EL Passion

EL Passion

We'll build your next big thing. One sprint at a time.

Grzybowska 62, Warsaw, 00-844, Poland

EL Passion Overview

Number of Employees
50 - 99
Minimal Budget
$10,000 - $25,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
At EL Passion we build digital products for startups, established businesses and corporations worldwide, mainly in the United States and Europe: Germany, Norway, and Sweden. We cooperate with fast-moving companies in Healthtech, Digital Entertainment and Business services industries.

We are a custom software development studio with extensive experience in developing Web Apps, PWAs & feature-rich native (iOS & Android) & cross-platform (React Native) mobile apps.

Over 12 years in the business gave us time to master our processes and become fluent in true Agile product development.

Hire us for:
  • Web and Mobile Development
  • Design Strategy, UX & UI Design
  • Product Design Workshop
We've got a proved track record:
  • 400+ delivered projects
  • 28 markets with our products
  • 60+ experts onboard
Grzybowska 62, Warsaw, 00-844, Poland

EL Passion Services

  • Product Design
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Healthcare Mobile App Development
  • Website Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React.JS
  • UI/UX Design
  • Software Development
  • Healthcare Software Development
  • Fintech Software Development

EL Passion Portfolio

  • EL Passion - Polaroid
    Mobile App Development
  • EL Passion - Sharefox
    Software Development
  • EL Passion - Booksy
    Mobile App Development
  • EL Passion - Petsy
    UI/UX Design
  • EL Passion - Mothership
    UI/UX Design
  • EL Passion - Travelyn
    UI/UX Design
  • EL Passion - Nixa
    Software Development
  • EL Passion - Remitsy - web app
    UI/UX Design
    Remitsy - web app
  • EL Passion - Wunderpass
    UI/UX Design
  • EL Passion - Cobo Wallet
    UI/UX Design
    Cobo Wallet
  • EL Passion - Pioner Labs
    Website Development
    Pioner Labs
  • EL Passion - newonce.net
    Software Development
  • EL Passion - Tellius
    Software Development
  • EL Passion - WP Player
    Mobile App Development
    WP Player
  • EL Passion - Millward Brown Web App
    Website Development
    Millward Brown Web App
  • EL Passion - The Mobility House Web App
    Website Development
    The Mobility House Web App
  • EL Passion - Docplanner Mobile App
    Mobile App Development
    Docplanner Mobile App
  • EL Passion - Benefit Systems
    UI/UX Design
    Benefit Systems
  • EL Passion - femtasy
    Software Development
  • EL Passion - Joystream
    Web Design
  • EL Passion - Mednavi
    Website Development
  • EL Passion - Vaultoro
    Website Development
  • EL Passion - Varner
    Software Development
  • EL Passion - Hyphen
    Software Development
  • EL Passion - TruckUp
    Software Development

EL Passion Team Bios

  • Product Designer
    Product Designer
    Product Designer with over a year of experience working on commercial and non-commercial projects. Her experience in creating digital products.
  • Senior Product Designer
    Senior Product Designer
    Experienced Product Designer with 8+ years of commercial experience in UI/UX design, graphic design and digital marketing. Has thorough knowledge in business requirements analysis, conceptualizing ideas and creating appealing and highly usable interfaces.
  • Senior Product Designer
    Senior Product Designer
    Experienced Product Designer with a strong passion for creating life-changing products. Believes that design is meant to bring good to the user and focuses on ethical solutions in his products.Loves working on the full spectrum of the product from workshops up to UI design and prototyping.
  • Product Designer
    Product Designer
    Passionate about Product Design and Strategy, dark mode enthusiast. Strives to constantly improve my skills and competencies to help startups/companies grow by building better UI & UX. Additionally, he wants to make the web more user-friendly and simple for users.
  • Senior UX Designer
    Senior UX Designer
    A passionate User Experience Specialist with experience in the research field and UX Design. Focuses on a deep understanding of users needs and actual behavior mixing both qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Full stack engineer
    Full stack engineer
    A dedicated software developer with more than 10 years of experience not only as a programmer but also as a Team Lead responsible for running various startup projects that involved managing international and distributed teams according to Agile methodologies.
  • Senior Frontend Developer
    Senior Frontend Developer
    Highly-motivated and passionate Frontend Developer with over 10 years of experience and attention to details. SEO/UX enthusiast, always eager to learn new technologies, techniques and methods. Proficient with React using problem-solving attitude to enhance applications performance.
  • Junior Backend Developer
    Junior Backend Developer
    Ambitious student of Computer Science at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Graduate of EL Passion Bootcamp - intense 6-week programming course.A programming enthusiast with a number of freelance projects successfully delivered. Currently working with Nest.js professionally and Next.
  • Frontend Developer
    Frontend Developer
    Over four years of professional experience with multiple commercial projects gained from both polish and foreign clients. Piotr is an expert in researching the subject of web performance. Great team player with amazing talent for knowledge sharing.
  • Frontend Developer
    Frontend Developer
    Frontend developer, who always looks for opportunities to improve her knowledge and technical skills. Thanks to her interpersonal skills which help achieve common goals she feels comfortable working in a team.
  • Frontend developer
    Frontend developer
    Frontend developer with 2 years of commercial experience. Has a wide background of experience in a few engineering fields. Experienced in web and mobile testing with willingness to develop as a fullstack developer.

EL Passion Clients

  • Nixa
  • Mothership
  • Docplanner
  • Mednavi
  • Benefit Systems
    Benefit Systems
  • Pioner Labs
    Pioner Labs
  • Travelyn
  • Manymore
  • Polaroid
  • Petsy

EL Passion Awards

  • Best UI/UX design - Qwick/Behance
  • Top Web Design Companies - Q2, 2022
  • Best UI/UX design - HBO Max/Behance
  • Best UI/UX design - UI Collection 2018/Behance
  • Best UI/UX design - Healthy Meal/Behance
  • Best UI/UX design - Steam Concept Store/Behance
  • Best UI/UX design - Joystream/Behance
  • EL Passion - Award 8
  • Best UI/UX design - Booksy
  • Mobile Trends Awards 2020 #Newonce project