:

  • Modern packaging
  • Ideal tagline
  • Synesthesia-inspired design

LifeEar is a personal sound amplifier (designed by an audiologist) developed to help those struggling with minimal hearing loss, without the sky-high cost of a traditional hearing aid.

The ideators behind it recognized a need to develop a robust brand in light of a law change that allowed personal sound amplifiers to be sold over the counter. Cultivate Brands helped them in this mission by developing a brand strategy that focuses on all the ways the LifeEar device enhances the lives of its customers.

This included the tagline “Amplify your life,” and a fresh, colorful, and modern visual identity aimed at middle-aged demographics not yet ready for hearing aids. The packaging design mimics similar in-nature tech wearables. It includes an easy-to-use manual and focuses on the entire unboxing experience.

10. Kadiko by Brandon

[Source: Kadiko]

Standout features:

  • History and technology into one
  • “Bridging” data visualization
  • Tech industry color scheme

Kadiko is a software integration hub with multiple tools to help make data from various resources more accessible and (understandable) for all of its users. An integration platform as a service (IPaaS) enables the subscribers to implement integration projects involving any combination of cloud-resident and on-premises endpoints such as APIs, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

When crafting Kadiko’s brand, Brandon started from the... well, its name. It is derived from the Greek Arkadiko bridge, considered one of the oldest bridges built by humanity and still in use. It is believed to be older than the legendary city of Troy.

The graphic layout is inspired by the concepts of dynamism and connection which are used to create an homage to the Arkadiko bridge in the logo. A shade of blue tops the diverse color palette to offer more flexibility for a visual identity that appeals to B2B users and brings solutions for organizations of all sizes and types.

11. MEDSIMLAB by Rui Verissimo Design

[Source: Medsimlab]

Standout features:

  • Vitruvian man analogy
  • Clear/clean typography
  • Innovative

MEDSIMLAB is a forward-thinking company fully dedicated to high-fidelity medical simulation and innovative Meditech.

Bearing in mind their rather unique concept, Rui Verissimo Design developed the brand using graphics in the form of amorphous shapes that resemble cells, which form the human figure making a clear analogy to the famous “Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo da Vinci.

Besides the classical ideal of balance, harmony, and perfection in the proportions of the human body, it’s the connection with the artist, innovator, and Renaissance genius himself that is prevalent in the brand’s DNA.

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