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Petar Pesic
By Petar Pesic
Last updated: May 23, 2024
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5 Best App Designs of All Time 

1. TikTok's App Design 

By all accounts, TikTok reigns supreme. As of Q3 2023, it has over 1.6 billion users globally, out of which 1.1 are active monthly users (Demandsage). Drawing inspiration from leading social media platforms, TikTok has redefined the industry landscape with its emphasis on simplicity, creativity, and user-friendly design.  

Over its lifespan, short videos on TikTok evolved from frivolous entertainment to a thriving business platform. Creators find it seamless to upload, edit, and share videos, while the app's diverse filters and effects, coupled with personalized content curation through efficient algorithms, create an engaging and somewhat addictive user engagement. TikTok's focus on short-form, entertaining videos has transformed it into a cultural phenomenon, capturing the attention of global celebrities and their massive fan base. 

Price: Free 

Availability: iOS, Android, web 

2. WhatsApp's App Design 

In 2009, WhatsApp emerged with a game-changing feature: the ability to message and call internationally, using Wi-Fi or mobile data to avoid the high cost of traditional phone networks turned into a go-to means of communication globally with approximately 2.7 billion users around the world (Statista). Now, it’s clear why Facebook churned a whopping $19B to acquire it. 

Besides its mass adoption, WhatsApp's influential app design shines through its seamless user experience, clean, intuitive interface and secure, cross-platform functionality, and end-to-end encryption that ensures user privacy. Group chats, voice messages, and multimedia sharing add versatility, while regular updates improve functionality and security. Another reason WhatsApp spread so quickly is that it populates your friends list with phone numbers already on your phone — you can find a contact that works without having to look up a separate email address or username.  

Price: Free 

Availability: iOS, Android 

3. Tinder's App Design 

Let’s be honest, for better or worse, Tinder revolutionized modern dating and became a blueprint for any contender entering the dating app niche. With its super simple swiping mechanism (swipe-right-to-like, swipe-left-to-dislike), it allows users to express (dis)interest seamlessly, and that feature became iconic. Though it did expose the darker sides of the so-called hookup culture, in some rare cases, it has led to marriages as well. 

As is expected from such an app, Tinder’s U prioritizes visual appeal, making it accessible to a wider audience. Location-based matching enhances real-world connections, while a minimalistic profile setup allows quick engagement. Consistent updates and innovations, like the "Super Like" and the "Tinder Boost," keep user interaction dynamic and interesting. Integration of social media and Spotify adds depth to each profile. Speaking of Spotify... 

Price: Free 

Availability: iOS, Android 

4. Spotify's App Design 

While it might not be the most used app in the world, nor the most downloaded, Spotify revolutionized the music industry. The platform’s freemium model and extensive catalog of songs, artists (11 million), podcasts, and personalized recommendations changed how we consume music. So much so, that physical albums became a thing of the past, overnight, making streaming the dominant distribution model. Spotify currently has over 551 million monthly active listeners as of Q2 2023 (Demandsage). 

Spotify offers a seamless user experience, excelling in content discovery and curation. Its intuitive interface allows users to easily explore a vast library, create playlists, and discover new music through algorithms tailored to individual preferences. Features like collaborative playlists, offline listening, and cross-device sync enhance user engagement. Make sure to check our editor's picks for the best app development companies if you're looking for help with your next project.

Price: Free / Premium $10.99 per month 

Availability: iOS, Android 

5. Subway Surfers' App Design 

While we usually don’t focus on video games of any kind, the dizzying success of Subway Surfers is something we simply can’t ignore. Downloaded over 4B times cumulatively since 2012, Subway Surfers captivated players with vibrant, dynamic visuals and engaging yet simplistic gameplay. The endless run, combined with intuitive swipe controls, offers accessibility and addictive fun to everyone, not just avid gamers. 

Appealing visuals are a given. Users play from the perspective of a graffiti artist who dashes through the subway setting while fleeing the law, collecting coins and power-ups along the way. Frequent updates introduce new locations, characters, and challenges, keeping the game fresh. Its global popularity stems from the perfect blend of appealing graphics, straightforward mechanics, and continuous innovation. Subway Surfers stands as a prime example of a mobile game that transcends cultural boundaries and ages, making it a lasting phenomenon in the mobile gaming industry. 

Price: Free / In-app purchase 

Availability: iOS, Android 

Best App Designs 2023 - 2024

Best App Designs of 2023

Best App Designs of 2023
Simpli.City’s App Design

The Simpli.City app redefines the concept of city exploration by leveraging personalization to craft an inviting and intuitive user experience. From the streamlined onboarding process to the app's tailored content, Simpli.City stands out among the best app designs for urban adventurers. Machine-learning technology ensures each user's experience is as unique as their interests.

The app's homepage delivers a seamless discovery experience through a Discovery section that categorizes activities with relevant tags for price, ratings, and offers. Real-time local updates transform the homepage into a dynamic dashboard that inspires exploration and fosters community. Explore a personalized journey through cities with this app that opens a new door to adventure and connection!
Simpli.Citys App Design
RAWW's App Design

The RAWW app's design is a groundbreaking platform tailored for athletes, enabling users to create detailed profiles enriched with career highlights. Featuring personal stories and interactive Q&A sections, RAWW transforms digital space into a dynamic arena. It’s one of the best app designs where athletes can showcase their journeys and connect with fans on a deeper level.

This app's personalized recommendation system further enhances the user experience by guiding athletes to content that resonates with their interests and aspirations. Whether seeking inspiration from peers' showreels or exploring specific training courses, every interaction is meaningful and aligned with the users' goals. Dive into the RAWW app design, where every swipe brings users closer to the heart of the athletic community!
RAWW's App Design
Duo's App Design

Inspired by Lauren and Arie from "The Bachelor," Duo dazzles among the best app designs by prioritizing user input and preferences. It offers curated date ideas catering to various interests and expectations. The option to specify preferences and set boundaries upfront ensures that all surprises are pleasant and align with the users' comfort levels and interests.

Duo's commitment to creating memorable dates is further enhanced by its element of surprise, maintaining the secrecy of date details until the moment of revelation. This feature injects excitement into the dating process and creates a sense of spontaneity. Go on a journey of discovery in the Duo app’s carefully crafted adventure into the dating world!
Duo's App Design
Civex's App Design

The Civex app design provides a seamless and intuitive platform for solo investors. This FinTech solution is hailed as one of the best app designs because it simplifies the intricate processes of corporate governance. Its clean UI removes the intimidation factor often associated with financial platforms, inviting users into a user-friendly environment. The minimalist design, complemented by strategic use of negative space and a coherent color palette, ensures that navigation is straightforward and stress-free!

Civex's commitment to scalability is evident in its architecture, promising an expanding suite of features that anticipate the needs of its growing community. Dive into the future of proxy voting with the Civex app design!
Civex's App Design
Patient Experience's App Design

The Patient Experience app simplifies healthcare by offering a suite of functionalities that streamline appointment scheduling, bill payment, and access to test results. It’s a user-friendly platform that facilitates direct communication with healthcare providers. The user-friendly features help patients navigate their healthcare needs and make informed decisions about their medical care.

The app not only enhances patient experience. It also benefits hospital staff by optimizing clinic operations. It aids in prioritizing appointments based on the severity of patients' conditions, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently. The strategic organization helps in alleviating overcrowding in health centers. Get a closer look at the Patient Experience app and easily explore the healthcare journey!
Patient Experience's App Design
The Right Stuff’s App Design

The Right Stuff app design skillfully navigates the challenge of blending traditional values with the fluidity of modern app experiences. This invite-only platform elevates the exclusivity of the dating experience and ensures that users engage with a community that shares their foundational values. It’s regarded as one of the best app designs for creating a more meaningful and targeted dating journey.

The app's full-screen profile preview introduces a level of detail and personal touch uncommon in many dating apps. Integrating unique features like favorite songs and calendars fosters deeper connections from the outset. Discover a dating experience designed to forge genuine connections tailored to users’ values with The Right Stuff app!
The Right Stuffs App Design
Streaming App Design

The Streaming App design revolutionizes the live broadcasting experience by integrating an intuitive user interface with innovative social features. This app transcends traditional video streaming by fostering a vibrant community where interaction and real-time engagement take center stage. From the moment users log in, the app guides them effortlessly to live broadcasts that capture their interest.

The clean, uncluttered background dives attention to the content – a technique seen in the best app designs. The interactive chat and gift panel transform viewers from passive observers into active participants of the live experience. Explore the Streaming app, where every stream is an adventure, and your participation shapes the live broadcasting landscape!
Streaming App Design
Aruba Customer Experience Center's App Design

The Aruba Customer Experience Center (CEC) app integrates advanced technological solutions to offer a seamless and personalized visitor experience. The app's indoor turn-by-turn navigation exemplifies the use of location-based services to guide users effortlessly through the space. The precision of the app's location tagging ensures users can navigate the CEC with confidence, represented by a clear, easily distinguishable blue dot on a minimalist 2D map.

This simplicity in design, focusing on functionality without unnecessary visual clutter, is why it’s one of the best app designs. It encourages user engagement by making indoor navigation intuitive and straightforward. Navigate effortlessly through the Aruba Customer Experience Center and enjoy a personalized journey!
Aruba Customer Experience Center's App Design
Alod's App Design

The Alod app combines the essence of Saudi Arabia's landscape with the cutting-edge functionalities of logistics services. Earning a spot among the best video designs, the app’s clean and modern structure ensures that users can easily navigate through scheduling, tracking, and customization. It reflects a deep understanding of the industry and the client’s needs.

The app's color palette, inspired by the sandy landscapes of Saudi Arabia, integrates shades of mustard yellow and vibrant green. This choice of colors enhances the app's aesthetic appeal and aids in the functional differentiation of the app's features. Navigate through your logistics needs with Alod, where every tap brings users closer to a seamless and culturally resonant service experience!
Alod's App Design
The's App Design

The app beautifully marries the latest in behavioral science with user-centric principles. The app integrates a comprehensive suite of tools designed to monitor, analyze, and foster habit formation. It’s a clear standout among the best app designs by providing a platform that encourages personal growth and makes the journey engaging and intuitive.

The app's interface succeeds in facilitating user engagement through personalization. It allows individuals to tailor their experience to reflect personal goals and areas for improvement. Including a menu for setting priorities shows the app's commitment to creating a seamless and informative user experience. Take the journey of self-discovery and improvement with the app design!
The's App Design

Best App Designs of 2022

Best App Designs of 2022
FIFA LiveScore
FIFA LiveScore App Design

The FIFA LiveScore app was the ultimate companion for football enthusiasts during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Offering real-time scores, detailed player statistics, and a dynamic News section, the app keeps fans immersed in the football frenzy.

With its sleek UI design, incorporating vibrant colors, faded image overlays, and on-brand sports elements, FIFA LiveScore sets the bar high, ensuring fans stay informed and engaged with the pulse of the game. 

View our editor's full thoughts on FIFA LiveScore App Design
FIFA LiveScore App Design
Wonderous App Design

True to its name and the title of best app design, Wonderous redefines mobile app design, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. As a convenient virtual museum showcasing the wonders of the world, Wonderous captivates users with a full-screen slider, offering a global tour right under the users’ fingertips.

Beyond pleasant visuals, Wonderous aims to educate with bite-sized information, making learning about historical wonders an immersive and enjoyable experience.  

View our editor's full thoughts on Wonderous App Design 
Wonderous App Design 
Cloud 9 App Design 

Cloud 9 rejuvenates the online dating community with its focus on genuine connections. The app introduces a unique "Love Language" quiz for matchmaking and adds a playful twist with time-limited messaging.

The design incorporates a retro Americana-inspired font, enhancing readability while the dreamy color palette, dominated by hazy blues and purples, fosters a tranquil atmosphere, complementing its commitment to streamlined user interactions and a clutter-free experience in the competitive realm of dating apps. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Cloud 9 App Design 
Cloud 9 App Design
Sleepiest App Design

The Sleepiest app's design embodies a modern and lively character by seamlessly blending vibrant illustrations, icons, and calming animations, resulting in a soothing atmosphere for users.

Sleepiest offers a seamless UX with customization options for sleep-inducing content, habit tracking, and a user-friendly dashboard. The dark-themed UI, featuring a deep purple backdrop with pops of vivid colors, contributes to the app's cohesive and visually appealing design, ensuring a relaxing and engaging experience for users aiming for better sleep. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Sleepiest App Design
Sleepiest App Design
Music Pro App Design

Music Pro's app design reinvents music streaming with an elegant blend of iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. Sometimes, the mark of the best app design is simply convenience and Music Pro delivers. Offering uninterrupted background play, even with the screen off, it liberates users from distractions.

The app allows playlist customization, regional theme-based compilations, and data-saving options, providing a seamless and efficient musical experience. Music Pro's unique feature lies in its adaptable color scheme, empowering users to personalize their app interface based on mood and preferences. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Music Pro App Design
Music Pro App Design
Yogi-Go App Design

Yogi-Go Fitness app is tailored for travelers, connecting users with professional trainers wherever they are. The in-app chat fosters communication and trust between trainers and clients. A vibrant UI employs a friendly color palette and intuitive icons, ensuring a seamless experience.

Cutting-edge technology ensures secure payments and private communication. Yogi-Go Fitness excels in user experience, making it a standout choice in the competitive fitness app market. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Yogi-Go App Design 
Yogi-Go App Design
Medicine Delivery App Design

The Medicine Delivery app is an on-demand application that streamlines the process of ordering medicines, providing users with a hassle-free experience. It not only benefits customers by offering convenience and loyalty points but also opens avenues for pharmaceutical businesses to connect with a broader customer base.

The app's intuitive design ensures a seamless experience for customers, administrators, vendors, and delivery agents, making it not only the go-to choice in the medical app landscape, but one of the best app designs in general. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Medicine Delivery App Design 
Medicine Delivery App Design
Fitsentive App Design

Fitsentive's app design stands out with a multi-color video library, offering a diverse range of workout routines categorized by difficulty and duration. Its dark-themed design ensures gentle navigation, reduces eye strain, and enhances battery life.

Distinct icons, smooth transitions, and a tasteful color palette elevate the app's aesthetic appeal while maintaining functionality. The innovative "Workout-to-Earn" feature, coupled with hi-res lifestyle photos, motivates users, making Fitsentive a top choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Fitsentive App Design
Fitsentive App Design
Uber Super App Design

Uber Super App concept focuses on enhancing Uber’s extensive food delivery system by seamlessly integrating grocery shopping and food recipe stories. The onboarding section employs effective illustrations and succinct copy, fostering user trust.

Immaculate readability is achieved through a slide-in interface with clear ordering options and a real-time delivery progress map. While still conceptual, the app's versatility, including drone deliveries and package measurement, sets itself apart among best app designs, illustrating the limitless potential of innovation. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Uber Super App Design 
Uber Super App Design
iMX App Design

iMX, a cryptocurrency eWallet stands out with its secure and intuitive design for managing and exchanging digital currencies. Transparent and fee-free transactions, along with instant approvals, contribute to its top ratings and esteemed company of the best app designs.

The app's security, evident from the sign-up process, builds user trust. Visual graphs aid in tracking prices, while a simple yet bold sans-serif font enhances readability. iMX exemplifies a user-centric and secure experience, making it a standout crypto wallet app. 

View our editor's full thoughts on iMX App Design
iMX App Design

Best App Designs of 2021

Best App Designs of 2021
eOxegen App Design

eOxegen's app design revolutionizes healthcare management by blending the apparent visual appeal with functional precision. The app divorces from your typical medical app design by embracing rounded typography and vibrant colors, providing users with an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing navigation experience.

User interface is streamlined to allow swift access to health records, insurance information, and fitness data. The app's exceptional design is a testament to its user-centric approach, prioritizing clarity and user-friendly interactions. 

View our editor's full thoughts on eOxegen App Design
eOxegen App Design
Transport Accessibility App Design

Transport Accessibility revolutionizes public transportation for everyone, especially visually and hearing-impaired. The app, celebrated for its excellence, introduces infotainment solutions aligned with cutting-edge accessibility standards.

With personalized features such as wheelchair-accessible routes, infotainment videos, and language support, it caters to diverse user needs, making it not only one of the best app designs, but the most convenient as well. The user interface prioritizes clarity over aesthetics, ensuring concise instructions for seamless navigation. Through scanning technology and intuitive commands like "Scan" and "Go," the app simplifies the user journey.

View our editor's full thoughts on Transport Accessibility App Design
Transport Accessibility App Design
BrewBook App Design

BrewBook transforms the beer-making process into an accessible and streamlined experience. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to brewing machines, remote access, and customizable recipe creation, it caters to both experts and newcomers to the business.

Its dark mode, an unconventional choice, is paired with vibrant accent colors, creating an aesthetically pleasing interface. BrewBook's step-by-step guidance simplifies the brewing journey, demonstrating how complex concepts can be translated into a functional and user-friendly mobile application. 

View our editor's full thoughts on BrewBook App Design
BrewBook App Design
Mucho App Design

Mucho app stands out for effectively influencing healthier eating habits while addressing users' needs. Tailored for those pressed by time and budget constraints, it eases meal preparation, reducing waste and costs. The designers focused on the app’s visual appeal, leveraging enticing images to enthrall users.

The color palette guides users seamlessly through the journey, enhancing precision and ease of use, while simplistic typography and UI facilitate quick skimming, adeptly addressing key user pain points of saving time, money, and resources. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Mucho App Design
Mucho App Design
Vantage App Design

Vantage app aims to streamline waterpark operations with its comprehensive analytics services. It eases park functionality while enhancing visitor experience. In tandem with customer-handed smart bands that provide real-time information to visitors, park operators gain valuable insights into visitor demographics.

Vantage seamlessly blends captivating illustrations, vibrant graphs, and a minimalist design, harmonizing aesthetics with functionality and securing its position among the best app designs. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Vantage App Design
Vantage App Design
MyVictory App Design

MyVictory stands tall as one of the finest app designs in the industry for its meticulous customization to cater specifically to the needs of cancer survivors. it boasts an intuitive design that expedites UI.

The app offers an array of features, including live classes, on-demand videos, and streamlined navigation through a hamburger menu and vibrant CTAs. Its minimalist design, adorned with on-brand colors, prioritizes clarity and usability. The MyVictory app triumphs not only in functionality but in its mission, showcasing a perfect blend of purpose and design expertise. 

View our editor's full thoughts on MyVictory App Design 
MyVictory App Design
Hey Bicycle App Design

The Hey Bicycle app design stands out as a pinnacle in the design industry, embodying Dieter Rams' 10 principles of good design. This voice-controlled cycling computer redefines simplicity, adhering to minimalist aesthetics and functional sophistication.

Its innovative AI assesses training effectiveness, while a sleek matte-black interface, creative typography, and a vintage color palette contribute to its distinct visual identity. The voice-powered functionality, fluid animations, and conceptual prowess position Hey Bicycle as a triumph of vision, philosophy, and design continuity, promising a seamless user experience for cyclists. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Hey Bicycle App Design
Hey Bicycle App Design
Skinfy App Design

The iOS app, Skinfy excels in app design with a focus on well-being and sustainability practices. Designed for skincare and cosmetic product management, it aids users in tracking expiration dates, minimizing waste, and receiving recycling guidance.

The app's clean, pastel-colored interface promotes clarity and order, while strategic button placement ensures a seamless user experience. Skinfy's consistency in design, typical for Apple’s OS, its gradient palette, and legible typography creates a visually balanced and user-centric app, striking an ideal balance between aesthetics, features, and functionality. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Skinfy App Design
Skinfy App Design
The ASOS App Design

The ASOS shopping app commands attention among the best app designs with its clean design, offering a visually appealing and refined user-friendly experience. The design integrates high-quality imagery with vibrant graphics, breaking the monotony of the ample negative space. ASOS excels in navigation, providing seamless transitions through its well-organized categories.

Key features include a sliding menu for user accounts, filter options, and an AR-powered "Match With Style" search. With a focus on product pages, augmented reality capabilities, and a swift checkout, ASOS leads the way in the rapidly growing eCommerce sector, combining functionality, style, and innovation with ease. 

View our editor's full thoughts on The ASOS App Design
The ASOS App Design
Life Intelligence App Design

LIFE Intelligence's app design excels in providing a holistic emotional toolkit and personal growth experience. Its deep royal blue color scheme creates a tranquil, semi-dark mode, lulling the users with a pleasant digital environment.

With a nine-step program addressing career, relationships, and self-management, the app utilizes swipeable pages, interactive graphs, and science-backed content. The problem-solving approach is supported by legible typography and goal-oriented design, making the app a standout in self-development niche, and quality app design in general. 

View our editor's full thoughts on Life Intelligence App Design
Life Intelligence App Design

App Design Resources

App Design Resources
Tools for App Designers
1. Sketch

Sketch is the standard tool for app design, particularly for UI/UX design. It offers an intuitive interface and powerful features for creating detailed app interfaces and prototypes. Sketch has a vast plugin ecosystem and strong community support compared to other tools like Figma, so it's a favorite among UI/UX professionals.

  • User-friendly interface with robust vector editing capabilities
  • Extensive plugin library and active community
  • Only available on macOS
  • Limited collaboration features in comparison to some competitors
Pricing Plans:
  • Standard subscription, billed annually: $10/month/user
  • Business subscription, billed annually: $20/month/user
  • Mac-only license: $120 per seat

2. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a strong contender in app design, known for its precision and speed. It's especially stellar in vector graphic creation for mobile apps. It's an excellent alternative to Sketch for Windows users, offering similar graphic design and layout capabilities.

  • High-performance vector and raster design tools
  • No subscription model; it's a one-time purchase
  • Less extensive plugin library than Sketch
  • Some features might be less advanced than dedicated UX tools
Pricing Plans:
  • Individuals: $69.99 (one-off payment)
  • Business: $66.49 (one-off payment)

3. Figma

Figma is a cloud-based app design tool that excels in collaborative design. Its collaboration feature sets it apart, making it ideal for teams. Figma combines the best of Sketch and Adobe XD, offering accessibility across platforms and a robust set of collaborative tools.

  • Real-time collaboration features for team projects
  • Browser-based with cross-platform compatibility
  • Internet dependency for cloud-based features
  • It can be resource-intensive on older machines
Pricing Plans:
  • Free
  • Figma Professional, billed annually: $12/month/user
  • Figma Organization, billed annually: $45/month/user
  • Enterprise, billed annually: $75/month/editor

4. Axure RP

Axure RP is tailored for complex app prototyping. The platform comes with detailed interactive features and documentation capabilities. It's more advanced than tools like Figma for creating high-fidelity prototypes but has a steeper learning curve.

  • Advanced prototyping capabilities with interactive features
  • Suitable for documentation and specification creation
  • Relatively more difficult to use than other UX/UI tools
  • Higher cost for professional features
Pricing Plans:
  • Axure RP Pro, billed annually: $25/month/user
  • Axure RP Team, billed annually: $42/month/user
  • Axure RP Enterprise: Custom Pricing

5. UXPin

UXPin stands out with its advanced prototyping features, including coding capabilities. It offers a mix of design and prototyping tools, making it a more comprehensive choice for detailed app interface design than tools like Figma.

  • Advanced prototyping with code-based design features
  • Integrates design and prototyping in a single tool
  • Can be complex for beginners
  • Pro versions are slightly more expensive than basic tools
Pricing Plans:
  • Free
  • Essentials: $8/month/user
  • Advanced: $39/month/user
  • Professional: $83/month/user
  • Company: $149/month/user
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing
Tools for App Designers
1. CreativeLive's App Design: Create a Working Prototype

In this class, Alexandra Moran, an expert in web/UX design, teaches how to prototype mobile apps without coding. It emphasizes creating storyboards, visualizing app flow, and integrating user testing into prototyping. This app design tutorial is worth exploring if you want to understand the practical aspects of mobile app prototyping, from conceptual sketches to interactive digital models. You can sign up for free to access CreativeLive’s on-air classes.

  • Detailed instructions on using Sketch and InVision
  • Deep focus on prototyping and user testing
  • Requires access to specific software
  • It might be more suited for intermediate designers
Pricing Plans:
  • Individual Class Price: $14
  • Annual Subscription: $10.75/month
  • Monthly Subscription: $29/month

2. Envato Tuts’ A to Z of Affinity Designer

This tutorial covers 26 standout aspects, from changing background colors and working with different brushes to using the Layer panel for clipping and adjustments. It's perfect for anyone wanting to explore Affinity Designer's capabilities for app design, including its efficient templates and other design use cases. You can register here for free to start your access.

  • Covers a wide range of Affinity Designer features
  • Includes practical tips and tricks for app design
  • Specific to Affinity Designer, not covering other app design tools
  • The rapid pace may require some prior knowledge of basic design tools
Pricing Plans:
  • Free tutorials available
  • Subscription starts at $16.50/month

3. SkillShare

SkillShare's app design courses offer various interactive learning experiences suitable for all skill levels. These classes delve into specific app design software like Sketch or Adobe XD and broader UI/UX design principles. The platform is ideal for those seeking to expand their app design knowledge in a collaborative online learning environment. You can sign up here to activate your free trial.

  • A broad selection of app design courses covering various tools and principles
  • Interactive and community-focused learning environment
  • Full access requires a subscription
  • The quality of courses can vary depending on the instructor
Pricing Plans:
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Pricing varies per region
App Design Tutorials
1. Udemy's Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2023: UI/UX, Figma, +more

This comprehensive course equips learners with the skills to create stunning web and mobile designs using modern tools. It covers everything from UI/UX principles to converting designs into HTML and CSS websites. Take this course to become a versatile designer skilled in web and mobile app design. Create a free Udemy account to purchase the course.

  • Covers various design aspects, including web, mobile, and branding
  • Hands-on approach with over 100 assets and premium design templates
  • Requires commitment to cover the extensive course material
  • Might need basic knowledge of design principles to start
Pricing Plans:
  • Course Price: $119.99

2. DesignLab's UI Design Course

This course is tailored for mid-level designers looking to enhance their skills in visual language and modern design patterns. It offers one-on-one mentorship and over 20 hours of project work. This 4-week course is perfect for designers seeking to refine and implement their UI skills effectively in their work. Sign up here to start taking the course.

  • Personal mentorship from industry professionals
  • Project-based learning with a vetted curriculum
  • Designed for mid-level designers, not beginners
  • Short duration might require intensive commitment
Pricing Plans:
  • Course Price: $399

3. Udacity's User Experience Course

Udacity's UX Nanodegree Program teaches human-centered design principles, offering insights into design research, prototyping, and usability testing. It's a comprehensive program for those looking deep into UX research and design. The lessons focus on transforming research findings into interactive, user-focused designs. You can create a free account to browse the course content.

  • In-depth coverage of UX research and design principles
  • Emphasis on practical skills like prototyping and usability testing
  • Relatively expensive compared to other courses
  • Course requires a subscription
Pricing Plans:
  • Monthly Subscription: $249/month
  • Four-month Subscription: $846

4. Coursera's High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma

This course focuses on creating mockups and high-fidelity prototypes in Figma as part of the Google UX Design Professional Certificate. It teaches students to apply visual design elements and principles effectively and demonstrates the use of design systems to standardize and enhance designs. You can enroll for free to activate the trial period.

  • Specific focus on Figma for high-fidelity prototyping
  • Comprehensive understanding of visual design elements
  • Focuses heavily on Figma and less on other design tools
  • Best suited for those with a foundational understanding of design
Pricing Plans:
  • 7-day free trial
  • $14/month to continue learning after the trial ends

The Design Research Process

Our design research process is a dynamic journey in the ever-evolving app design and development landscape. We search the web, contact brands and agencies, and evaluate the designs worthy of being part of our collection. To be acknowledged among the best app designs, one must master innovation, trends, impact, functionality, and most importantly, brand recognition. 

Designs that manage to transcend expectations and take app aesthetics and features to the next level gain recognition, and the finest among them may advance further and compete for the title of Design Award winner. 

If you believe your design embodies these principles, you too can submit it for consideration, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of app design excellence. 

Best Designs 2023

Website Designs Award - May 2024


Logo Design Award - May 2024

Nova Yoga

Print Design Award - May 2024


App Design Award - May 2024

Welcome Renovation

Packaging Design Award - May 2024


Video Design Award - May 2024

Libbs AI - Mental Health at Work

Best App Designs FAQ

How are the best app designs made?

Creating the best app designs involves a technical process that starts with understanding the app's function and who will use it. Designers research to align the app's design with user needs and objectives. Then comes the technical part: using design tools to develop the app's layout, choosing color schemes that match the brand, selecting readable and attractive typography, and incorporating interactive elements like buttons and swipes. All these pieces come together to create an app that's nice to look at and a breeze to navigate. 

Look at the Mucho App, for example. This app's design hits the mark with its intuitive interface and engaging visuals. Its vibrant color palette and legible typography make navigation simple and enjoyable. The designers considered each aspect of the user's journey, ensuring every interaction feels natural. 

What is the most important thing when creating app designs?

The most important factor in creating app design is delivering a good user experience (UX). It involves carefully crafting the interface to be intuitive, focusing on smooth navigation and logical layout. An app should feel natural to the user, with every tap and swipe making sense. 

Take the Simpli.City app design, for example. This app offers a seamless user experience with its clean and minimalistic design. It removes any unnecessary elements that could confuse users. The navigation is intuitive, with a clear layout and well-thought-out user flow. Its personalized content is a marvelous display of how a tailored app feature leads to a meaningful and enjoyable user journey! 

How much is a quality app design?

Professional app design companies typically charge hourly, ranging from $50 to $200. Here's a breakdown based on the complexity and billing methods: 

  • Hourly Rates: The cost depends on how complex the app is and how many features it includes. Factors like the company's experience and size also play a significant role in determining the hourly rate.
  • Project-Based Billing: The cost can range from $1,500 to $5,000 for simpler apps. Complex apps with advanced features and functionalities can cost from $50,000 to over $250,000. 

The final app design and development cost will also depend on specific requirements, such as the app's UI/UX, the number of platforms (iOS, Android, web, etc.), and any special features. 

What do most app designers use?

App designers use tools to create engaging and functional app interfaces. The most popular ones are Sketch for its vector design capabilities, Adobe XD for user experience design and prototyping, and Figma for its collaborative features. Tools like Axure RP and InVision are commonly used for more intricate prototyping. Additionally, in app development, Python is frequently used for backend development or data analysis. These tools combine design, prototyping, and collaboration features, enabling designers to craft user-centric app interfaces. 

Do professional designers use Python?

Yes, professional app designers use Python, particularly for tasks involving backend development or data-driven functionalities in apps. Python is a popular app development tool for server-side scripting because of its simplicity and readability. It handles the logic and processing behind the scenes, such as database interactions, data analysis, and running algorithms.  

While Python is not typically used for front-end design, it's still crucial in the functionality and performance of many complex apps. 

What are the rules of effective app design?

Professional app designers follow several principles to develop an effective app design that is functional and engaging: 

  • Simplicity: Focus on clean, straightforward designs for ease of use.
  • Consistency: Maintain uniformity in colors, fonts, and layout for a cohesive experience.
  • User-Centric: Prioritize intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Responsiveness: Ensure the app works well on various devices and screen sizes.
  • Clear Interaction: Provide obvious and immediate feedback for user actions.
  • Performance: Optimize for fast load times and smooth functionality.
  • Iterative Testing: Regularly test and update the app based on user feedback for continuous improvement. 

Where can I send my designs for consultation?

If you want expert opinions on your app designs and the chance to get them showcased on DesignRush, you can submit them for free to our Best Designs Awards section. This platform provides a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights from professionals without any expense. 

Our Best App Design Jury offers a paid review service if you seek more comprehensive evaluations. By choosing this option, you'll gain in-depth feedback from industry experts to hone your design skills and elevate your projects. 

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