What Makes Graphic Design Firms In Houston Unique?

Graphic design companies in Houston offer the same or similar services likewise other US-based competitors.

However, there are a few facts that differentiate them from all others:

Fact #1: They Entice Highly Skilled Talent From Across The Nation

There are several reasons that make The Bayou City an attractive place for skilled graphic designers from around the US.

On the one hand, living in Houston is more affordable than in many other major hubs. Its cost of living is 96.5%, which is lower than the national average of 100%.

In fact, according to Salary, the city’s cost of living is:

  • 49.0% lower than in NYC
  • 53.3% lower than in Los Angeles
  • 25.0% than in Chicago

On the other hand, as Best Places states, Houston has an unemployment rate of 3.9%. Its job growth reached 3.2% in 2019, and it is projected to further rise by 30.9% over the next 10 years.

In addition, Texas is one of the states that don’t have an income tax, and in fact, its overall tax bite is one of the lowest in the US.

Therefore, Houston residents enjoy better tax conditions than residents in some other parts of the nation.

The unemployment rate, number of job openings and the average cost of living are the primary reasons why Move ranks Houston among the best cities for business graduates.

Fact #2: They Employ Bilingual Workforce

With a population of 2,340,890, Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas and a truly multicultural and multiethnic city.

The five largest ethnic groups are:

  • White (Hispanic) -30.1%
  • White (Non-Hispanic) - 23.7%
  • African American (Non-Hispanic) - 22%
  • Other (Hispanic) - 13.4%
  • Asian (Non-Hispanic) -7.23%

The city’s residents speak over 145 languages and in fact, according to World Population Review, 51.16% of them speak only English.

Other common languages include:

  • Spanish (38.8%)
  • Asian and Pacific Island (4.5%)
  • Other Indo-European (3.6%)

These numbers suggest that the city is home to a bilingual workforce. Therefore, graphic design firms in Houston employ bilingual resources that have a deep understanding of the multicultural markets and multilingual audiences.

Fact #3: They Are Proficient In The Locally Dominant Industries

The fourth biggest city in the US is a diverse and vibrant metro area that has a variety of growing industries.

It is one of the biggest economic hubs in Texas whose metro area contributed a GDP of $445.34 billion in 2018.

The leading sectors that drive Houston’s economy are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Energy
  • Life Sciences & Biotechnology
  • Digital Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics

Operating in the city, graphic designers in Houston have naturally acquired deep expertise in these locally dominant branches.

view of downtown Houston on a sunny day
Houston is ranked among the best cities for business graduates

What Services Can You Outsource To A Houston Graphic Design Firm?

Similar to other related agencies in the US, graphic design firms in Houston develop two-dimensional content used for branding, marketing and advertising purposes.

This content may be:

  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Logos
  • Graphics
  • Websites
  • And more

These professional agencies help businesses create brand identities and communicate them through the use of color, brand typography, fonts, color and different shapes and forms.

They have strong skills in planning, projecting and developing ideas and experiences in the form of visual and textual content.

Their job is to help businesses turn into strong brands that drive loyalty, engage and convert targeted audiences.

Some of the services you can outsource to the leading graphic design firms in Houston include but are not limited to:

  • Print design and marketing collateral such as:
    • Books
    • Magazines, catalogs and newspapers
    • Brochures
    • Newsletters
  • Marketing graphic design including:
    • Email templates
    • Banner ads
    • Infographics
    • Paid media advertisements
    • Social media posts
  • UX/UI design in the form of:
    • Website navigation
    • Branding
    • Icons
    • Font and typography
    • Banners and imagery
  • Environmental designs such as:
    • Murals
    • Brick and mortar stores
    • Events and conferences
    • Billboards, posters and signs
    • Pop-up shops
    • Museum exhibits
  • Corporate designs like:
    • Logos
    • Business cards
    • Corporate reports
    • Office branding
    • Storefront signage
    • Presentations

How Much Do Graphic Design Companies In Houston Charge For Their Services?

Graphic design companies in Houston typically charge for their projects based on hourly rates. The price range differs and you may come across rates that go as low as $20 and as high as $250 per hour.

The huge difference in this type of cost comes down to various factors like:

  • Agency stature and size
  • Project complexity and deadline
  • Number of designers engaged in the project

Another pricing structure is the cost per project. These agencies usually accept projects estimated at $10,000-$50,000.

Why Should You Hire A Graphic Design Firm In Houston?

These are the top three reasons why you should hire a Houston graphic design firm:

  • Work with a highly skilled workforce: The affordable cost of living, stable job growth and low unemployment rate make Houston one of the best cities to live in the US. This is also why the city is like a magnet for highly skilled graphic designers from around the nation. For you, it would mean access to some of the best talents in the country that deliver internationally competitive services.
  • Leverage their bilingual resources: Houston is a global city widely known for its diversity. It is home to a multiethnic and multilingual workforce that speaks a variety of languages and originates from the nation and the world. This indicates that local graphic design companies employ bilingual talent who understands the multicultural market pretty well. This is a key characteristic that allows them to understand the different types of audiences, their needs, likes and dislikes. This is how they manage to deliver designs that appeal to a wider audience.
  • Take advantage of their local market know-how: Houston is a vibrant city with a number of growing industries. Living and operating in the area, the local graphic designers tend to gain deep expertise in the dominant sectors. Unlike their US-based counterparts, they have unique insights into the local market, audience, competition as well as industry trends, challenges and opportunities. Therefore, they have the know-how to help your brand break into the market, drive loyalty and engagement successfully.
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How To Choose The Best Graphic Designers In Houston

Take the following five steps to make the search for the best graphic designers in Houston easier:

Step #1: Set Clear Requirements

The first and most important step to take during your search for the best graphic designers in Houston is to outline your project and business goals.

Any successful project starts by providing clear requirements and enough background information to the agency partner you want to hire.

The following questions can be of great help:

  • What will the project entail?
  • What are the goals of the project? What are the outcomes that you want to see?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the project’s deadline?

Make sure you provide the prospective Houston graphic design firm with a detailed creative brief, project objectives as well as the specific qualifications you’re looking for.

These will help you find a partner that can meet your expectations.

Step #2: Check Their Past Work

Past work in the form of portfolios and case studies will showcase the experience of the best graphic design firms in Houston in the field.

You will understand who they have worked with in the past and what type of industry experience they have.

Going through their previous work, you will also get valuable insights into how creative and productive the prospective agencies are.

Above all, you will understand whether they are able to deliver successful projects.

Step #3: Read Their Reviews

Be sure to find out what past clients say about the best graphic design firms in Houston. Check their reviews to learn about their credibility and reliability.

The feedback of previous clients is also valuable since it will give you first-hand info on:

  • Their company culture
  • Their communication skills
  • Their ability to meet deadlines
  • Their flexibility and transparency

All these factors will help you envision your future partnership and tell whether it can be successful or not.

10 Questions To Ask Graphic Design Companies In Houston Before You Choose The Right One

Set interviews with the best graphic design firms in Houston and ask them the following questions:

  1. Can you walk me through your portfolio and show me some similar projects you have worked on?
  2. How do you approach each project? Do you perform market research?
  3. How do you stay on top of design trends?
  4. What tools and resources do you have access to?
  5. What materials will you need from us?
  6. What is your usual timeframe for these kinds of projects? Will you manage to meet the deadline?
  7. Who of your team members will be engaged in the project? How experienced are they?
  8. How will we communicate and who will be the main point of contact?
  9. Will I receive copyright to designs?
  10. What is your pricing structure? How much will the project cost?
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Takeaways On Graphic Design Firms In Houston

Most businesses outsource their projects to graphic design companies in Houston because they:

  • Offer high-quality services
  • Employ bilingual talent
  • Have local market know-how

The cost of their projects ranges between $20 and $250 per hour.

To choose the best Houston graphic design firm, take the following steps:

  • Set clear project requirements and business goals
  • Go through their portfolios and case studies to evaluate their previous work
  • Read their reviews to learn about their credibility and reliability

Best of luck!

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