How Does A Web Design Agency In Birmingham Differ From Other UK Competitors?

Birmingham is the economic center of the Midlands, the central area of England. The third-largest UK city is rich with history and architecture, a thriving and lively place to live, work, visit and do business.

Regarded as the ‘first manufacturing town in the world’ and originally known for engineering, Birmingham’s economy now relies mainly on its service sector: education, health, finance, insurance, retail, transport and more.

With an economic output of £31.9 billion in 2018, Birmingham is the largest economy in the United Kingdom aside from London. The city has a flourishing business community that draws investors and skilled talent from across the country.

Additionally, in the past few years, the Birmingham tech scene has grown. The city houses more than 6,000 tech companies and over 38,000 tech professionals.

With an average salary of £47,500 in tech and digital sectors, Birmingham is attracting some of the finest web designers in England and the rest of the UK.

In fact, young and ambitious talents choose Birmingham over London to grow their careers. This is primarily due to these defining factors:

  • Birmingham is the UK’s largest hub of higher education outside London – with five illustrious universities: Aston University, Birmingham City University, Newman University, Birmingham University and University College Birmingham.
  • The cost of living is 40% lower than in London.

According to Birmingham City Council, Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe with roughly 40% of the population being under 25.

The city’s affordability, strong education opportunities, healthy economy and big employers make Birmingham a magnet for both aspiring and skilled professionals, including specialists in web design.

Therefore, a web design agency in Birmingham is likely to have teams of well-educated, skilled and fresh talents keen to make a difference in web design and achieve the best possible results.

view of Birmingham, UK​
Birmingham is known as the first manufacturing town in the world​

What Does A Birmingham Web Design Company Specialize In?

Unlike similar companies in the UK, a web design agency in Birmingham tends to be more competent in building attractive websites for clients operating in the locally dominant sectors.

The key industries contributing to the city’s economy are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail trade
  • Construction
  • Financial services
  • Professional and technical
  • Public services
  • Real estate
  • Information communication technology (ICT)

Equivalent to their peers around the country, web designers in Birmingham specialize in designing visually appealing and engaging websites that attract and convert users.

These companies can build virtually any type of website, including eCommerce stores and mobile applications.

They usually provide this package of services:

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How Much Do Birmingham Web Designers Charge For Their Services?

Most Birmingham web design companies have an average hourly rate between $100 and $149. However, more high-end agencies price their services between $150 and $199.

In terms of billing per project, they accept projects valued at anywhere between $1,000 to $50,000+.

How much you will eventually pay for Birmingham web design services will depend solely on the complexity of your project and the number of hours specialists allocate to your project.

Why Should You Outsource Web Design In Birmingham, UK?

Here are the three major reasons why you should outsource website design in Birmingham:

Reason #1: Work With Some Of The Best Web Designers In The UK

Being the second center of higher learning in the UK, Birmingham offers substantial education opportunities for aspiring talents who want to pursue a career outside of London. As such, the city entices top-level talent from across the United Kingdom.

By outsourcing your web design project to local agencies, you will have access to well-educated and skilled specialists who can provide nationally competitive services, high-quality websites and some of the best web designs in the UK.

Reason #2: Leverage Their Young And Innovative Approach

Birmingham has a youthful population which results in a very young workforce that focuses on achieving the highest level of performance in all key dimensions, including web design.

A web design agency in Birmingham is teeming with ambitious millennials that stay abreast of the latest trends and use the latest tools and technologies to deliver ingenious and captivating web designs. They can help you engage young demographics, stay relevant in the marketplace and surpass your competition.

Additionally, Birmingham is fostering innovation in growing sectors such as advanced manufacturing, energy, digital, creative design and healthcare.

Birmingham web designers are exposed to local innovation which drives them to push their creative limits and produce cutting-edge products.

Moreover, some of them may have developed websites for clients within these thriving industries so they have built domain knowledge and gained industry skills.

Reason #3: Benefit From Their Local Market Experience

Living and operating in Birmingham, website design companies have accumulated extensive experience in the local market and the area’s major industries.

They are well familiar with market trends, key industry players, local audiences, major competitors, etc. This comprehensive outlook enables them to incorporate graphics, visuals, and messaging and single out the overall design style that appeals to local audiences.

If your business falls within one of these sectors, a web design agency in Birmingham is well-poised to help you launch an engaging, high-performance website that delivers results.

Reason #4: Take Advantage Of Their Affordable Rates

The United Kingdom is not a cheap place to live in. However, compared to London where living expenses are skyrocketing, Birmingham has an affordable cost of living.

Outsourcing your web design project outside of London will help you save costs. A web design agency in Birmingham is likely to offer more accessible rates than London, without compromising the quality of services.

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How To Choose The Best Web Designer In Birmingham

Consider these few steps that will help you select the right web design agency in Birmingham for your business:

Step #1: Determine The Type Of Website You Require

There are several types of websites, with the most notable being:

  • Informational
  • eCommerce
  • Social media
  • Blog or magazine
  • And more

Decide on the type of website so that you can find a web design agency in Birmingham that specializes in the services that you need.

Step #2: Outline Your Budget And Understand Pricing

Before contacting any companies, determine the amount of money you are able to spend on building a website.

Once you outline a budget, look for the best web design companies that can:

  • Operate within your budget
  • Provide a return on investment

Step #3: Explore Agencies’ Portfolios And Case Studies

A website design company’s previous projects and case studies are proof of their ability to build successful digital platforms that deliver good results. Look for elements like:

  • Industry expertise
  • Experience in solving similar business issues
  • Incorporating trends

Step #4: Learn About Agencies’ Processes

You should figure out and understand how exactly a web design company formulates a structured process to ensure results.

Be sure to learn:

  • Which specialists will work on your project, how experienced they are and how much time they will dedicate to your project
  • Who will be the team leader and main point of contact
  • What KPIs (key performance indicators) they will set and how frequently they will be tracked
  • How often you will meet to talk about updates and receive reports
  • How long your future agency partner will monitor your websites’ performance

10 Questions To Ask Birmingham Web Design Companies

Make sure to ask potential candidates this series of questions to further test their expertise and commitment to your project.

  1. Have you built knowledge in my niche?
  2. Can you show us some examples of similar projects?
  3. Which team members will work on our project and how experienced are they?
  4. Are you familiar enough with the latest trends in web design?
  5. Do you have to outsource any of the services needed?
  6. Do you offer other related services that could add value to our account?
  7. Will you test our website before it will go live?
  8. Can you provide an SEO strategy and implementation for our website?
  9. Do you offer post-launch support and maintenance?
  10. Are there any extra charges that we should know about?

Takeaways On Birmingham Web Design Agencies

Clients who work with Birmingham web design companies prefer their services for these main reasons:

  • Birmingham web designers have expertise in web design and other website-related services, including SEO digital marketing or branding.
  • They have a deep understanding of the local business ecosystem and tend to build successful platforms for sectors such as manufacturing, retail trade, construction, finance, ICT, real estate and more.
  • Top-level talents in IT choose to work in Birmingham over London.
  • They use the most recent technologies and tools to produce innovative output.
  • They offer quality services at accessible rates.

If you are looking to build a high-performance website at an affordable price, a web design agency in Birmingham can certainly be of help. Good luck finding the best partner for you!

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