Mania Marketing Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
Under $1,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Mania marketing is a full-service agency based in Europe. The team of 25+ professionals provides a one-stop shop deal for all marketing related services.

- Pre-production (concept, scenario, locations, casting, scenography);
- Production (Entire crew, director, DP, Producer, filmed with all the gear, including RED Weapon 6K camera)
-Postproduction (editing, Colour Correction, Sound Design, Voiceovers, Graphics and Animations, exporting all required formats )

- Adobe Premiere;
- Adobe After Effects;
- Adobe Audition;
- Adobe Photoshop;
- DaVinci Resolve.

All types of video provided.

- UI/UX Design;
- Development;
- E-commerce,
- Front-end;
- Back-end;
- Search engine optimization (SEO).

Coding expertise:
- PHP, Laravel;
- MySql;
- Javascript JQuery, AngularJS Framework, NodeJS Framework, ReactJS, Ajax;
- CMS (Content management system): Custom-made (recommended), Wordpress,
Joomla, Opencart, Magento;
- Web 2.0. All social API's and integration into Website and application.
- Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD.

- Branding and corporate identity;
- Logo design;
- Packaging design;
- 3D modelling;
- Print and promo (flyer, brochure, billboard).

- Adobe Photoshop;
- Adobe Illustrator;
- Adobe InDesign;
- 3D Max.

- Photographing a portrait/event/space/product;
- Studio and outdoor set up;
- Photos retouching;
- Specialized shootings (fashion, portraits, catalogues).

- Market analyses;
- Target group identification (TGI);
- Market strategy creation;
- Annual marketing plan creation;
- Creating social campaigns;
- Campaign management;
- Events organisation;
- Media buying;
- Public relations;
- Crisis PR management.

- Search engine optimization (SEO)
- Campaign marketing
- Content marketing
- Event marketing
- Social media marketing
- Google advertising (search, display, video, app)
- PPC advertising
- E-mail marketing
Brace Potkonjaka 2, Banja Luka, 78 000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mania Marketing Portfolio

  • Mania Marketing - TV Commercial - Tea
    Video Production
    TV Commercial - Tea
  • Mania Marketing - Aftermovie - Freshwave festival
    Video Production
    Aftermovie - Freshwave festival
  • Mania Marketing - Tourist video - Via Dinarica
    Video Production
    Tourist video - Via Dinarica
  • Mania Marketing - Aftermovie - OK Music Fest
    Video Production
    Aftermovie - OK Music Fest
  • Mania Marketing - TV Commercial - Softener
    Video Production
    TV Commercial - Softener
  • Mania Marketing - Web - Travel agency in Croatia
    Web Design
    Web - Travel agency in Croatia
  • Mania Marketing - Web - Austria furniture producer
    Web Design
    Web - Austria furniture producer
  • Mania Marketing - Logo design - Examples 1
    Logo design - Examples 1
  • Mania Marketing - Social Media Marketing - Bonito
    Digital Marketing
    Social Media Marketing - Bonito
  • Mania Marketing - Web - University site
    Web Design
    Web - University site
  • Mania Marketing - Web - Chicago truck company
    Web Design
    Web - Chicago truck company
  • Mania Marketing - Photography
    Digital Marketing
  • Mania Marketing - Logo design - Examples 2
    Logo design - Examples 2
  • Mania Marketing - Teaser - Motofest
    Video Production
    Teaser - Motofest
  • Mania Marketing - Web - Real estate agency
    Web Design
    Web - Real estate agency
  • Mania Marketing - Web and branding - Medical tour agency
    Web Design
    Web and branding - Medical tour agency
  • Mania Marketing - Web - Car parts
    Web Design
    Web - Car parts
  • Mania Marketing - Logo design - Examples 3
    Logo design - Examples 3
  • Mania Marketing - Web - Aesthetic dental center
    Web Design
    Web - Aesthetic dental center
  • Mania Marketing - Web - Cleaning service in Germany
    Web Design
    Web - Cleaning service in Germany
  • Mania Marketing - Video - Support talents
    Video Production
    Video - Support talents
  • Mania Marketing - Dermal - Web
    Web Design
    Dermal - Web
  • Mania Marketing - Euro Vilage - 2D Animation
    Video Production
    Euro Vilage - 2D Animation
  • Mania Marketing - Eco Karst - Teaser
    Video Production
    Eco Karst - Teaser
  • Mania Marketing - Tourist Video of the Republic of Srpska
    Video Production
    Tourist Video of the Republic of Srpska

Mania Marketing Team Bios

  • Account Manager
    Marko Vrhovac
    Account Manager
    Graduated in 2012 from Faculty of Media and Communication at University of Banja Luka.Worked as a Marketing Manager for 2 years in a national food and beverage brand. Great communications skills and ability to understand the client's needs.Fluent in English, basic knowledge of French.
  • CEO&Co-Founder
    Danijel Tepšić
    Starting fresh after the Economics faculty he manages the agency's business from the very beginning. Specialities: general management, sales, advertising, corporate branding, corporate development, product development, business operations, business and marketing strategy, product and B2B marketing
  • Web Developer
    Ognjen Šipka
    Web Developer
    Finished his official education at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. For backend he mostly uses Laravel, and for frontend React, HTML5/CSS3/JS.Has a deep understanding of web development and currently working hard on becoming a full stack android/iOS developer.Fluent in English.
  • Digital Marketing Manager
    Saša Tepšić
    Digital Marketing Manager
    A senior student at the University of Banja Luka Faculty of Economics. Digital Marketing Manager with 2+ years of experience in various short and long-term projects. Experienced in Web/SM copyrighting, content creating, community managing, reporting. Skilled in apps for report creation, graphic des
  • Senior Web Developer
    Jovica Mirić
    Senior Web Developer
    Team leader in our Web sector. Great experience in more than 5 years and numerous projects completed. Deep understanding of UX/UI and site structure necessary for great SEO of a website. Studied at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the Department of Software Engineering.Fluent in English.
  • Web Developer
    Boran Bursać
    Web Developer
    Studied at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Technical Education and Informatics). Deep understanding of backend programming, designing the database and logical structure of the application.His main specialities are MySql, PHP (Laravel), JavaScript (Jquery, AJAX), HTML 5, CSS 3.
  • Marketing manager
    Nevzudin Došić
    Marketing manager
    The main specialities are marketing campaigns from idea to realization, client relationships, creative briefs, event management, digital marketing and social media marketing. Great communication and organization skills and ability to understand the client's needs.Fluent in English.
  • Web developer
    Milan Antonić
    Web developer
    Deep understanding of front-end development and many projects done in more than 3 years of direct involvement in sites and apps creation.The technologies he is most confident with areHTML, SCSS, GULP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, React JS.
  • Director of Photography&Co-Founder
    Srđan Šipka
    Director of Photography&Co-Founder
    Graduated from Academy of Arts, he has worked his way up from a camera op, to Director of Photography. Huge experience in countless projects around the world. Besides filmmaking, he has great passion and deep knowledge for video editing and color grading.
  • Graphic & UI Designer
    Dejan Ćebedžija
    Graphic & UI Designer
    Bachelor’s Degree, Academy of Arts, University of Banja Luka. His strongest skill is in the fields of branding, visual identity, editorial design, infographics, prepress, web design, web layout and design for social media, More than six years in the business with many projects completed.
  • Marketing Manager
    Mirjana Jukić
    Marketing Manager
    BSc in Economics (Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka) with deep knowledge in Marketing campaigns, Client relationships,PR, Creative briefs, Event management, Media plans, Creative commercials, Managing digital marketings; SMM plan preparation, execution and tracking.
  • Video Editor
    Andrej Bucalo
    Video Editor
    Finished his studies at the The University of Business Studies at the department of IT Technologies and Graphic Design. Great all around knowledge which enables him to produce great videos from all categories.
  • Back-end developer
    Bojan Đurđević
    Back-end developer
    Graduated from the Faculty of Natural Mathematics in Banja Luka. Deep understanding of backend related technologies and great experience in backend oriented projects.Excellent skills in making a good logic for sites, a real admin panel and customized Content Management System.
  • Account Manager
    Goran Vukalović
    Account Manager
    Great communicational skills and ability to understand what do clients want and how they want it to be done. Fluent in English.
  • Creative Director&Co-Founder
    Dajan Javorac
    Creative Director&Co-Founder
    His work has been recognized internationally and confirmed through many rewards he has won - both during his student days and afterwards. He did his studies at The Academy of Arts of the University of Banja Luka.
  • Producer
    Marinela Todorović
    Degree in economics, management and entrepreneurship.Planning and coordinating, supervising pre-production, production and post-production stages.Skills in Budget management, organization, interpersonal and communication skills, ability to multi-task and process information efficiently.

Mania Marketing Clients

  • Nike
  • UNDP
  • Senna
  • FreshWave
  • Bonito
  • Tropic
  • Nestro Petrol
    Nestro Petrol
  • Lanaco
  • Violeta
  • CEO Conference
    CEO Conference
  • Vitinka
  • Imlek
  • Blicnet
  • Real Security
    Real Security
  • Sarajevo School of Science and Techology
    Sarajevo School of Science and Techology
  • Teleklik
  • Mlijekoprodukt
  • Baroš Legal
    Baroš Legal
  • Centrotrans
  • Destilacija
  • McMilan
  • Moj Marketi
    Moj Marketi
  • Fagus
  • Simic Dent
    Simic Dent
  • Sport Vision
    Sport Vision
  • Market Auto
    Market Auto
  • Centrum
  • Peštan
  • Miss Earth
    Miss Earth
  • Dara
  • Metal Industry Prijedor
    Metal Industry Prijedor
  • Marcello Bakery
    Marcello Bakery
  • OK Music Fest
    OK Music Fest
  • Barwood Group
    Barwood Group
  • Full Dent
    Full Dent
  • Bemaf
  • Rox
  • Planet Soft
    Planet Soft
  • Braća Đukić
    Braća Đukić
  • Mladegs Pak
    Mladegs Pak
  • Topling
  • Ardor
  • S-tetik
  • Krajina Petrol
    Krajina Petrol
  • Telemax
  • Care
  • Faculty of Economics
    Faculty of Economics
  • City of Banja Luka
    City of Banja Luka
  • MF Bank
    MF Bank
  • Orlando
  • Elas
  • Euro Spektar
    Euro Spektar
  • Optima Group
    Optima Group
  • Auto Stil
    Auto Stil
  • Gradip
  • Kozara Puls Fest
    Kozara Puls Fest

Mania Marketing Awards

  • Mania Marketing - Award 1
  • Mania Marketing - Award 2
  • Mania Marketing - Award 3
  • Mania Marketing - Award 4
  • Mania Marketing - Award 5
  • Mania Marketing - Award 6
  • Mania Marketing - Award 7
  • Mania Marketing - Award 8
  • Mania Marketing - Award 9
  • Mania Marketing - Award 10
  • Mania Marketing - Award 11
  • Mania Marketing - Award 12
  • Mania Marketing - Award 13
  • Mania Marketing - Award 14
  • Mania Marketing - Award 15
  • Mania Marketing - Award 16
  • Mania Marketing - Award 17