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HypeLife Brands

a progressive brand development + marketing agency helping B2C lifestyle startups engage Millennials

550 Seagaze, Suite 21 (4th Floor), Oceanside, California 92054, United States

HypeLife Brands Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
$50,000 & Up
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Established in 2001, HypeLife Brands is progressive brand development + marketing agency helping disruptive B2C startups and lifestyle brands powerfully engage the Millennial generation. We are headquartered on the edge of Orange County and North San Diego, in coastal downtown Oceanside, California. HypeLife Brands serves a select roster of clients throughout the United States that are dedicated to growth, and who value the idea that Millennials are quite literally, the Future of Everything.
550 Seagaze, Suite 21 (4th Floor), Oceanside, California 92054, United States

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital Marketing Expertise
Digital Marketing Expertise
Digital Marketing Expertise
  • Marketing Analytics

HypeLife Brands Reviews

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  • Alison Pandelos

    Alison Pandelos

    Owner at Grom-it

    Branding & Social Media for Board Sports Brand
    Project Type: Branding
    Review Date: 8 October, 2020
    HypeLife's tailored solution has grown the social media followers by at least 35% over the past year, and the website is much easier to manage on the backend. Their deep understanding of the brand and enthusiasm for the work are key assets.
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  • Bekah Peterson

    Bekah Peterson

    General Manager at Avanti Workspace

    Marketing Overhaul for Shared Work Space Organization
    Project Type: Advertising
    Review Date: 5 October, 2020
    HypeLife successfully got the company recognized within the local community, helping to achieve a high level of capacity and continued momentum. Their personal and proactive approach to client needs sets them apart; they take on projects as if they were for their own.
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  • Lashion Robinson

    Lashion Robinson

    Founder at HUDL Music

    Dev, Branding & Digital Marketing for Music Platform
    Project Type: Digital Marketing
    Review Date: 2 October, 2020
    Despite only being on the market for about two weeks, the platform and website are receiving increases in user traffic. The team works nimbly to meet deadlines and is willing to make themselves available for communication. They corrected one-off bugs and issues within a day of being notifie
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HypeLife Brands Team Bios

  • Founder & CEO
    Curt Cuscino
    Founder & CEO
    Curt is the Founder & CEO of HypeLife Brands (EST. 2001), a progressive brand development + startup marketing agency helping disruptive B2C lifestyle startups and challenger brands engage Millennials. Learn more about Curt at https://www.hypelifebrands.com/about-our-agency/team/curt-cuscino
  • Senior Brand Strategist
    Zach R.
    Senior Brand Strategist
    Zach is one of our key senior team members creating innovative brand strategies, next-level Millennial-tuned marketing + B2C startup marketing plans, and the over-arching Vision behind each brand and startup that comes through HypeLife Brands.
  • Senior Media + Digital Strategy
    Ian D.
    Senior Media + Digital Strategy
    Cutting his teeth originally at the massive media conglomerate known as Hearst (NYC), Ian's keen understanding of the digital landscape, the universe of brand + marketing, and how it all fits together, is a huge asset to our work with our clients when it is "go time."
  • User Experience Designer (UX/UI)
    Niki T.
    User Experience Designer (UX/UI)
    Since graduating from UCSD, Niki's work has focused on the HypeLife-endorsed concepts of designing for the user and exploring The Why, backed by her unique scientific knowledge of human behavior. Put another way: In order to learn how to design for humans, we must first understand humans.
  • Senior Creative
    Mauro F.
    Senior Creative
    A lover of design and creativity from day one, Mauro is one of the lucky few who followed that initial spark all the way to an award-winning, 25-year (and counting) career as an Art and Creative Director.
  • Senior Lifestyle Photographer
    Dewey K.
    Senior Lifestyle Photographer
    Dewey is not just a killer lifestyle photographer with an art director's eye, he's also got a mind that understands the realms of Business, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Content Strategy and Entrepreneurship.
  • Marketing/PR
    Christina P.
    As a digital native, Christina has mastered numerous programs ranging from web design & development, automated data collectors, graphic design, finance to social media planners/tools. Her skills, combined with a sharp eye for aesthetics, slid her right into the marketing world at HypeLife Brands.
  • Director of Event Production
    Amy R.
    Director of Event Production
    Amy has been an Event Organizer, Live Event Producer, and Show Caller for nearly a decade, with a heavy hand in e-sports and Action Sports. She brings her deep, multi-function background & expertise of Event Organization and Project Management to all of her roles, and loves a detailed script.
  • Senior Developer
    Mei X.
    Senior Developer
    Mei has been an integral part of the HypeLife team since late 2016. A proverbial "master of the 1's and 0's", Mei's background is in full-stack development, with a ninja-like ability to work across numerous tech stacks, from Ruby/Rails to React to PHP, and everything in-between.
  • Senior SEO/SEM
    Jason D.
    Senior SEO/SEM
    Jason is a Senior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist with 15+ years of experience working in the online space. He's gone back to a sole focus on the fine art and science of SEO, yielding better rankings, more organic search traffic, more leads, sales, and ultimately, revenues.

HypeLife Brands Clients

  • [adult swim]
  • HUDL Music
  • LASIO Professional Haircare
  • GoodFetch
  • American Greetings
  • Future/Sound Radio
  • Epitaph Records
  • PinkLion
  • Phoenix International

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