Elbi Simple App Design

Elbi is an app designed to make donating to worthy causes as simple as a tap of a button. Elbi claims, “We make it easy and rewarding to discover and support inspiring charities.” Users can add a credit card or simply use Apple Pay to make donations seamlessly through the Elbi app.

The Elbi app helps users discover worthy charitable causes through frequently updated video content provided by the charities.

From the home screen, users can swipe through different causes and tap to expand the content and view the full video. From the video screen, the user can tap the “love” button to make a donation directly to the charity. They can also share the video with friends and their social circles, or post a reaction to the video.

With each donation made, the user earns “love coins” which can later be redeemed in the Loveshop for a number of different items, like clothing from H&M, Beats x Fendi headphones, and even David Yurman Jewelry.

Users also earn love coins when others make a donation based on their video reaction and social share. Love coins are tracked in the top right corner of the screen, visible from all areas of the app.

The Elbi app features an easy app design that is oriented around getting users to discover and engage with content.

Each cause features a video as well as a written description of the charity and its mission. Users can also explore user-generated content related to each cause, giving the app a strong community-oriented vibe.

Elbi is a simple app design in the Non-Profit industry.

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