Technext Limited

Technext Limited

We Believe in Excellence

14th floor, Rupayan Shelford, 23/6 Mirpur Rd, Dhaka, 1207, Bangladesh

Technext Limited Overview

Number of Employees
50 - 99
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Since 2012, Technext is helping entrepreneurs and startups most in the US and Europe. It has also own startups/ventures that have been successful - MailBluster, ThemeWagon, Gradnet. In addition, hundreds of businesses choose Technext to establish their digital solutions like web applications, mobile applications, and UI/UX design.

10+ Years of Experience:
10+ years! YES, Technext has10+ years of experience in the business/tech industry. This includes project management, technical knowledge, large system design, testing, digital marketing experience. 

Experienced & Capable Team:
The key to truly successful work is technology and working with the right people. Technext has a talent pool of resources. They are effective, efficient and communicative professionals. They truly bring diversity to work and provide a solution that will be a strong foundation for your business.

Proven Work Process: 
In the last 10 years, Technext has established a near-perfect work process through trial and error. We found that involving the client in every step produces the optimal result. So, Now at technext, we always follow the framework and maintain client satisfaction.  

Transparent Billing & Worklog:
At Technext, we believe in transparency and authenticity. Our clients get access to our worksheet if they want. They can investigate what they are paying for. We charge for our work, not more, not less. And our research shows that this no-hidden charge model we apply can save up to 50% cost. 

Your Partner in Succeed: 
Development tells only half of a business story. A business leader has to face thousands of technical difficulties along the way to success. Technext is committed to providing life-long consultancy support, even after a project is done. You can depend on the leadership team for their experiences in product and service experience. 

We can collaborate with you with the following services - 
  1. Web Application Development
  2. DevOps
  3. Cyber Security
  4. UI/UX Design
  5. Digital Marketing 
14th floor, Rupayan Shelford, 23/6 Mirpur Rd, Dhaka, 1207, Bangladesh
Other Locations
Level 13, Elegant Shopping Mall, Jallarpar Rd, Sylhet, 3100, Bangladesh

Technext Limited Portfolio

  • Technext Limited - Falcon
    Web Development
  • Technext Limited - MailBluster
    Software Development
  • Technext Limited - CodexPro
    Web Development
  • Technext Limited - Xeniapp
    Software Development
  • Technext Limited - 99 Minds
    Web Design
    99 Minds

Technext Limited Team Bios

  • Co-founder & Managing Director at Technext Limited
    Syed Rezwanul Haque
    Co-founder & Managing Director at Technext Limited
    a tech enthusiast, and completed undergraduate degree from computer science and engineeringCo-founder & Managing Director at Technext Limited Software Engineer at Criss Cross Computers Mobilizer at Elance-oDesk Entrepreneurship Award by Chakri Khujbo na Dibo (Uddokta Group)
  • Senior Full-stack JavaScript (Node.js) Developer
    Anindya Dhruba
    Senior Full-stack JavaScript (Node.js) Developer
    Experience in Node.js development: 5 yearsManaging director at little Themewagon, author, media junkie, sports fan. Spend most of time thinking about the impact technology is having on society.
  • Full Stack Software engineer
    Shahriaz Kabir Polash
    Full Stack Software engineer
    Has started his career as a Software Engineer. He writes code that takes into account all the time intrinsic aspects of a project using React js, Typescript, Next js, Cloud-based server. He loves working with great people, inspiring offers, and being inspired.
  • Full Stack Software engineer
    Muhammad Lahin
    Full Stack Software engineer
    Started career as a JavaScript developer. Currently 4+ years of experience in Software Engineering. Experienced on creating User Interface, Database Schema Design, API Design, Security and Testing. Web Development:-User Interface/Experience: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, CSS Animation, JavaScript, React.
  • Full Stack Software engineer
    Nafisa Hasan Tuli
    Full Stack Software engineer
    KEY ACHIEVEMENTS AS A SOFTWARE ENGINEER:Implemented backend services using Node.js with Express.js.Developed the backend for a few clients and internal projects.Researched, designed and developed the server-side of a few client projects.Implemented REST API, clean and efficient code.
  • Full Stack Software engineer
    Sourav Kairy
    Full Stack Software engineer
    Worked with the following technologies:Languages: PHP, JavaScript.Frameworks/CMS: Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter, Next Js.Databases & Storage: MySQL.Version Control: Git with Smart Git Flow; used with Github, Gitlab.Frontend Development: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, React js, Next js.
  • Full Stack Software engineer
    Saifur Rahman Rasel
    Full Stack Software engineer
    A dedicated front-end developer, who specializes in developing software UI pixel by pixel. He is very passionate about developing the front-end from Figma design. His expertise is React js and Bootstrap.
  • Full Stack Software engineer
    Md Murshed Ul Hoque
    Full Stack Software engineer
    Is a junior software engineer based in React js and Node js. He is an open-minded web developer who is ready to take on challenges. His expertise in React js, Typescript, Next js, Tailwind CSS & cloud-based server administrations.
  • Full Stack Software engineer
    Sakin Hossain
    Full Stack Software engineer
    Comfortable: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, ES6, React.js, React Hook, ReactRouter, Firebase, REST API.Familiar: TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Tailwind CSS, Material UI.Tools: GitHub, VS Code, Chrome Dev Tools, Heroku, Netlify, Figma.
  • UI/UX designer
    Imran khan
    UI/UX designer
    I am currently working as a UX/UI Designer. I am a team player with a Lean UX Methodology to tackle complex design problems and find solutions that make an impact
  • Senior UI/UX designer
    Shamsul Islam Raju
    Senior UI/UX designer
    Designing and Research about Human-Centered-Design that makes people's life easier. With 5+ years in the design industry and 6+ years in the design training sector, Got the opportunity to work on a variety of projects to better understand the experience design.
  • Digital Marketing Manager
    Md. Omar Sohrab Hossain
    Digital Marketing Manager
    5+ years of experience in Web Development 3+ years of experience in SEO & Digital Marketing Really Good at SEO Strategy, Technical SEO & Content Marketing

Technext Limited Clients

  • Pravin, XeniApp New York, USA
  • Sally, CodexPro GmbH Berlin, Germany
  • Akhter, Expert Mortgage London, UK
  • Patrick, Countertop Wizard Oregon, USA
  • William, Assurance Portal North Carolina, USA
  • Cody Lerum, Clearfly Montana, USA
  • Steven Inge, S&L Photography Virginia, USA
  • Andriy Kulak, Boxed New York, USA
  • Mrudul, 99 Minds Mumbai, India
  • IUT Alumni Association, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Technext Limited Awards

  • Technext Limited - Award 1
  • Technext Limited - Award 2
  • Technext Limited - Award 3