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Omladinskih brigada 83, Belgrade, 11070, Serbia

Turnkey Rocket Overview

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Under 49
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Under $1,000
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Turnkey Rocket is a Shopify Partner agency that specializes in providing turnkey website development solutions for businesses. The company offers prebuilt Shopify stores that are ready to use and come with winning products, video ads, and advertising strategies. These stores are designed to help dropshippers launch profitable businesses quickly and efficiently, without the need for extensive product research or advertising experience.

The product research for our prebuilt Shopify stores is carefully curated and tested to ensure maximum profitability. We use data-driven strategies to identify high-demand products that are sure to sell, giving customers a head start in building a successful online business. Additionally, our advertising strategies are customized to fit each customer's unique needs and target audience. Our experienced marketing team works with customers to create a comprehensive marketing plan that includes proven tactics like social media advertising and search engine marketing to drive traffic and sales to their stores.

Moreover, our prebuilt Shopify stores come with tailored video ads that are professionally crafted to showcase customers' products and attract potential customers. These videos feature high-quality graphics and animations, emotionally impactful content, and personalized content based on interests and behaviors. Additionally, the company understands that managing an e-commerce store can be time-consuming, so our prebuilt Shopify stores come with plugins that streamline inventory management, payment processing, and order fulfillment.

For customers who need a more personalized solution, Turnkey Rocket offers custom stores in handpicked best-selling niches. Our team works closely with customers to understand their unique business needs and goals and creates a custom solution that fits their requirements. With our expertise in e-commerce and Shopify development, we can help customers take their businesses to the next level.
Omladinskih brigada 83, Belgrade, 11070, Serbia

Turnkey Rocket Services

Areas of Expertise

  • eCommerce Expertise
eCommerce Expertise
eCommerce Expertise
  • Shopify

Turnkey Rocket Portfolio

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    Direct Resale
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Turnkey Rocket Team Bios

  • CEO
    Miodrag Ilic
    With years of experience running multiple successful companies, Miodrag is the founder and CEO of Turnkey Rocket. He handles product research and marketing-related tasks for customers, his area of expertise.
  • CFO
    Dragana Ilic
    In her role as CFO of Turnkey Rocket, Dragana leverages her extensive accounting experience to oversee and streamline business operations, ensuring optimal efficiency and success for the company.
  • Senior web designer
    Dejan Ilic
    Senior web designer
    Dejan is a skilled web designer with a degree specialized in WordPress and Shopify. He handles web design, graphic design, and video editing for Turnkey Rocket, bringing his expertise to all aspects of design.
  • Content creator
    Mihailo Ilic
    Content creator
    As Turnkey Rocket's content creator, Mihailo utilizes his writing skills and knowledge to research and write informative and engaging content for the company's blog, providing readers with valuable tips and tricks.

Turnkey Rocket Clients

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  • Safer Puppy
  • Pawesome Feeder
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