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Petar Pesic
By Petar Pesic
Last updated: February 28, 2024
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10 Best Video Designs of All Time 

1. Nike – Just Do It (1988) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Iconic campaign slogan 
  • Short yet inspiring storyline 
  • Massive cultural impact 

The debut of Nike's "Just Do It" campaign in 1988 marked a groundbreaking moment in advertising history. The commercial, featuring the then 80-year-old Walt Stack's daily 17-mile run, showcased the campaign's authentic and approachable tone. In a media landscape filled with cable channels, this straightforward and unpolished approach to advertising stood out starkly! 

"Just Do It" represented a bold era in brand marketing, where companies were unafraid to embrace and broadcast their vision. The video's impact popularized the "Just Do It" motto and energized millions worldwide to pursue their fitness dreams. Nike saw its revenue skyrocket from $867 million in 1987 to an astounding $6 billion in 1993, displaying the campaign's profound influence. Its blend of universal appeal, motivational undertone, and an enduring legacy sets it apart as a masterclass in advertising! 

2. Apple – 1984 Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Groundbreaking cinematic direction 
  • Dystopian allegory  
  • Pioneering in tech advertising 

Apple's "1984" commercial, aired during the Super Bowl and directed by Ridley Scott, represented a radical shift in advertising. Its dystopian narrative and high-quality production set a new standard for television commercials. This ad didn't just introduce the Macintosh; it revolutionized how technology was marketed and perceived. Its portrayal of a defiant heroine breaking free from a conformist society encapsulated Apple's philosophy of innovation and individuality.  

This masterpiece is widely recognized as one of the best videos of all time with its bold narrative, cinematic quality, and direct challenge to the status quo. The result? It increased Apple's stock price by 37% in one day, selling over 750,000 Macs within 100 days! It defined Apple's brand identity and signaled a new era of creative marketing in the tech industry – a perfect example of emphasizing storytelling and conceptual depth over mere promotion. 

3. Guinness - Surfer (1999) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Breathtaking wave cinematography 
  • Reverse storytelling technique 
  • Iconic black-and-white aesthetic 

Guinness’ "Surfer" commercial, directed by Jonathan Glazer, stands out for its artistic and cinematic excellence. This ad is a masterpiece of visual storytelling, featuring a surfer's daunting confrontation with a colossal wave. The stunning cinematography captures the raw power and beauty of the sea – a visceral and breathtaking experience. 

This commercial's reverse narrative structure builds tension and intrigue atypical in advertising. The choice of black-and-white visuals creates a classic and elegant feel while highlighting the dramatic contrast between the human spirit and nature's might. The ad's creative approach paid off significantly, boosting sales by 30% in Ireland and garnering international acclaim, including the Cannes Grand Prix. Its stunning visuals, emotional depth, and innovative storytelling cement it as one of the most revered videos in advertising history. 

4. John Lewis Christmas Ad - The Bear & The Hare (2013) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Heartwarming animation 
  • Emotional storytelling 
  • Mellow and inspirational soundtrack 

The 2013 John Lewis Christmas ad brings cheer to holiday advertising with its enchanting animation and poignant narrative. The ad features an unlikely friendship between a bear and a hare, using captivating animation to bring its story to life. Reminiscent of classic children's storybooks, it's one of the most memorable and heartwarming additions to John Lewis' renowned Christmas campaign series. 

This video effectively reinforced the brand's reputation for compelling holiday adverts. It's highly celebrated for its artistic approach and how it seamlessly merges emotion, music, and storytelling. No wonder it's a Christmas commercial that resonates with audiences of all ages! It generated millions of views and became a cultural phenomenon in the UK. That's why The Bear & The Hare remains a beloved and iconic piece of holiday marketing that perfectly embodies the warmth and joy of the season. 

5. T-Mobile - Mama Tests 5G (2020) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Relatable humor 
  • Clever use of influencer marketing 
  • Effective product demonstration 

The T-Mobile "Mama Tests T-Mobile's 5G Network" video ad quickly distinguished itself among the best tech commercials in history with its lighthearted and relatable approach. The ad effectively showcases the capabilities and advantages of T-Mobile's 5G network by utilizing the familiar and humorous trope of a skeptical parent testing technology. Anthony Anderson's inclusion also adds a layer of authenticity and relatability. It resonates with a broad audience and drives the message home in a fun and memorable way. 

Unsurprisingly, the campaign was a significant success for T-Mobile. It increased brand awareness and customer engagement and contributed to a measurable uptick in 5G network subscriptions. The combination of humor, influencer appeal, and clear demonstration of product benefits made this ad a key player in T-Mobile's marketing strategy. It resulted in a boost in sales and a stronger market position in the competitive world of telecommunications. 

6. Dove - Real Beauty Sketches (2013) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Progressive brand message 
  • Authentic self-perception portrayal 
  • Surprising narrative reveal 

Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign is a groundbreaking video ad for its commercial success and profound social impact. This campaign redefined beauty advertising by focusing on genuine self-worth and challenging prevailing beauty standards. The ad unveils the stark contrast between self-perception and how others see us by featuring real women describing themselves to an FBI-trained forensic artist. The emotional reveal of the portraits offers a powerful commentary on the nature of beauty and self-acceptance. 

The video got over 11 million views in its first week and immediately sparked a global conversation. This campaign significantly boosted Dove's image as a brand that champions natural beauty and authenticity, moving beyond traditional beauty advertising. By aligning their brand with a socially relevant and empowering message, Dove showed that ads can be more than just a means to sell products. They can be powerful agents of social change. 

7. Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Hyper-masculine humor 
  • Quirky, unexpected pitch 
  • Stereotype reversal 

This Old Spice video commercial is a prime example of advertising genius that reshaped brand perception and redefined industry standards. It is among the best videos of all time for its witty humor, quirky characters, and a playful yet impactful challenge to traditional masculinity stereotypes. 

The ad's success lies in its hyper-masculine humor and the unexpected nature of the product's pitch. This idea resonated strongly with a younger audience, making Old Spice relevant and trendy. The campaign's clever use of humor and reversal of gender roles appealed to a broad demographic, making it a cultural phenomenon. 

The commercial exploded in popularity online, amassing over 50 million views. This viral appeal translated into tangible business results, with Old Spice experiencing a 37% increase in sales following the campaign. 

8. Snickers - You're Not You When You're Hungry (2010) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Humor from "hanger" situations 
  • Celebrity cameos with exaggerated traits 
  • Mood swing relatability 

The Snickers "You're Not You When You're Hungry" video campaign's stellar quality is its clever use of humor based on a simple yet universal truth: hunger-induced mood changes. By incorporating celebrity cameos that exaggerate the effects of being "hangry" (hungry and angry), the video ad entertained viewers and created an immediate and relatable connection. The concept of dramatic mood swings due to hunger was both humorous and insightful as it reflected everyday human experiences in a lighthearted way. 

It generated over 60 million views online, becoming a long-running campaign recognized for its humor and creativity. More importantly, it established Snickers as a go-to snack for hunger-induced bad moods. The clever marketing strategy paid off with a 10% increase in Snickers sales. 

9. Google Android - Rock, Paper, Scissors (2016) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Engaging stop-motion animation 
  • Witty character portrayal 
  • Lively soundtrack 

Google Android's advertisement from 2016 sits as one of the best video designs of all time for bringing the playful rivalry and eventual collaboration among rock, paper, and scissors characters to life. The ad's humorous and insightful storytelling cleverly uses these well-known game elements to highlight Android's diversity and customization capabilities. And the exciting part? It is accompanied by an upbeat and catchy soundtrack. The audio and visuals create a fun and engaging atmosphere that holds the viewers' attention. 

The impact of this ad was significant in terms of brand awareness and industry recognition. It won several prestigious awards, including the Cannes Grand Prix for Film. It also made a huge buzz, increasing consumer interest and awareness of the Android brand. Finally, it showcased the vast potential of mobile devices and apps for creative storytelling! 

10. Kit Kat - Give Me A Break (1988) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Catchy jingle 
  • Humorous and relatable scenarios 
  • Effective product placement 

Kit Kat's "Give Me A Break" video commercial is a classic example of timeless advertising. This ad resonated with audiences by portraying the universal desire for a quick, enjoyable break. It connects with viewers by depicting everyday moments, seamlessly integrating the Kit Kat bar as the perfect solution. This video ad's cherry on top is the memorable jingle, now ingrained in popular culture, synonymous with taking a break and enjoying a light snack. 

This commercial solidified the brand's identity and contributed significantly to its market success. Kit Kat achieved a 20% increase in sales the year following its release, instantly becoming one of the most popular chocolate bars worldwide. Its enduring appeal is evident because this jingle and concept variations are still used in Kit Kat advertising today. 

Best Video Designs 2023 - 2024

Best Video Designs of 2023

Best Video Designs of 2023
Exo Commercial’s Video Design

Exo Energy & Orange Mix's commercial video design mixes striking visuals, smooth transitions, and a captivating atmosphere to tell a tale of contrast and allure. This short commercial transcends traditional advertising with its unique storytelling, leveraging the product's packaging design as a narrative foundation. The frosty theme and detailed close-ups accentuate the drinks' appeal, while seamless transitions ensure a fluid viewing experience.

The video promotes the new flavors and creates an engaging, visually stimulating journey. It shows how creative design can transform product promotion into art, making it stand out among the best video designs. Discover the art of frosty elegance and seamless transitions that redefine beverage advertising!
Exo Commercials Video Design
Setcy’s 3D Promo Video Design

Setcy's 3D promo video revolutionizes the concept of personalized gifts, securing its place in our roster of the best video designs. This visually stunning ad transforms the mundane power bank into a coveted, customized accessory through an engaging 3D journey. With no need for audio narration, the video cleverly uses dynamic, heavy typography in white to detail the product's unique features.

The fast-paced visuals and action-packed music accentuate the transformation process, showcasing the power bank's evolution from a simple device to a vibrant, personalized masterpiece. This design masterfully balances color contrasts and intricate textures, demonstrating the endless possibilities for customization. Witness the fusion of technology and creativity in a promo that transforms everyday objects into personalized treasures.
Setcys 3D Promo Video Design
Modivo’s Video Design

Modivo's commercial video shines among the best video designs by redefining the essence of fashion advertising with its almost psychedelic journey. The narrative is a compelling invitation to "Dare To Be Yourself," with silky smooth transitions transporting viewers from the mundane to the magical. Endless action and an upbeat soundtrack guide viewers through whimsical, surrealistic scenes.

Each frame celebrates individuality, breaking free from conformity through fashion. The video's contrast between modern life's grey, digitalized monotony and the vivid world of Modivo fashion sends a profound message: fashion is about finding and expressing one's true self. Experience a visual spectacle where fashion meets fantasy, showcasing unparalleled design innovation.
Modivos Video Design
AgentSync’s Video Design

AgentSync's video design brilliantly navigates the often-dry domain of office supply marketing with a blend of humor and direct messaging, earning its spot among the best video designs. This 30-second commercial leverages comedic, sitcom-like scenes to make a potentially mundane topic engaging and memorable. It addresses a relatable office dilemma through powerful satire – a "new copier" that is humorously antiquated.

The juxtaposition of serious narration against visually absurd scenarios not only entertains. Its simplistic storytelling, deliberately imperfect acting, and uplifting music create an unforgettable viewer experience. Dive into a world where humor and design cleverness combine to simplify the complexities of office logistics!
AgentSyncs Video Design
EarthLove’s Trailer Video Design

EarthLove's trailer was rightfully picked as one of the best video designs with its compelling and innovative approach that redefines promotional video artistry. Unlike typical promos that directly sell, EarthLove's video for the satiric eco-adventure book by Paul Sochaczewski intricately weaves the global conservation movement's narrative. It surpasses mere advertisement, embedding itself in the heart of environmental activism through cinematic visuals, dramatic soundscapes, and thought-provoking messaging.

This trailer engages viewers with its powerful emotional resonance. In just two minutes, the video captures the urgency of environmental conservation with Hollywood-level sound design and visuals that strike a chord. Embark on a cinematic journey where visual storytelling and emotional engagement converge!
EarthLoves Trailer Video Design
Naskay’s Showreel Video Design

Naskay Technologies' showreel exemplifies dynamic video design, showcasing the agency's prowess within a succinct one-minute timeframe. The showreel leverages vibrant motion graphics and geometric animations, commanding attention. It effectively demonstrates the agency's innovative solutions through animated 3D mockups. These mockups present Naskay's designs on their intended devices, adding a layer of realism and engaging potential clients.

The strategic insertion of bold, impactful statements throughout the video further shows Naskay's design philosophy and core values. With an upbeat and edgy Pop soundtrack, the showreel achieves a blend of visual and auditory elements, garnering its place among the best video designs. Explore a showcase of digital mastery where cutting-edge design meets user experience in every frame.
Naskays Showreel Video Design
Moodcaster’s Demo Video Design

Moodcaster’s demo video brilliantly simplifies the complex casting process. It’s regarded as one of the best video designs for concisely demonstrating the platform's capacity to transform auditioning from a logistical nightmare into an accessible, efficient procedure. It combines visually engaging elements with a catchy tune, refraining from traditional voiceovers for straightforward, simple typography that speaks volumes. Bright backgrounds and lively 3D panels effectively communicate Moodcaster's value proposition.

This video exemplifies how innovative video production can vividly bring a digital platform's advantages to life, making it a memorable showcase of Moodcaster's revolutionary approach. Step into an elegantly designed future of casting, where functionality meets visual storytelling!
Moodcasters Demo Video Design
Petco: Same-Day Delivery’s Video Design

Petco: Same-Day Delivery’s ad portrays the joy and convenience of pet ownership, making it a noteworthy contender among the best video designs. This 30-second commercial thrives on the charm of a delightful pup, engaging viewers with scenes that radiate happiness and warmth. The video's natural lighting and vibrant shots create an inviting atmosphere, while the actors' genuine smiles and the puppy's playful antics convey a blissful home life.

The video weaves product promotion into a story of everyday happiness, showcasing how Petco's same-day delivery brings ease and joy to pet owners' lives. Revel in the heartwarming design that brings pet care to life with every joyful wag!
Petco: Same-Day Deliverys Video Design
ESR Geo Wallet’s Video Design

The ESR Geo Wallet video masterfully captures the anxiety of losing a wallet, using this relatable fear to engage viewers immediately. The video's dynamic storytelling and fast-paced editing introduce the product as a solution to a common problem, seamlessly transitioning from tension to relief. Featuring a range of real-life scenarios, the ESR Geo Wallet is portrayed as an indispensable tech accessory.

Skillful transitions, varied camera angles, and clever split-screen techniques enhance the narrative, while quality close-ups underline the product's craftsmanship. This video is instantly recognized among the best video designs by positioning the product as an essential component of a modern lifestyle. Experience the pinnacle of product design, where visual storytelling elegantly solves everyday challenges.
ESR Geo Wallets Video Design
LucidLink's 3D Video Explainer

The LucidLink 3D video explainer, crafted without dialogue, brilliantly showcases the product's capabilities through engaging visual storytelling and relatable scenarios. Using work-related humor, portraying frustrating yet familiar situations adds a layer of relatability and engagement. Its strategic use of colors effectively communicates different moods and settings. We see this from the dark, stressful evening to the brighter, more confident atmosphere.

This video showcases the power of animation and visual cues in conveying complex information in a digestible manner. It earned a spot in our list of the best video designs by demonstrating LucidLink's value, even without words. Navigate through a beautifully animated landscape that simplifies cloud storage with every color and curve!
LucidLink's 3D Video Explainer

Best Video Designs of 2022

Best Video Designs of 2022
Starbucks: It Starts With You
Starbucks: It Starts With You Video Design

The "It Starts With You" video campaign masterfully provides an immersive and holistic view of the Starbucks coffee experience. Regardless of its limited use of flashy graphics, the video keeps viewers engaged by weaving various perspectives from customers and baristas, dynamic transitions, and subtle visual effects.

Accompanied by upbeat electronic music, the ad creates a vibrant atmosphere, rightfully making it one of the best video designs of 2022. The result is a creative portrayal of the brand's lifestyle appeal.
Starbucks: It Starts With You Video Design
TBWA\ Video Design

TBWA\'s rebranding video campaign banks on the brand's famous backlash symbol. The video design features 3D animations, impressive transitions, and exciting jump cuts to keep viewers engaged and communicate the agency's commitment to modernizing its visual language.

Moreover, several interview clips with key representatives also grace the video design to establish a stronger and more relatable brand identity. Indeed, all these qualities solidify TBWA\'s rebranding project as one of the best video designs.
TBWA\ Video Design
Aspik Nature Video Design

Aspik Nature's promotional video elevates the brand identity by seamlessly integrating natural elements. The video opens with a burning flame with specks of ember on screen. This fiery ambiance is followed by picturesque Mediterranean scenes showcasing the beauty of the brand's inspiration.

Complementing these stunning visuals is the limited use of text elements, a powerful testament to the "show, don't tell" approach. Through close-up shots, the video adeptly intertwines product advertising with cinematic landscapes, highlighting the brand's harmonious connection with nature.
Aspik Nature Video Design
Red Fox Video Design

Red Fox cheddar cheese’s short 20-second TV spot entails a visually striking and creative narrative. The video deviates from standard TV ad techniques and blends stop-motion animation with sketch-style animation and transitions to create a modern and ironic vibe.

The story is told in two separate color sequences: light yellow for product emphasis and dark, deep colors providing depth. The video ends with a freeze-frame of Red Fox cheddar cheese in beautiful packaging, turning a plain block into an eye-catching product. Its creative and dynamic approach made Red Fox's video design one of the best videos in 2022.
Red Fox Video Design
Loop Mount Video Design

Loop Mount's video design cleverly highlights the product by conveying the difficulties of using a phone while cycling. The design uses a first-person perspective for an immersive experience, allowing the product to speak for itself without needing voiceovers.

Another feature that elevates this video design is its dynamic soundtrack, rhythmic percussion, and slow-motion footage, complementing and enhancing the product's simple and minimalist design.
Loop Mount Video Design
Nuance Video Design

The Nuance's video design is a 90-second ad that resonates with its target audience by showcasing real-life situations of customer displeasure because of subpar service. The video positions the brand as the "hero," cementing its place among the best video designs of 2022. The video effectively shows how the brand can turn disgruntled consumers into happy ones through smooth transitions and a compelling narrative.
Nuance Video Design
Lotus Evija’s Video Design

Lotus Evija's promotional video fuses tradition and innovation, blending ancient ceremonies with cutting-edge automotive technology. The design tells the complex tale of an old rite that calls forth the power of the Lotus Evija. The video displays the evolution of the car by blending establishing scenes and close-up shots to create a seamless transition between classic and modern settings.

Rapid scene changes demonstrate parallelism and realistic visual effects heighten the enchanted scene. Excitement is heightened by the dramatic and intense score, which highlights Lambda Films' talent for developing a fascinating story for Lotus Evija's development.
Lotus Evijas Video Design
Kiehl’s Video Design

Kiehl's video design exemplifies the power of wit in this promo ad, making it a great addition to 2022's best video designs. The video depicts an internal test drive featuring people participating in strenuous activities.

This demonstrates Kiehl's grooming products' durability well and resonates with its target demographic. Lastly, the brand's concept is communicated clearly and cohesively with a subtle yet impactful copy that says, "relentlessly tested so you can groom with greatness.
Kiehls Video Design
Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour Video Design

The Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour's video design commands attention by delivering a blood-rushing promo ad that blends marketing and artistic expression. The video showcases event highlights, participating musicians, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Moreover, the video design builds an immersive connection with viewers by employing effective camera angles, exciting sound effects, and thrilling transitions. These elements entice the audience to participate and attend the event, making it one of the most effective video designs of 2022.
Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour Video Design
Train Like Legends Video Design

The Train Like Legends video design by Forge Apollo delivers one of the best video designs in 2022 because of its relatability and compelling visual story. Led by Olympic gold medalist Heather Mitts, the video seamlessly combines narration and visual storytelling, portraying a “Hero's Journey“ that instantly resonates with viewers.

Not only that, but the video also advocates for women in sports by challenging traditional, dogmatic beliefs. The dramatic soundtrack, edgy visuals, and sound effects set an action-packed video design that empowers audiences to train like their favorite athletes.
Train Like Legends Video Design

Best Video Designs of 2021

Best Video Designs of 2021
P2 Magic
P2 Magic Video Design

P2 Magic's video design showcases a brilliant blend of minimalism and brand storytelling. The video conveys the brand's philosophy through calm music and serene narration. It features a subtle 2D animation style with geometric elements, symbolizing balance and unity.

The color scheme is primarily navy blue and lime green, with red accents, adding vibrancy and energy. This 35-second video effectively captures the brand's core message, utilizing hypnotic visuals and engaging sound design. It's a prime example of how simplicity can effectively communicate a brand's identity.

View our editor's full thoughts on P2 Magic Video Design
P2 Magic Video Design
Main Line Health Video Design

The Main Line Health video is a compelling educational and promotional tool addressing mental and behavioral health issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. With a focus on offering virtual solutions, the video employs clear narration and visual aids to educate and engage the audience.

It combines various visual design techniques, including professional filming, 2D animations, and 3D icons, all within a cohesive color palette. The video's high-definition quality and combination of audio and visual elements provide an informative and emotionally resonant experience, raising awareness and prompting action on a crucial health issue.

View our editor's full thoughts on Main Line Health Video Design
Main Line Health Video Design
Bronx Zoo Video Design

The Bronx Zoo video design is an engaging advertisement that brings the characters of a well-known children's book to life, creating an immersive experience. It features a blend of real-life animals and animated book characters interacting naturally in the zoo setting.

With a gentle narration and cheerful music, the video is aimed at kids and adults, inviting them to unleash their imagination. The minimal post-production maintains an organic feel, ensuring the video remains true to the essence of the book's illustrations. This design successfully merges animation with reality, making it a welcome entry among our list of best video designs in 2022.

View our editor's full thoughts on Bronx Zoo Video Design
Bronx Zoo Video Design
Dance Toned Video Design

Dance Toned's video design is an energetic and inspiring fitness reel revolutionizing home workout. It transforms living rooms into vibrant exercise stages without the need for narration. The video features high-resolution visuals, brief text messages, and an upbeat soundtrack, perfectly synchronizing music with exercise routines.

This design highlights female empowerment and movement by showcasing strong, healthy women engaging in various exercises. Lastly, it emphasizes the benefits of working out at home, providing an accessible, fun, and empowering fitness experience.

View our editor's full thoughts on Dance Toned Video Design
Dance Toned Video Design
Hill Harris Video Design

Hill Harris's song "Go" music video design is a high-energy, fast-paced video. It features single-shot scenes that add to the intensity, matching the song's rapid lyrics. The production quality is noteworthy, with drone shots, atmospheric contrast changes, and vivid colors, giving it a cinematic feel. This video effectively captures the song's message, creating an engaging and immersive viewing experience.

View our editor's full thoughts on Hill Harris Video Design
Hill Harris Video Design
Hoya Video Design

Putting Hoya's video among the best video designs in 2021 is its unique blend of educational content and engaging 2D animation. The video illustrates the impact of daily screen time on eyesight, following a character's routine, and how it affects his vision.

This relatable storyline, combined with colorful animations and a clear narrative, effectively educates viewers on the benefits of Hoya Blue Control glasses. The video's fluid storytelling and approachable style make complex information about eye health understandable and engaging for the audience.

View our editor's full thoughts on Hoya Video Design
Hoya Video Design
Boxis Autoshred Video Design

Boxis Autoshred's video design masterfully traces the evolution of document security, addressing the pressing need for efficient shredding solutions in contemporary offices. It blends historical insights with modern applications through engaging 2D animations and diverse visual styles.

The video's corporate aesthetic, backed by a strategic color palette, clearly highlights the product's benefits, making it stand out as a practical solution for office environments. This balanced approach ensures the content is informative and visually appealing, simplifying complex technological concepts for the viewer. By combining history and technology, the video design effectively resonates well with a professional audience.

View our editor's full thoughts on Boxis Autoshred Video Design
Boxis Autoshred Video Design
Piter Moreira Video Design

Piter Moreira's video sits as one of 2021's best video designs with its clever storytelling, smooth presentation, and sharp motion graphics. The design cleverly uses quick video previews that immediately grab attention.

This approach highlights Piter Moreira's wide range of skills and expertise in short films, music videos, advertisements, and more. Each video display showcases the artist's talent in integrating light, shadows, and colors into their work, making each unique and eye-catching.

View our editor's full thoughts on Piter Moreira Video Design
Piter Moreira Video Design
National Association Of Landscape Professionals Video Design

The National Association of Landscape Professionals' video ad emphasizes the social responsibility and environmental advocacy of landscape professionals. It showcases stunning outdoor spaces and highlights these professionals' crucial role in community well-being and environmentalism.

The video blends vibrant imagery with a compelling narrative and upbeat soundtrack, creating a visually appealing and emotionally resonant message about the importance of maintaining and cultivating natural landscapes.

View our editor's full thoughts on National Association Of Landscape Professionals Video Design
National Association Of Landscape Professionals Video Design
Coffee Fuels Creativity Video Design

The "Coffee Fuels Creativity" video design is a cool short film about a package designer who beats a creative slump with some coffee. It has clear, high-quality images and good lighting that shows a whole day and night of working, all powered by coffee.

The colors in the video are warm, like the colors of coffee, which fit the theme perfectly. There's also some jazzy music in the background that adds a bit of drama and excitement, like the rush of meeting a deadline. This two-minute video is a beautiful display of skills in video making, package designing, and web designing.

View our editor's full thoughts on Coffee Fuels Creativity Video Design
Coffee Fuels Creativity Video Design

Video Design Resources

Video Design Resources
Tools for Video Designers
1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a top choice for professional video editing, excelling in heavy projects like feature films and commercials. Known for its robust editing capabilities and Adobe Creative Cloud integration, it's ideal for complex video production.

  • Extensive editing tools and effects
  • Comprehensive post-production workflow
  • Complex for beginners
  • Subscription-based pricing
Pricing Plans:
  • Individual, Billed Annually: $22.99/month
  • Business, Billed Annually: $37.99/month/license

2. Final Cut Pro

Apple's Final Cut Pro provides an intuitive interface, making it more user-friendly than Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac users. It offers professional-grade video editing features, including 4K HDR support, but is exclusive to macOS. It is especially suitable for projects like short films and YouTube content.

  • User-friendly editing workspace
  • One-time purchase
  • Only for macOS
  • Limited plugin support
Pricing Plans:
  • Full Version, One-Time Fee: $299

3. Magix Movie Studio

Magix Movie Studio is a more beginner-friendly alternative to Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. It balances ease of use with a solid set of editing features. Its straightforward content creation is ideal for those new to video editing or with moderate editing needs.

  • Responsive editing workflow
  • Various effect presets and templates
  • Fewer advanced features
  • Limited professional format support
Pricing Plans:
  • Perpetual License Plans (One-Time Fee):
    • Movie Studio 2024: $59.99
    • Movie Studio 2024 Platinum: $69.99
    • Movie Studio 2024 Suite: $79.99
    • Movie Studio 2024 Ultimate: $199.00
  • Subscription-Based Plans:
    • Movie Studio 365: $35.88/year
    • Movie Studio 2024 Platinum 365: $47.88/year
    • Movie Studio 2024 365: $59.88/year
  • Upgrades (One-Time Fee for Existing Users):
    • Movie Studio 2024 Platinum: $69.99
    • Movie Studio 2024 Suite: $79.99

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve stands out for its superior color grading tools – a more advanced feature than FilmoraPro and Magix Movie Studio offerings. It combines editing, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production in one platform.

  • Top-tier color grading
  • Free version with professional features
  • Might be complex for beginners
  • Requires powerful hardware
  • DaVinci Resolve: Free
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio, One-Time Fee: $295

5. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora works well for editing multi-platform videos and adding text, titles, music, and more. The program offers an intuitive interface with a good range of intermediate-level features. It is a great middle ground between the simplicity of Magix Movie Studio and the advanced capabilities of Premiere Pro.

  • Beginner-friendly editing tools
  • Lots of online resources and community support
  • Less comprehensive than Premiere Pro
  • Some limitations for advanced professionals
Pricing Plans:
  1. Individual:
    • Cross-Platform Quarterly Plan: $29.99/quarter
    • Cross-Platform Quarterly Plan: $49.99/year
    • Perpetual Plan, One-Time Fee: $79.99
  2. Business:
    • An2nual Plan for Teams: Starts at $155.88/year
Tools for Video Designers
1. Video Copilot

Video Copilot offers extensive tutorials focused on After Effects and motion graphics. It's an excellent resource for video editors looking to enhance their visual effects and animation skills. You can access the tutorials directly on Video Copilot's website. No sign-up is necessary.

  • Free access to tutorials
  • In-depth coverage of After Effects and visual effects techniques
  • It may require some basic understanding of After Effects
  • Some tutorials might be too advanced for beginners
Pricing Plans:
  • Free

2. Cinecom

Cinecom provides practical video production and editing tutorials, perfect for filmmakers and content creators. The tutorials cover various topics, from basic editing to complex cinematographic techniques. You can check out the lessons in Cinecom's Tutorials section.

  • Diverse topics on simple editing tips and advanced filmmaking
  • Practical, hands-on approach to video production
  • Some tutorials may require specific software or equipment
  • Might not cover all software platforms extensively
Pricing Plans:
  • Free

3. SkillShare's Video Editing Classes

SkillShare offers many video production lessons suitable for varying skill levels. The platform includes classes on popular editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Sign up on SkillShare to activate your free trial.

  • Wide range of classes for different post-production techniques
  • Provides step-by-step guides on editing tools
  • Full access requires a subscription
  • The quality of classes can vary by instructor
Pricing Plans:
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Pricing varies per region
Video Design Tutorials
1. Coursera’s The Art of Visual Storytelling

This comprehensive course covers all aspects of video production, from pre-production planning to post-production editing. This specialization helps learners create video projects with structured visual stories, understand production technologies, and learn non-linear editing. Create an account to start your free trial.

  • Covers the entire video production workflow
  • Focuses on developing stories and professional production standards
  • May require a time commitment to complete the specialization
  • Some parts of the course might need prior video production knowledge
Pricing Plans:
  • 7-day free trial
  • Pay $79 to continue learning once the trial period expires

2. School of Motion’s Animation Bootcamp

This course is perfect for those wanting to master animation in After Effects. It covers the principles of great animation and practical application in various styles. The program includes 12 weeks of video lessons, podcasts, and professional critiques. Sign up to learn more and enroll in the course.

  • In-depth lessons on animation principles
  • Hands-on experience with personalized feedback
  • Focuses specifically on animation, not general video editing
  • Requires Adobe After Effects software
Pricing Plans:
  • Full Payment: $996
  • Installment, three payments: $332

3. Udemy’s Crash Course Fastpass to Adobe Premiere Pro

This crash course is designed for beginners looking to learn Adobe Premiere Pro quickly. It offers concise lessons on the key features of the software. It includes 20 mini-lessons, each one to three minutes long, covering the tool’s editing essentials. Sign up for the course here.

  • Quick and easy-to-digest lessons
  • Suitable for video editors with no prior experience
  • May not cover advanced aspects of Premiere Pro
  • The short format might not suit learners who prefer in-depth exploration
Pricing Plans:
  • Course Price: Free
Video Design Courses

The Design Research Process

Our design research process is a dynamic journey in the ever-evolving landscape of video design. We search the web, contact brands and agencies, and evaluate the designs worthy of being part of our collection. To be acknowledged among the best video designs, one must master innovation, trends, impact, functionality, user experience, and even branding. 

Designs that manage to transcend expectations and take video aesthetics to the next level gain recognition, and the finest among them may advance further and compete for the title of Design Award winner. 

If you believe your design embodies these principles, you too can submit it for consideration, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of videography design excellence. 

Best Designs 2023

Website Designs Award - February 2024

Wanted For Nothing's Website Design Highlights the Agency's Unconventional Thinking Through an Interactive, Modern UI

Logo Design Award - February 2024

The Academic Vision Care Plus Logo Design Establishes Trust Using Sophisticated Minimalism

Print Design Award - February 2024

The Spectrum of Consciousness Print Design Stimulates the Mind With Chakra-Inspired Elements

App Design Award - February 2024

The FinDXB App Design Offers a Smooth Online Banking Experience Through Sleek and Stylish UI

Packaging Design Award - February 2024

The Lee Jeans Packaging Design Boosts Product Appeal Through Elevated Branding

Video Design Award - February 2024

SHISEIDO Showcases Beautiful Skin and Emotional Transformation Through the Mood Metamorphosis Video Design

Best Video Designs FAQ

How are the best video designs made?

Creating superb video designs starts with conceptualizing the core message or story the video intends to communicate. Designers and producers then storyboard and script the video, laying out the narrative flow and visual elements. Using advanced video editing and animation tools, designers craft visual stories. They develop the pacing, color grading, and special effects like animations and transitions. They also integrate audio elements, such as music, voiceovers, and sound effects, to enhance the storytelling. 

A prime example of effective video design is the Starbucks: It Starts With You project. This video perfectly marries visual aesthetics with narrative to tell a compelling brand story. It uses multiple points of view, dynamic visuals, and engaging background music to create a memorable viewer experience. It mixes live-action footage and graphic elements, showing how diverse techniques can produce impactful video content. 

What is the most important thing when creating video designs?

The most important thing to consider when creating a video design is the purpose of the video. Designers need to establish the goal, whether it's to inform, entertain, or persuade. From there, they can focus on balancing aesthetic appeal and narrative clarity. Every visual and audio element should contribute to the story, from color schemes and typography to voiceovers. The content must engage the viewer, convey the intended message, and evoke the desired emotional response. 

An excellent illustration of this principle is the LucidLink 3D video design. This video masterfully combines 3D animation with clear, concise messaging. The result? A highly engaging and informative piece that entertains audiences with its humorous narrative. It showcases the product's features strikingly while ensuring the viewer understands its practical applications and benefits. 

How much is a quality video design?

The cost of creating a quality video design can vary based on certain factors: 

  • Project Complexity: More intricate and detailed projects typically demand higher costs.  
  • Designer's Experience: The video designer or production company's level of expertise and portfolio can influence pricing. 
  • Location: Rates can differ based on geographical areas. 

For professional video production services, you can expect to pay between $50 and $200 per hour, depending on the company's stature. 

If you opt for a project-based pricing structure, specific services can range as follows: 

  • Video editing: $40 to $125/hour
  • Hiring camera-trained actors: $50 to $500/hour
  • Renting studio space: $400+/hour 

The final cost of video production will also depend on additional factors, such as the video's length, the need for licensed music, post-production editing requirements, etc. 

What tools do most video designers use?

Video designers typically use various tools to cover different aspects of video production. Adobe Premiere Pro is a staple for its comprehensive video editing capabilities. It's ideal for everything from short films to commercial content. Apple Final Cut Pro is popular among Mac users for its intuitive interface and robust editing tools. Additionally, Magix Movie Studio is an excellent choice for beginners or those working on less complex video projects because of its simplicity and functionality. 

Here are some of the best tools that most video producers use: 

Design ToolsBest ForQuick Links
Adobe Premiere Pro Pro-grade, complex video production for all projects 
Apple Final Cut Pro Mac users looking for a comprehensive editing tool 
Magix Movie Studio Beginners who want a simple yet robust toolset 
DaVinci Resolve Advanced color grading and video production 
Wondershare Filmora Multi-platform video editing with intermediate features 

Do professional video designers use DaVinci Resolve?

Yes, professional video designers frequently use DaVinci Resolve, especially for projects requiring advanced color grading and intricate editing. The software has exceptional color correction capabilities – a feature highly valued in high-production film, television, and commercials. Additionally, it offers a full suite of editing tools beyond color grading, such as visual effects and audio post-production enhancements. 

What are the rules of effective video design?

Most professional video designers are guided by these key principles to ensure the video is effective: 

Can DesignRush help me get expert feedback on my video design?

For professional feedback on your video designs and the opportunity to get featured on DesignRush, simply send your work to for free.  

If you aim for official recognition by our Best Design Jury and aspire to win the Best Design Award, you can submit your designs here at $75 per submission. This paid service offers in-depth reviews from top industry experts. With their insights, you can refine your skills and gain prominence in the field of video design! 

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