What Makes a Web Design Agency in Manchester Unique?

Manchester is home to nearly 554,400 residents, making it the sixth-largest city in the UK and the most populous area in the Greater Manchester area. It is also the country’s third most popular city and has the third-largest economy in the UK, according to Statista.

With more people to accommodate, you must consider making your company and other information more accessible. One way to do that is by building an easy-to-navigate site. Hiring a top-rated web design agency in Manchester is the best way to achieve your goals.

Look into the other features that make a website design company in Manchester unique:

Feature #1: Manchester Is One of the Most Influential Cities

Manchester ranked as the second most globally influential city in the United Kingdom after London. The city is also an economic knowledge-led center, with enterprise and research centered around the University of Manchester.

Being labeled as one of the most influential cities in the UK, Manchester attracts more and more people to move into the city. That makes it one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom.

However, that means accommodating more consumers for local entrepreneurs. Reaching out to your target audience can be difficult without the right approach. Working with the top-rated website designers in Manchester is an easy way to reach your audience.

Having an easy-to-navigate website will help the public effortlessly gather the information they need about your company and your products or services. This will make it easier for them to stay in touch with you if necessary.

Feature #2: Manchester Has a Solid Global Brand

Officials claim that Manchester's global brand is strong, luring capital and talent globally. In addition, the University of Manchester ranked as the 3rd most oversubscribed university in the country. That's because young people are attracted to the city's low living costs, culture, and nightlife.

The city's global brand is fueling the population growth the area is experiencing. For local businesses, an increasing population means accommodating more consumers. Therefore, you should rethink your strategies and approaches in reaching an audience.

Your plans should include having an accessible website that the public can visit when they need crucial information about your company's products and services. That makes hiring a web designer in Manchester a wise decision.

Feature #3: Manchester Attracts Many Investors

Opening a business and renting an office space might sound expensive, but Manchester offers the lowest business costs in the country. A report claims that commercial property remains cheap, and commercial utility bills are also affordable. For that reason, Manchester is a major headquarters location.

The city has an outstanding reputation as a competitive place to open a business, making it home to more than 2,000 foreign-owned leading brands and companies, including:

  • BNY Mellon
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Kellogg's
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • And more

In short, Manchester is a leading business destination that attracts foreign direct investments outside London across different industries.

With the city attracting foreign businesses, its residents can have more employment opportunities to hone their skills in different fields.

The web design industry isn't exempted from this. A web design company in Manchester has worked with clients from different industries, allowing them to refine their skills to address their clients' needs.

It can also mean that you'll have access to highly talented individuals with years of experience, allowing them to deliver the desired results and meet your expectations.

view of Manchester city
Manchester has the third-largest economy in the U.K.

What Does a Web Design Company in Manchester Specialize In?

Generally, a top-rated web design agency in Manchester handles creating fully functional and appealing websites. However, they also specialize in:

  • Designing the content's layout
  • Creating content
  • Organizing information
  • Reviewing your goals

Other Manchester web designers also handle creating features, designs, layouts and other aesthetic elements that will pleasingly present your products and services to your target audience. The aesthetic elements that create your website's personality can include:

  • Images
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • And more

But if you're looking for something more specific, website designers in Manchester offer more specialized services, including:

Don't hesitate to meet with a potential candidate to ask about their services and packages.

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Why Hire a Manchester Web Design Agency?

Investing in an easy-to-navigate website is crucial, and your business' success will depend on how well you maintain it. Hiring a web design agency in Manchester is the key to success. Here are the benefits you can get from hiring one of the top-rated web design companies in the area.

Benefit #1: You Will Not Encounter Huge Problems

Investing your money in web design in Manchester means lessening the chances of encountering time zone and communication issues. Effective and constant communication is important to ensure that you're on the same page and they understand your approved elements and design. When working with a national company, you can only talk about problems online, which leads to better communication.

In addition, you'll also encounter more issues if you hire a national agency. On the other hand, when you work with the local designers in Manchester, you can easily drop by their office and contact them.

Benefit #2: You Can Meet with the Team or Agency in Person

It's also best to familiarize yourself with the people you'll be working with, and that's what you'll get from working with a Manchester web design agency. Hiring a web designer in the area to build your website means you're entering a long-term business relationship.

You want to ensure that both sides are on the same page and that you have good business chemistry.

Hiring a local designer also allows you to schedule meetings if necessary. Their proximity ensures that you can quickly contact them through different channels.

In comparison, national agencies or foreign designers will only have a limited means of communicating with you, including conference calls, Skype meetings, etc.

Benefit #3: You Can Hire Someone Familiar with Your Industry

A web design agency in Manchester is already familiar with the community. Even if they don't have experience working in your industry, they can quickly become familiar with it. Their local knowledge and expertise allow them to easily understand your brand, audience, services, or products easily.

If you work with a national agency, they'll only use standard designs or templates for your website without paying attention to the specifics of your brand.

Benefit #4: You Will Get More Accountability

Unlike a non-local agency, a web designer in Manchester will be more accountable. That's because they're putting their reputation at stake. For that reason, they'll provide you with the best possible services to uphold their local reputation.

Moreover, they also have other local clients, and each existing client is essential to retain them and attract new ones.

Non-local agencies will not think about what happens with your company and community.

Benefit #5: Your Designer Understands the Local Market

Website design companies in Manchester are part of the same community. Therefore, they understand the region's demographics and the local market's behaviors, which can refer to your target audience. Manchester designers know what style or design will work best by understanding your local market.

Hiring a non-local agency will not help your business because they don't have the on-the-ground ability to understand the regional market or your target audience.

How Much Does Web Design in Manchester Cost?

On average, a web design agency in Manchester charges £50 - £100 per hour, while they charge £1000 - £5000 per project.

However, other companies charge more per hour and project. Each agency has its unique offer based on certain factors that can affect the web design process, including:

  • Functionality
  • Speed
  • Design
  • Content
  • Maintenance
  • And more

Check our table above featuring the top-rated Manchester web design agencies for more information.

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How to Find the Right Web Designers in Manchester for Your Business?

Hiring a top-rated web design agency in Manchester will ensure your business' success. You need to establish a strong online presence despite your industry.

Your online presence will act as your brand's foundation, growing your business and clientele. Therefore, picking the right web designer in Manchester is crucial.

Here are simple tips that will guide you in picking the right design agency for your business.

#1: Ask About Their Experience

Asking about an agency's experience is a crucial step. Ensure a potential candidate can handle the project you have in mind. You should also check if they have the background and technical skills to deliver the best results possible. Because each web designer in Manchester has different specialties, go with the team that perfectly aligns with your development needs.

Most agencies will highlight their certifications, accomplishments, and certifications on their website so you should also look into them to further check their experience and credibility.

#2: Ask for Reliable References

In addition to checking their portfolio, you should also ask for a list of reliable references. It'll allow you to talk to a Manchester web design agency's client and ask how they worked with others in the past. You can reach out to their references by email or phone.

If you're not comfortable talking to their references, you can ask for a list of websites they've built and designed. Thoroughly check the site's functionality, responsiveness, speed, and layout. In short, you'll have to do your research.

#3: Discuss the Project's Scope

Understanding your project's scope will also help you choose among the top-rated website designers in Manchester. You can only accomplish your goals if you discuss your expectations and needs. To do this, you have to understand your project's scope and be able to discuss its requirements, including:

  • Content
  • Aesthetics
  • Speed
  • Accessibility
  • And more

#4: Set the Budget Beforehand

Before the planning phase, you should set the project's budget. It'll help a web design company in Manchester successfully allocate the budget and find the best options. In determining the budget, you have to think about the long-term value of establishing your online presence.

You might also have to spend a massive amount of money upfront. But you should start to see a return immediately, and this kind of investment will continue for years to come.

#5: Be Upfront About Deadlines

You also have to be clear about your expectations and deadlines. It'll be easier for Manchester web designers to accommodate your needs if you're more upfront about your expectations. Therefore, you should discuss the deadlines before hiring a local designer in the area.

You also need to ensure that the potential candidate can fit your project into their schedule and meet your expectations.

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Manchester Web Designers

  1. What's your agency's market research process?
  2. Will you review my old website before building the new one?
  3. Do you also have other specialties aside from web design?
  4. Can you build a website that fits my needs and budget?
  5. What's your agency's design process?
  6. How long will it take your team to build my website?
  7. Will you need a written copy of my website?
  8. Will I have to provide images for my website?
  9. Which content management system are you familiar with?
  10. Will you use templates or specialize in custom sites?

Takeaways on Web Design Agencies in Manchester

Manchester has become one of the most livable cities in the United Kingdom. Its diversified and thriving economy attracts more and more people to move into the city. The city also attracts different business investments that allow local professionals to hone their talents.

For local entrepreneurs, this means accommodating more consumers. Therefore, you'll have to rethink your existing website design to reach your target audience. You can build a website efficiently by working with a web design agency in Manchester.

If you're worried about their rates, don't be! Local designers offer affordable packages and services that fit your needs and budget. On average, a website design company in Manchester charges £50 - £100 per hour and £1000 to £5000 per project.

Working with them ensures that you'll get the desired results. They're already familiar with the local market and which approaches will appeal to them the most.

Don't hesitate to do your research and dig deeper into their offers to find the right agency for you!

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