AXIS visual

AXIS visual

Making Your Brand Work (Hard)

1600 Lower State Rd, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18901, United States

AXIS visual Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Simply put, we "package information"‚Äč in ways that get attention and deliver not only a positive message, but the appropriate one to your customers, clients or your target market. That means we use creativity, business knowledge and the understanding of production processes and a tremendous amount of experience to develop strategy and/or tactics that promote your company, product or service. These tactics might include any of the following. Corporate identity, Company logos, Web site development, Brochures, Stationery, Print & Web Advertising, Marketing Consultation, Promotional Posters, Packaging, Product design, Concepting for television advertising, Annual Reports and Quarterlies, Multimedia interface design, Instructional booklets, Signage... For anything else, just ask.
1600 Lower State Rd, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18901, United States

AXIS visual Portfolio

  • AXIS visual - Misc. Small projects
    Print Design
    Misc. Small projects
  • AXIS visual - Campaign for architectural staffing company
    Digital Marketing
    Campaign for architectural staffing company
  • AXIS visual - Publication design
    Print Design
    Publication design
  • AXIS visual - Branding and design for a speaker company
    Digital Marketing
    Branding and design for a speaker company
  • AXIS visual - Audio Brochure
    Print Design
    Audio Brochure
  • AXIS visual - Fund Raising Campaign
    Digital Marketing
    Fund Raising Campaign
  • AXIS visual - Direct Mail
    Print Design
    Direct Mail
  • AXIS visual - Direct Mail Campaign
    Print Design
    Direct Mail Campaign
  • AXIS visual - Plasma Donation Campaign
    Digital Marketing
    Plasma Donation Campaign
  • AXIS visual - Inforgraphic poster
    Print Design
    Inforgraphic poster
  • AXIS visual - Legal brochures
    Print Design
    Legal brochures
  • AXIS visual - E brochures
    Digital Marketing
    E brochures
  • AXIS visual - Boiron Advertisement
    Digital Marketing
    Boiron Advertisement
  • AXIS visual - Pharmaceutical Proposal Covers
    Print Design
    Pharmaceutical Proposal Covers
  • AXIS visual - Atlanticare Gala Branding & Illustration
    Print Design
    Atlanticare Gala Branding & Illustration
  • AXIS visual - Photo NJ website
    Web Design
    Photo NJ website
  • AXIS visual - Metaphase website
    Web Design
    Metaphase website
  • AXIS visual - HK 50th site
    Web Design
    HK 50th site
  • AXIS visual - AXIS site
    Web Design
    AXIS site
  • AXIS visual - N2 website
    Web Design
    N2 website
  • AXIS visual - MDO Site
    Web Design
    MDO Site
  • AXIS visual - Rossi site
    Web Design
    Rossi site
  • AXIS visual - Rokit Site
    Web Design
    Rokit Site
  • AXIS visual - BHA website
    Web Design
    BHA website
  • AXIS visual - Catalina Advertising
    Digital Marketing
    Catalina Advertising
  • AXIS visual - Martin ads
    Digital Marketing
    Martin ads
  • AXIS visual - HK Book design
    Print Design
    HK Book design
  • AXIS visual - MMG materials
    Print Design
    MMG materials
  • AXIS visual - Vansant materials
    Print Design
    Vansant materials
  • AXIS visual - Pipe labels
    Package Design
    Pipe labels
  • AXIS visual - The Art of Beer poster
    Print Design
    The Art of Beer poster
  • AXIS visual - Envision spreads
    Print Design
    Envision spreads
  • AXIS visual - Preston direct mail
    Print Design
    Preston direct mail
  • AXIS visual - Atlanticare 40 year concert
    Print Design
    Atlanticare 40 year concert
  • AXIS visual - Westport materials
    Print Design
    Westport materials
  • AXIS visual - Casenet Materials
    Print Design
    Casenet Materials
  • AXIS visual - Revalry Materials
    Print Design
    Revalry Materials
  • AXIS visual - Bath 2.0 materials
    Print Design
    Bath 2.0 materials
  • AXIS visual - ROKIT campaign
    Print Design
    ROKIT campaign
  • AXIS visual - Ternary Branding
    Print Design
    Ternary Branding
  • AXIS visual - Office wall
    Digital Marketing
    Office wall
  • AXIS visual - HK Materials
    Print Design
    HK Materials
  • AXIS visual - Adapt campaign
    Digital Marketing
    Adapt campaign
  • AXIS visual - Tolsma Logo
    Tolsma Logo
  • AXIS visual - N2 Logo
    N2 Logo
  • AXIS visual - Portnoff Law Logo
    Portnoff Law Logo
  • AXIS visual - Valkerie Logo
    Valkerie Logo
  • AXIS visual - Hickory Kitchen Logo
    Hickory Kitchen Logo
  • AXIS visual - Algonquian Logo
    Algonquian Logo
  • AXIS visual - Paradise Resorts Logo
    Paradise Resorts Logo
  • AXIS visual - Haines Foundation logo
    Haines Foundation logo
  • AXIS visual - Bath2.0 Logo
    Bath2.0 Logo
  • AXIS visual - World Meeting of Families Logo
    World Meeting of Families Logo
  • AXIS visual - Cybersecurity Logo
    Cybersecurity Logo
  • AXIS visual - HK 50 year logo
    HK 50 year logo
  • AXIS visual - Bringing Water Logo
    Bringing Water Logo
  • AXIS visual - HURU logo
    HURU logo
  • AXIS visual - Revolutionary Health Logo
    Revolutionary Health Logo
  • AXIS visual - IMC Logo
    IMC Logo

AXIS visual Team Bios

  • Owner
    William Milnazik
    I am the owner and lead creative driver and designer at AXIS visual. I love what creativity can bring to business and strive to get my clients noticed, understood... and engaged. Each client, project and target audience is different and requires a different approach. AXIS can make the difference..

AXIS visual Clients

  • Compass One
  • United Incentives
  • Crothall
  • Atlanticare
  • Haines & Kibblehouse
  • Dreager
  • Acurian
  • NDRI