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Mad Devs

Engineering Your Growth

27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom

Mad Devs Overview

Number of Employees
100 - 249
Minimal Budget
$25,000 - $50,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Mad Devs’ company mission is to assist businesses of any size during periods of rapid growth to ensure smooth scaling. The digital transformation process we offer to our customers pre-assumes the highest level of automation and optimization in accordance with the current best practices of the software development industry. We use the best tooling accessible on the market, and hire diverse talent with a unique background globally.

Being a remote-first business, Mad Devs now employs 100+ staff members worldwide. We use internal mentorship and staff seniority assessments to help our employees grow and thrive. We conduct Mad Streams on a regular basis and share our tech expertise on Hacker Noon, DZone, and other media outlets intended for programmers and infrastructure leads. Our blog attracts software developers, project managers, and DevOps engineers from all parts of the globe. 30% of our staff are authors or speakers at popular technical events like HighLoad++, FOSDEM, GDG series, etc. We contribute to open source extensively having 70+ projects available for everyone on GitHub. They include Comedian, a chatbot for remote standups, and Mad Location Manager, a library for GPS and Accelerometer data "fusion" with Kalman filter, and many other useful free tools for developers and project managers.

The Mad Devs team has worked with, Teacherly, Guardrails, GoDee, Sir John Monash Centre, Eatigo, Alfabank, Admitad, Triggermesh, and many other companies ensuring that hundreds of thousands of people enjoy apps and services they use on a daily basis.
27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom

Mad Devs Services

  • eCommerce Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Development
  • Software Development
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • PHP Development
  • .Net Development
  • Fintech Software Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Outsourcing Software Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Services & Consulting

Mad Devs Portfolio

  • Mad Devs - Teacherly
    Product Design
  • Mad Devs - GoDee
    App Design

Mad Devs Team Bios

  • CTO at Mad Devs
    Andrew Minkin
    CTO at Mad Devs
    Andrew hands-on work on the company's projects, and mentors junior tech staff and conducts staff seniority assessments. Andrew is a frequent speaker at popular tech conferences like TeamLead Conf, Golang Conf, HighLoad++, and FOSDEM.
  • CIO at Mad Devs
    Oleg Puzanov
    CIO at Mad Devs
    Oleg is a playing coach experienced in both programming and project management. He manages software engineering teams and combines hands-on experience with keeping track of the current trends in technology.Oleg has a broad experience as a startup founder in Central Asia and Vietnam.
  • CEO at Mad Devs
    Alla Klimenko
    CEO at Mad Devs
    Alla runs the company supervising a team of project managers, managing finance, and streamlining internal processes. She started as a project management in tech and pursued the corresponding career working closely with the clients until she co-founded Mad Devs.
  • Head of Delivery Management at Mad Devs
    Tamara Mun
    Head of Delivery Management at Mad Devs
    Tamara is the early employee of Mad Devs who works closely with the founders to grow the company. She successfully managed several complex technology-powered IT projects in Logistics, E-learning & FinTech. Currently, she mentors a team of junior PMs and build the delivery department in Mad Devs.

Mad Devs Clients

  • GoDee
  • Teacherly
  • Guardrails