Lufthansa Infotainment Concept Elegant App Design

Bureau Oberhaeuser challenged themselves to redesign the Lufthansa in-flight info-tainment system within one week.

One of the reasons behind it this quick update was because Lufthansa had previously updated their in-flight info-tainment system and the outcome had been somewhat disappointing. Therefore, they stepped up with their own concept and took aim at identifying existing problems and suggesting solutions or alternative approaches.

Lufthansa Infotainment Concept App Design

The home screen presents itself as a clean curated gateway for all in-flight needs. Besides the obvious movie and music selections, it also gives you the ability to request the flight attendant services.

Lufthansa Infotainment Concept Simple App Design

One thing that also stands out is the ability to connect your mobile or tablet to the info-tainment system by downloading an app. This gives the ability to enjoy the entertainment selection via the internal WiFi on seats that don't have a screen. 

Lufthansa Infotainment Concept Clean App Design

Overall, we can clearly see a very well thought-out UI that stays true to the necessary simplicity of these apps, where anyone from all ages can interact easily and quickly with a fast learning curve.

Lufthansa Infotainment Concept is a clean app design in the aerospace and entertainment industries.