What Makes Web Design Companies in the United Kingdom Unique?

The United Kingdom is 40 times smaller than the United States. Despite its size, this country island has been the world’s leading power for centuries.

Today, the UK has the sixth-largest economy by GDP in the world and continues to be a forceful cultural, economic, military, technological and political influence globally.

Its capital city, London, is the prime global talent hub with the most well-educated workforce of any city in the world where roughly 59% have a college degree. Moreover, Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, ranks 15th within JLL’s global talent rankings.

Thanks to its exceptional higher-education institutions - among which is the world’s top-ranked university, Oxford - a good quality of life, diverse culture and tolerant environment, the United Kingdom is a magnet for international talent and a rich pool of highly-skilled inland talent.

When it comes to design, the United Kingdom boasts a massive sector. According to UK’s Design Council’s latest research, the design economy contributed £85.2 billion in gross value to the UK economy – the equivalent of 75% of the entire financial and insurance industry.

The design economy encompasses the value created by people employed in design roles across a variety of different sectors, from web design and animation to fashion and high-tech engineering industries.

In fact, based on Design Council’s research, throughout the UK, 1.68 million people were working in design in 2018.

This data suggests that web design in the United Kingdom is a highly-developed and influential field. The web design services market is worth £542 million and is predicted to continue growing in the next five years despite the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These numbers also indicate that web design in the UK is a breeding ground for superior talent in this specific industry. Some of the most brilliant minds out there choose Great Britain to push the boundaries of web design. This is where trends are created to fuel the global industry.

Web design companies in the uk
London is the world’s fifth technology innovation hub

What Services Does a Website Design Company in the UK Provide?

A web design company in the United Kingdom provides a wide array of IT and marketing services. Some of the most coveted services are:

1. Web Design and Development Services

A visually appealing and high-performance website can help you promote your products and/or services more efficiently, turn leads into paying customers and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

2. eCommerce Development Services

If you want to boost your conversion rates, an eCommerce website that provides a flawless shopping experience is compulsory. Users will surely bounce unless your site caters to their needs, addresses their pain points and offers an overall smooth customer journey.

As online sales by UK businesses (outside of the financial sector) generated £668.9 billion in 2019, more and more brands are enhancing their eCommerce platforms.

3. WordPress Web Design Services

42% of all websites are built on the WordPress platform. It is the world’s number one content management system (CMS) for any type of business looking to create a website.

Website design agencies from the UK excel in WordPress site development and know how to leverage its features to keep your website running smoothly.

4. Digital Marketing

You may as well build a beautiful website but if you don’t market it in the digital space, it’s serving no useful purpose.

On the bright side, a web design company in the UK has the knowledge, resources and tools to implement efficient campaigns to help you grow your brand online.

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How Much Do Web Design Services in the United Kingdom Cost?

Web design services in the UK cost between $100 and $149 per hour, on average. The difference in price usually comes down to these few elements:

  • Agency’s reputation and size
  • Project’s size, duration and complexity
  • The nature of the requirements
  • Revisions, edits and modifications
  • Maintenance, support and hosting
  • And more

Compared to other web design hubs in Europe that charge between $50 and $99 per hour, UK web design rates are clearly higher.

According to the popular hiring platform Indeed, the average salary for a web designer in the United Kingdom is $37,198 per year whereas, in London, the compensation goes up to $44,969 per year. Senior web designers with robust resumes can earn a lot more.

This data underlines two facts:

  • UK web designers are paid above the industry average
  • The remuneration reflects their high-level talent and the tough competitiveness of the market

Why Should You Hire a Web Designer in the UK?

Reason #1: High-Degree Talent Pool

Thanks to its world-class institutions, great quality of life, open environment and welcoming attitude, the United Kingdom attracts high-caliber talents from across the globe.

We’re talking about both young adults and experienced professionals who wish to reach the highest level of professional ability and performance in all sectors, including the web design industry.

Hiring a web design company in the United Kingdom will give you access to highly-educated and skilled specialists who offer the best quality of services and nothing short of outstanding work.

Reason #2: Leading Innovation

England’s capital and largest city, London, is the world’s fifth technology innovation hub.

As Europe’s leading innovation center, this island nation demands ingenuity and progress from its workforce. Operating in such a highly competitive environment compels web designers to extend your creative limits to prevail over the competition.

Being exposed and surrounded by elite talent pushes you to think differently and break new grounds to devise creative solutions.

A web design company in the UK not only can bring fresh ideas to the table but they are bound to use the latest tools and technologies to provide high-end services and cutting-edge solutions.

Reason #3: Worldwide Deep Connections

According to Statista, the major demographic categories for the United Kingdom are 87.2% white, 3% black, 2.3% Indian, and 1.9% Pakistani. 300 languages are spoken daily in London alone.

London also has the highest concentration of global talent in general. This international talent pipeline results in a very diverse workforce. This mix of different cultures offers a unique blend of creative outlooks and experiences.

Boasting such diverse teams, UK web design companies are well-poised to build global connections in all corners of the globe. They can be your catalyst for international business growth.

Reason #4: Local Market Prowess

Website design agencies in the United Kingdom have developed extensive experience in the country’s major industries.

The leading sectors contributing to Great Britain’s economy are:

  • Financial services
  • Agri-tech
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Construction
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • And more

Having had the opportunity to create websites for some local clients, these specialized agencies have built domain knowledge and have honed their industry skills.

A UK web design company is highly equipped to deliver engaging and high-converting web designs for these specific sectors.

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How to Choose the Best UK Web Design Company for Your Business

The United Kingdom is filled to the brim with top-performing web design companies. It can get overwhelming to seek and choose the best agency partner for your upcoming project.

Here are a few essential steps that will help you find the right web design company in the UK for your business:

Step #1: Identify Their Specialization

Many of these specialized companies focus on one or a few areas of expertise.

This is why it’s key to determine their specialization to ensure they can provide the services relevant to your business needs.

Step #2: Look Into Their Portfolio

Figure out which company has developed projects similar to your requirements. If they claim expertise in your niche, they are the right choice for your business given their previous knowledge and familiarity.

By exploring their portfolio, you will also discover their best-case studies. The best web designers in the UK should have an impressive track record of successful projects.

Check their creativity, see whether they can incorporate the latest trends in their designs and whether they have the ability to deliver concrete results.

Step #3: Read Their Client Feedback

For each UK website design company you’re evaluating, make sure to read their online reviews.

They will reveal insights into their work ethic, how they manage projects, their relationships with their clients, their reliability and transparency and much more.

10 Questions to Ask a UK Website Design Agency

Before you sign a deal with a website design agency in the UK, address these questions:

  1. Have you worked on similar projects before? Can we see some examples?
  2. Who from your team will be in charge of our project and how experienced are they?
  3. Do you keep up with the emerging trends in web design?
  4. Do you outsource any of your services?
  5. What does your web design process entail?
  6. Do you offer related services in your web design package?
  7. Will you optimize our website for SEO?
  8. Will you test our website before it goes live?
  9. Can you provide post-launch maintenance and support?
  10. How much will the website cost?

Takeaways on Web Design Companies in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom houses an unmatched web design talent pipeline. Here you will find specialists who push their limits to make a difference in the web design industry.

Therefore, a web design company in the United Kingdom is sure to deliver exquisite, original designs and can help you launch a high-performance website to get ahead of your competition.

Typically, UK web designers tend to be highly qualified in building websites for clients within the leading industries: education, finance, insurance, technology, agri-tech, construction and more.

They usually charge between $150 and $199 per hour.

To select the best website design agency in the United Kingdom for your business, make sure to evaluate their:

  • Specialization
  • Portfolio
  • Reviews

Best of luck with your research!


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