What Differentiates Public Relations Firms In Florida From Other US-Based Competitors?

Just like any other similar company in Massachusetts, Texas and New York, public relations firms in Florida help brands establish a strong online presence and accelerate growth.

However, there are a few key characteristics that separate them from all other:

Bilingual Talent

There are 3,94 million Spanish speakers in Florida.(Statistical Atlas)

In fact, the Sunshine State ranks fifth on the list of states with the highest number of total Spanish households in the US.

Other spoken languages besides Spanish are:

  • Italian (393,505 speakers)
  • French (104,473 speakers)

It means that the local public relations companies employ bilingual talent.

Operating in a highly diverse environment and having a deep understanding of the multicultural markets, they are uniquely positioned to help businesses reach their local and global audiences.

Public relations firms in Florida: the languages spoken in the US and Florida
[Source: Statistical Atlas]

Attracts Highly Skilled Talent

New York is 115.4% more expensive than Florida. (BestPlaces)

Florida has a more affordable cost of living than many other popular outsourcing destinations like New York.

The cheaper way of living, the pleasant climate and the world-famous beaches entice some of the finest PR experts in the nation.

This gives businesses access to a highly-skilled talent pool and more affordable cost of services.

In addition, these factors also make great conditions for doing business. This is why Florida is home to many corporate headquarters like FedEx and Amazon.

Partnering with brands like these, the local PR specialists are bound to:

  • Offer high-quality services
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Use premium tools and tech

This lets them deliver internationally competitive services.

Cost of living: New York vs. Florida

Industry Expertise

Public relations specialists operating in Florida and the surrounding areas have naturally accumulated experience in the locally dominant industries.

So, unlike some other US-based peers they have unique insights into:

  • The local audience
  • Market trends, challenges and opportunities

The major industries that drive Florida’s economy are:

  • International Trade
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Finance
  • Media and Telecommunications

So, public relations firms in Florida are uniquely positioned to deliver successful projects particularly for clients in these sectors.

What Services Can You Outsource To A Florida Public Relations Agency?

Public relations companies in Florida help businesses communicate with their clients and the general public properly and effectively.

They provide various services to allow them to establish, cultivate and maintain a positive public perception.

These services may include:

How Much Do Public Relations Firms In Florida Charge For Their Services?

The most common pricing plan among the best public relations firms in Florida is the fee per hour.

It can go as low as $20 and as high as $180, depending on various factors like:

  • Company stature
  • Company size
  • Project requirements
  • Project complexity

A flat fee is another option. In this case, the client will pay for specific services like:

  • Social media marketing ($900 to $1600/month)
  • Content marketing ($5,000-$50,000+/month)

Another possible option is a result-based fee in which case your partners should deliver specific results for you to issue the payment.

Public relations firms in Florida: the cost of PR services in Florida

Why Hire A Public Relations Agency In Florida?

One of the key reasons why many businesses outsource PR in Florida is the affordable rates they offer.

However, this doesn’t come as a result of lower quality of services, but of the lower cost of living that allows local PR specialists to provide nationally competitive prices.

Local companies also employ bilingual talent that understands the multicultural markets well. This allows them to help you reach both your local and global audiences successfully.

In addition, living and operating in the area, Florida public relations companies have a deep understanding of the major industries. So, they have the experience and the insights to help your brand achieve growth.

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How To Choose The Best Florida Public Relations Firm For Your Business

Here are the key factors that you should consider when searching for the best PR agency in Florida:

  • Past work: Look into the portfolios of these companies to understand what type of projects they undertake and who their clients are. Their past work will give you an insight into their industry expertise, their creativity and the ability to deliver quality work.
  • Client feedback: Go through their client reviews to learn a word or two about their reliability and credibility. Their client feedback will also provide you with valuable info on their flexibility and transparency when it comes to planning and pricing projects.
  • Team size: Consider your preferences and think whether you would rather partner with a large firm or a small agency. The former ones are often a top choice for businesses that go for global reach and a huge relationship network. The latter ones, on the other hand, are a more desired pick for organizations that seek more closely-knit teams and local expertise.
  • Core area(s) of expertise: Ask what the potential public relations firms in Florida specialize in. PR is a broad topic that incorporates many different strategies, tactics and tasks. Depending on your business needs, you should partner with an agency that has the relevant experience and expertise in delivering the kind of results you need.
  • Cost of services: Find out how these companies price their projects. Whether it is a result-based fee, an hourly fee or a flat fee, make sure you get an estimated price for their services. This will help you understand which of them can fit your budget.

10 Questions To Ask Public Relations Agencies In Florida Before Hiring One

These are the key questions you should ask when considering PR in Florida:

  1. What services do you specialize in?
  2. What is your experience in my industry or similar ones?
  3. What is your experience in influencer marketing?
  4. How will you take care of our outbound communication?
  5. What steps will you take to personalize the campaigns you will create?
  6. How are we going to be involved?
  7. Who will work on our project? What is your expertise and experience in PR?
  8. What metrics will you track to measure the results of your strategies?
  9. Will you send us analytical reports and how often?
  10. How do you price your services and how much will the project cost us?
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Takeaways On Public Relations Firms In Florida

Public relations firms in Florida are the best option for businesses who need PR services because they:

  • Offer high-end services
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Use premium tools and tech
  • Employ bilingual talent
  • Have the relevant industry expertise

They commonly charge per hour and prices range between $20 and $180.

To choose the best company for your brand consider the following factors:

  • Past work
  • Client feedback
  • Team size
  • Core area(s) of expertise
  • Cost of service

Best of luck!

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