10 Best Valentine's Day Designs That Sprinkle Love in the Air

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10 Best Valentine's Day Designs That Sprinkle Love in the Air
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Last Updated: February 13, 2024

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and competitive brands are trying to capture hearts and make a statement. They do this by understanding the nature of branding and design through the power of love.

The heart of good branding is an aesthetically pleasing design that effectively communicates the brand and its products.

Created by brand professionals who truly love what they do, these are the best Valentine's Day-dedicated designs that have truly mastered the art of branding—from unique logos that would make you look twice to stunning visual elements that would make your heart race.

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1. Theo Chocolate by Mandy Arroyo

[Source: Mandy Arroyo]

Standout Features:

  • Warm and friendly design
  • A consistent theme across multiple variants
  • Monochromatic aesthetic

Theo Chocolate’s Valentine’s Day Packaging features a seasonal look with a consistent design across its four flavors: 55% and 75% Raspberry Cocoa Nib and 55% and 75% Salted Black Licorice.

Mandy Arroyo aimed to create warm and playful designs for Valentine’s Day. She hand-drew the illustrations on the packaging, consisting of themed icons like love birds, raspberries, love envelopes, hot air balloons, and licorice.

The warm, monochromatic pink colors and Mandy’s playful hand-drawn icons complemented what Theo Chocolate wanted to convey as a brand: Valentine’s Day should be friendly and personal.

2. Valentine's Day x Love is Love by Henricky Martins

[Source: Henricky Martins]

Standout Features:

  • Themed boxes that can go well with any product
  • Strong branding targeted toward all genders
  • Inclusive packaging

Henricky Martins Valentine’s Day design for Valentine's Day x Love is Love is very personal. This collection featured boxes that can carry additional gifts, such as t-shirts, tote bags, and other accessories that can consistently go with the theme.

All in all, there are three boxes in secondary colors, each representing a different kind of love. Orange for hetero-romance, pink for a sapphic relationship, and green for an Achillean relationship. Each box featured illustrations of two people in a romantic connection. With this powerful branding celebrating love in all forms and proving that love knows no bounds, Henricky Martins truly redefined Valentine’s Day. (Learn more about how to utilize color meanings in your designs)

3. C&C Valentine's Day Cards by Closer&Closer

[Source: Closer&Closer]

Standout Features:

  • Collaborative themed design
  • Unique design featuring each artist’s style
  • Bold and loud aesthetic

C&C Valentine's Day Cards aimed to bring artists together while keeping the tradition of Valentine’s Day alive. There was an element of collaboration to the campaign that allowed artists room to experiment on their own and let customers find the best design that describes their relationship with their loved ones.

All designs from the artist roster were loud, bright, and colorful, ultimately capturing the heart of Valentine’s Day. On top of this theme, each design featured the artists’ unique illustration style and vision.

The artists involved in this campaign are Anna Hurley, Sua Balac, Chidy Wayne, Aysha Tengiz, Enisaurus, Helen Li, Roberts Rurans, Josefina Schargorodsky Evan Weselmann, Paola Saliby and Andrew Nye. We raise our hats to their creative minds!

4. Campana San Valentin 2021 | Envia Flores by Mimi Guarnero

[Source: Mimi Guarnero]

Standout Features:

  • A unique campaign that aims to empower
  • Mixed media: photos, illustrations and animations
  • A relatable Spanish-oriented campaign

Campana San Valentin 2021 is a campaign mainly featuring Valentine’s Day promotional materials. With Mimi Guarnero's help, Envia Flores created unique designs for coupons, banners, animations, and calendars, among others. Now, that's a match made in heaven!

With the slogan, “As long as it’s with you," which translates to Spanish as “Como sea, pero contigo,” Campana San Valentin 2021 aimed to celebrate Valentine’s Day while highlighting resilience; the campaign was launched in Mexico in 2021, at the peak of the pandemic.

Mimi Guarnero and her team used mixed media for the campaign. The designs were seen across illustrations, photographs, and animations that featured the top products at that time: flowers and desserts.

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5. Tata | "Ta Loves Ta" Valentine's Day Fashion Film by Is That Real Visuals

Standout Features:

  • Short ad with a punch
  • A clear message with straightforward elements
  • A fashion film with a clear CTA

Tata | "Ta Loves Ta" Valentine's Day fashion film is a short advertisement produced for Tata, a shoe brand under the Belle group, for their Valentine’s Day special. Is That Real Visuals prepared three short story videos for this national campaign, and each told a unique Valentine’s story in just a few frames.

The short ad was shot by Is That Real Visuals, while the ad pictures used frame by frame were created by Starbox. The short story within the film and the actors' messages effectively matched the brand's visuals in terms of color, imagery, and typography. As such, it successfully delivered a strong visual and emotional appeal.

6. Share the Love (Festival Place Valentines Day) by Face TV

Standout Features:

  • Straightforward video ad featuring realistic scenes
  • An interactive campaign that features authentic audiences
  • Event-day ad with emotional appeal

Share the Love (Festival Place Valentines Day) is a minute-long video ad created to generate excitement and interest. Face TV was tasked to capture the essence of Valentine’s Day and the main highlights of the Festival Place Valentine’s Day event, and this was the result.

The advertisement communicated the necessary details of the event. It quickly highlighted the guests, activities, and attractions from the hook to the end frame. The footage was all relevant, the transitions were smooth, the music fits the theme and the graphics were consistent (Take inspiration from these video designs with amazing background music for your next ad).

The ad created a dynamic and engaging viewing experience in just a minute.

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7. Happy Valentine Flyer by styleWish

[Source: styleWish]

Standout Features:

  • Floral aesthetic
  • Monochromatic design with the usual Valentine’s Day elements
  • Cohesive typography

Happy Valentine Flyer is a promotional material created by styleWish. It's best for club events or other Valentine’s Day-related gatherings that need promotion.

The design captured romance perfectly. It featured the usual colors, designs, and elements we mostly encounter during Valentine’s Day, such as flowers, balloon hearts, ribbons, and gifts.

The message is clear and easy to read, successfully promoting a specific Valentine’s Day event. It highlighted the event's date, time, location, and other essential details. With these elements present, this Happy Valentine Flyer created a sense of anticipation for its target audiences.

8. For the Record by Bubble Beanie

[Source: Bubble Beanie]

Standout Features:

  • Vintage aesthetic
  • Inspired by the 60s and 70s
  • Witty texts and illustrations

For the Record is a Valentine’s Day greeting card design conceptualized and created by Bubble Beanie. The design is bold and loud, loosely inspired by the retro era of the 60s and 70s.

Bubble Beanie’s signature art style and childhood experiences heavily influenced the card design. It featured an illustration of a vinyl player and a witty pun in the text "For the record, I really like you."

Bubble Beanie’s mom owns a small vintage shop, and all her memories in that shop are the inspiration for most of her occasion card designs. Vintage is a critical point in her designs.

9. Mixed Nuts by Nina Salehpoor

[Source: Nina Salehpoor]

Standout Features:

  • Unique packaging for a special gift
  • Matte and shiny texture combination
  • Intentional visual elements that work

Mixed Nuts is a packaging design for Nut Lovers on Valentine’s Day 2019. It functioned as a Valentine’s Day gift idea far beyond usual gifts like chocolates, sweets, and wines.

With the theme in mind, Nina Salehpoor incorporated the logo, color, and branding into the packaging. The brown and red color combination worked well for the brand's product. The shiny, crystal-red heart on the package was the cherry on top, and it fits beautifully with the matte-textured packaging.

All these visual elements were carefully put together, making the packaging cohesive and intentional.

10. YSL - Valentine's Day by Armel Marchadour

Standout Features:

  • Bold and daring
  • A unique use of red as a central color
  • Visually pleasing design in motion

Talented motion designer Armel Marchadour is the brain and heart behind the designs or FX of this YSL - Valentine’s Day promo ad, which featured one of the brand’s best-selling lipsticks in the shade of red.

The ad aims to be bold and daring—a spicy Valentine’s Day for both men and women. Armel Marchadour effectively conveyed this idea through his motion designs incorporated into the scenes. You can see the beautiful apparitions and inlay of red snake-like elements throughout the video.

The design's primary color, red, stood out and brought focus to the product, second to the model.

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