What Makes Austin Web Development Companies Unique

Austin web development companies stand out from their US colleagues thanks to these attributes:

1. Austin Is The Nation’s Hottest Tech Hub In 2021

According to a recent survey by Blind, an online network that carries out anonymous surveys on the tech industry, Austin boasts the most flourishing tech community in the country.

92% of tech workers in Austin said that the city fosters “an environment of helping technology careers and companies to thrive”. As such, the capital of Texas outranks San Francisco and Seattle, where 85% of tech workers feel the same.

These new findings support the accelerating growth in the tech sector Austin has experienced in the past few years.

Austin web development: US cities with thriving tech communities – Blind survey
[Source: Blind]

The city has been the main destination for tech professionals and heavyweight brands leaving the Bay Area during the COVID pandemic, as reported by Bloomberg.

Not only have Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google expanded their presence in Austin but database software giant Oracle is also moving its headquarters to the city, after being headquartered for more than forty years in Silicon Valley.

Austin’s tech scene is moving full steam ahead and boasts an impressive talent pool in technology industries. Based on CompTIA’s latest Cyberstates report, in 2020, the city employed:

  • 29,138 web and software developers, programmers and QA testers
  • 10,403 cybersecurity analysts and systems engineers
  • 10,192 network administrators, architects and support
  • 9,425 IT support specialists

These numbers indicate that web development in Austin is a highly developed sector which makes the city an excellent choice to outsource your upcoming project.

2. Austin Attracts High-End Talent From Across The Nation

One of the major reasons for this talent relocation trend is the city’s affordability. Living in Austin is 98% more affordable than living in San Francisco.

Moreover, while other places like California have huge individual tax rates that reach up to 13.30%, the capital of Texas is exempt from paying the income tax.

This means that Austin’s residents benefit from better living, housing and tax conditions which allows them to relieve rental stress and save more money each month.

Additionally, the city’s job market has increased by 3.5% over the past year and future job growth is expected to be 47% in the next ten years, which is higher than the national average of 33.5%.

This is why the capital of Texas attracts both young and seasoned talent from all over the country, resulting in a workforce equipped to perform to the highest standards.

The same conditions outlined above are also the reasons why Austin has such a business-friendly environment. In fact, it ranks as the eighth-best large city to start a business in 2021, according to WalletHub.

As such, the capital of Texas is home to several Fortune 1000 companies, including:

  • Oracle
  • Hormel Foods
  • Resideo Technologies
  • Digital Realty Trust

3. Austin Is Home To Some Of Today’s Most Prolific Global Industries

Austin is home to companies belonging to a number of fast-growing global industries, including:

  • Clean technology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Life sciences
  • Creative and digital media technology
  • Space technology
  • Data management
  • Finance and insurance
  • Corporate HQs and regional offices

Living and operating in the area, web developers in Austin have developed in-depth knowledge of these local sectors. They are likely to have gathered insights into the local market, major trends, opportunities as well as challenges.

So, if your business falls within one of these industries, the specialization of these local companies may better suit your requirements and needs compared to their counterparts in other parts of the US.

Austin’s skyline over review and bridges
Austin is the hero of tech hubs in 2021

What Do Web Developers In Austin Specialize In?

Website developers in Austin specialize in developing attractive and fully functional digital platforms, from websites of every type over eCommerce stores to mobile applications and custom software.

Their typical package of services looks like this:

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What Are The Different Types of Web Development Companies In Austin, Texas?

As previously stated, Austin boasts a high concentration of IT talent. As such, web development in Austin, Texas is an advanced field within which many specialized companies have emerged to supply the diverse market needs.

Austin web development firms can be grouped into a few different categories, based on:

  • The services they provide: Some companies choose to focus entirely on web development services while others have widened their area of expertise to include services such as search engine optimization, content marketing, copywriting, branding and more.
  • The platforms they use: Local developers are trained in various tech stacks and programming languages and can build websites, online shops and mobile apps using an array of platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Ruby on Rails and more.
  • The industries they serve: Some local firms have dedicated their expertise to one or a few verticals such as clean tech, life sciences, finance, advanced manufacturing and more. These specialists can develop high-performance digital platforms for clients operating in these sectors.

How Much Does Web Development In Austin, TX cost?

Austin web development companies typically offer two billing models:

  • Per hour
  • Per project

The fee per hour allows developers to dedicate daily time blocks to work on your project. Web developers in Austin charge between $150 and $199 per hour.

When it comes to project-based pricing, most web developers in Austin undertake projects valued between $10,000 and $50,000.

However, the final cost of your project will exclusively depend on your business needs and the scope of work.

This is why you should draft your goals and budget beforehand and take into account the multiple costs within a web development project, including but not limited to:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Testing and QA
  • Maintenance and support

Why Should You Hire A Website Developer In Austin?

Here are three major reasons why you should consider partnering with a web developer in Austin, Texas:

1. Gain Access To Their High-Grade Talent

Austin is the top thriving tech hub in the US and the 11th in the entire world.

The capital of Texas attracts and retains a high degree of talent who is sure to offer internationally competitive services and ingenious output across all sectors, especially in the web development industry.

Austin web development companies: global tech innovation hubs – KPMG’s rankings
[Source: KPMG]

2. Leverage Their Competitive Drive

Based on CBRE’s 2022 Scoring Tech Talent report, Austin has the sixth most competitive tech labor market, being more competitive than San Diego, Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

Austin web development companies operate in a cut-throat environment that drives them to stay on top of industry trends and use the latest technologies in order to deliver high-value services and innovative products.

web developer Austin: CBRE’s rankings of the most competitive US tech markets
[Source: CBRE]

3. Gain Unique Insights Into The Local Market

Fostering an inherent knowledge of the locally dominant industries, Austin-based web developers are uniquely positioned to serve businesses in these sectors.

They are likely to build websites that deliver concrete results because they:

  • Identify the challenges clients in these industries may face
  • Know the jargon and technical terms of the fields
  • Are familiar with the audiences’ aesthetics
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How To Choose The Right Web Developer In Austin, Texas

Given the fierce competition within the industry, combing through the top Austin web development companies might be a tall task.

When choosing the right team for your project, you should consider their:

  • Services: Determine your key objectives to have an accurate view of what services you need to outsource. Then, head towards a company that provides the exact type of services you require.
  • Portfolio: Look into their past projects to gain insight into the company’s resources, work quality and ability to deliver successful results. You can go the extra mile and test some of their products to see whether they can ensure website functionality and implement the latest trends in their design.
  • Industry experience: See if they have developed projects for clients within your niche. Choosing a company that has created solutions similar to your requirements is more likely to avoid development pitfalls, make progress towards the project’s goal and provide deliverables within the timeline.
  • Talent: These companies’ most valuable assets are their people. Be sure to take a close look at their talent and learn who exactly from their team will work on your project. Find out what is their level of experience, if they have niche knowledge or have tackled challenging projects. Senior-level experts will be sure to perform at full throttle and ensure a successful outcome.
  • Reviews: Reviews are key indicators of each company’s entity that highlights their achievements and relationship with their previous clients. So, closely read their client feedback to get valuable information into their transparency, reliability and flexibility as well as get a hint about how users liked their products.

10 Questions To Ask Austin Web Development Companies

Once you whittle down options to only a few candidates, ask each one of them these questions:

  1. Have you worked for clients within our niche before?
  2. Can you show us a few before and after examples of your most successful projects?
  3. How will you develop a website strategy to meet our goals?
  4. Is search engine optimization included in your core offering or is it a separate service?
  5. How much will the project cost, from start to finish? Are modifications, edits and revisions included in the price?
  6. How do you measure the success of your efforts?
  7. Who from your team will manage our account?
  8. How will you communicate your ongoing progress?
  9. What tools do you use to ensure the project stays on schedule?
  10. Does your team keep up with the latest web development trends?

Takeaways On Austin Web Development Companies

Austin web development companies may be an excellent choice for your upcoming project because they:

  • Employ highly skilled IT talent
  • Provide internationally competitive services
  • Deliver cutting-edge products
  • Have proficiency in the local ecosystem

Most local firms have an average hourly rate between $150 and $199.

To select the right development team for your business needs, be sure to explore:

  • Their core services
  • Their past projects
  • Their industry expertise
  • Their team members
  • Their client reviews

Best of luck!

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