We Craft Solution-Oriented Software To Unlock Your Business Potential.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001, United States

Quanrio Overview

Number of Employees
50 - 99
Minimal Budget
$10,000 - $25,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded

If customer-oriented service is prioritized, then customer satisfaction is what inevitably follows afterward.

Quanrio is a consumer-oriented company that delivers all the necessary services for your business including Custom Software Development, Web Design, Application Development, and much more.

Simply put, we empower your business with bespoke services and help it grow vigorously.

It is our belief at Quanrio that if people-orientation is put before the delivery of services, then customer satisfaction is what inevitably follows afterward.

What helps us practice this belief excellently is our years of contributions to well-known organisations. Our broad industrial experience helps us in satisfying your business needs.

So whether your company is looking for assistance with Business Analytics, Custom Software Development, Web Design, UX Design, SaaS Development, Application Design, or anything beyond these lines, we have got you covered!

Remember, our game plan is very simple: We bring a set of potential ideas to help your business get 1% better with every step it takes forth. Plus, we don't offer limited services that allow a small space for growth.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001, United States

Quanrio Portfolio

  • Quanrio - Sol Shamans
    Sol Shamans
  • Quanrio - Young Ape Club
    Young Ape Club
  • Quanrio - Kozmik
  • Quanrio - Cross Metaverse
    Full-Service Digital
    Cross Metaverse
  • Quanrio - BMoreRaw Rebranded To RawResearch
    BMoreRaw Rebranded To RawResearch

Quanrio Team Bios

  • CEO @ Quanrio
    Salik Khan
    CEO @ Quanrio
    Salik Khan is the CEO of Quanrio who has perfectly mastered the art of marketing & full-stack programming. Simply put, he knows what features in software can make it a success (based on market research), plus, he also knows how to solve codebase complications & make it highly functional.
  • CTO @ Quanrio
    Bilal Sheraz
    CTO @ Quanrio
    Bilal Sheraz serves as a CTO @ Quanrio. He loves to discover & try out new technologies, techniques, and ways to bring a project to life & equip it with all the necessary characteristics to help make it a success.
  • CMO @ Quanrio
    Zaid Ansari
    CMO @ Quanrio
    Zaid Ansari loves to find out new marketing channels, form brand partnerships, & launch diverse advertising initiatives with one goal in mind; and that's to bring Quanrio to the attention of businesses that need custom software development solutions, whether it be an app or a blockchain dev project.
  • Senior Full Stack Developer @ Quanrio
    Husnain Tahir
    Senior Full Stack Developer @ Quanrio
    Husnain Tahir is a talented senior full-stack developer @ Quanrio. But, what truly makes him outstanding is the fact that he's aware of both ends of software & he actively handles and solves complex problems on both sides (back-end & front-end). Simply put, he helps us bring ideas to life.
  • UI/UX Engineer @ Quanrio
    Ahsan Khan
    UI/UX Engineer @ Quanrio
    From the look of things, it seems as if Ahsan Khan's brain is nothing short of a Canvas that has all the creative designs and assets - and when asked to design something, he picks and chooses just the right type of assets for the project - Every Single Time.
  • Lead Software Engineer @ Quanrio
    Ayub Khan
    Lead Software Engineer @ Quanrio
    Ayub Khan is a unique problem-solver, which is precisely why he also works on Web 3.0. too. Among other things, he's also responsible for the development, maintenance, and testing of software.
  • Associate Mobile Developer
    Muhammad Kashan
    Associate Mobile Developer
    Muhammad Kashan is an associate mobile developer who loves to develop user-friendly mobile applications. That's how he's been helping brands build a loyal customer base in the digital world.
  • Associate Copywriter
    Jawad Mehdi
    Associate Copywriter
    Jawad Mehdi knows how to compose a copy that directly speaks to the reader. Simply put, his copy has much more than just wordsmithing.

Quanrio Clients

  • Sol Shamans NFTs
  • Spoiled Young Ape Club
  • Kozmik NFTs
  • Cross Metaverse
  • Zerohex Market
  • Engro Systems
  • BMoreRaw
  • House of Habib
  • Investors Loung
  • Pakistan Navy