Judiko Studio Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
Under $1,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Judiko Studio is a graphic design studio with the mission to help as many companies as possible to reflect their individuality and core values to the target audience by implementing contemporary design solutions. We seek to give freedom to CEOs and other company team members to work on the projects that they can show extreme competence in while we produce high quality and unique visuals for them. We specialize in approaching every single business individually, as an independent organism which requires care, attention and effort. We believe in clear and constant communication between the designer and the client, without it, any partnership is destined for failure. By asking questions and digging deeper into a problem, we make success possible.
We strongly believe that companies should know exactly what they are about, what story are they trying to tell and how they would like to position themselves in the marketplace. Not only businesses should know their strengths, weaknesses and values but should also communicate them clearly to their audience. Therefore, it is crucial to collaborate with graphic designers because designers are able to materialize a companys vision and convey its thoughts into visuals. By providing graphic design services we encourage companies to strive for perfection, for a cohesive branding that is recognisable throughout social media and in real life. When all visual identity details of a business are harmonious and look more or less alike, it shows to the client that the company is reliable, holds a certain standard and is putting effort in its reputation. We believe, that it goes way beyond beautiful images or trendy designs. Most importantly, branding should be well thought out, convey a message and reflect the values of the company. We prefer a classic and long-lasting design which makes a statement over popular and trendy splashes of creativity.
Voveriskiu 68, Siauliai, LT-78129, Lithuania

Areas of Expertise

  • Product Design Expertise
Product Design Expertise
Product Design Expertise
  • Digital Design

Client Types

  • Small Businesses

Judiko Studio Portfolio

  • Judiko Studio - Lempampuk gift shop design
    Lempampuk gift shop design
  • Judiko Studio - Tinglita's Beauty branding
    Small Business
    Tinglita's Beauty branding
  • Judiko Studio - NIDAORE visualisation
    Digital Design
    NIDAORE visualisation
  • Judiko Studio - Kanpai Sushi Bar poster design
    Print Design
    Kanpai Sushi Bar poster design
  • Judiko Studio - ESEISI logo redesign
    Logo Design
    ESEISI logo redesign
  • Judiko Studio - Stilius Tau business cards
    Print Design
    Stilius Tau business cards
  • Judiko Studio - Santino's restaurant logo design
    Logo Design
    Santino's restaurant logo design
  • Judiko Studio - Kanpai Sushi Bar flyer design
    Print Design
    Kanpai Sushi Bar flyer design
  • Judiko Studio - Kanpai Sushi Bar menu design
    Print Design
    Kanpai Sushi Bar menu design
  • Judiko Studio - Šarolė catalogue design
    Print Design
    Šarolė catalogue design
  • Judiko Studio - ErTo Amber branding
    ErTo Amber branding
  • Judiko Studio - Flower shop logo design
    Logo Design
    Flower shop logo design

Judiko Studio Team Bios

  • Founder of Judiko Studio
    Orinta Judikavičiūtė
    Founder of Judiko Studio
    I am a passionate graphic designer striving to help as many businesses as possible to look professional and up-to-date. I believe that we judge businesses firstly by their outer appearance, just like we do with people. Therefore, I go out of my way to create purposeful and unique branding and design

Judiko Studio Clients

  • Santino's restaurant
  • Lempampuk
  • Kanpai Sushi Bar
  • ErTo Amber

Judiko Studio Awards

  • Judiko Studio - Award 1