Passionate creative web design & digital solution agency treating client's business as our business.

85 Bickerton Street Wainoni, Christchurch, 8061, New Zealand

HEDWIGweb Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
Under $1,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
HEDWIGweb was founded in 2020, as a freelance home-based web design.
We package the whole thing of designing websites from domain registration, web hosting, web design, graphics design, SEO, & SSL cert. to make clients' websites available to the world wide web.
We make sure that we give reasonable prices for our services and that we maintain high-quality end results and friendly client support.
We exist to help and serve, as we lift up each other.
85 Bickerton Street Wainoni, Christchurch, 8061, New Zealand

Areas of Expertise

  • Web Design Expertise
Web Design Expertise
Web Design Expertise
  • eCommerce


  • Restaurants

HEDWIGweb Portfolio

  • HEDWIGweb - Quick Fit Alterations
    WordPress Website Design
    Quick Fit Alterations
  • HEDWIGweb - Manila Grill Restaurant
    Manila Grill Restaurant
  • HEDWIGweb - Affordable Cleaners
    WordPress Website Design
    Affordable Cleaners
  • HEDWIGweb - Welding and Fabrication
    WordPress Website Design
    Welding and Fabrication
  • HEDWIGweb - TopOfDline Appareals
    TopOfDline Appareals
  • HEDWIGweb - Redesign GiG Automotive
    WordPress Website Design
    Redesign GiG Automotive
  • HEDWIGweb - Annexplore Blog Website
    WordPress Website Design
    Annexplore Blog Website
  • HEDWIGweb - Redesign Website in Squarespace
    Web Design
    Redesign Website in Squarespace
  • HEDWIGweb - YSA Photobooths
    WordPress Website Design
    YSA Photobooths
  • HEDWIGweb - MSJ Glazing
    WordPress Website Design
    MSJ Glazing
  • HEDWIGweb - Talented Filipino Artist Website
    WordPress Website Design
    Talented Filipino Artist Website
  • HEDWIGweb - Blog Website
    WordPress Website Design
    Blog Website
  • HEDWIGweb - H.O.F.B
  • HEDWIGweb - Trust Bullion
    WordPress Website Design
    Trust Bullion
  • HEDWIGweb - Besuto Bites
    Besuto Bites
  • HEDWIGweb - Web Development for Food Delivery App
    Web Design
    Web Development for Food Delivery App
  • HEDWIGweb - Poster Menu
    Print Design
    Poster Menu
  • HEDWIGweb - A5 poster
    Print Design
    A5 poster
  • HEDWIGweb - Restaurant Book Menu
    Print Design
    Restaurant Book Menu
  • HEDWIGweb - Digital Billboard
    Graphic Design
    Digital Billboard
  • HEDWIGweb - Marketing Ads
    Graphic Design
    Marketing Ads

HEDWIGweb Team Bios

  • Founder and Owner
    Anne Cabriana-Hedwig
    Founder and Owner
    Anne is very passionate about designing websites. Her web design skills getting broader as the new technology changing the world of web design.She designs modern responsive websites using WordPress + DIVI & other web builder and CMS platform. Addition to her skills are graphics design & SEO.
  • Professional Photographer
    Karl Hedwig
    Professional Photographer
    Karl studied Diploma level 5 & level 6 in Professional Photography.He is a professional Landscape and Commercial Photographer.Karl is responsible for on-site photography for clients and processing high-quality image resolutions to be used for client's websites.
  • Web Assistants
    Remote Agents
    Web Assistants
    Our remote sub contractors 'Web Assistants' are responsible to implement our Design Brief, organize files, and pages to make sure that every web design projects are ready for initial web design report. They may also be instructed for some content editing to achieve high quality website results

HEDWIGweb Clients

  • Manila Grill Restaurant Chch NZ
  • Quick Fit Alterations
  • Affordable Cleaners
  • TopOfDLine
  • MSJ Glazing
  • GiG Auto
  • RSRP Welding
  • YSA Photobooths
  • Direk Rene Molina
  • H.O.F.B