Twine Minimal App Design

There are plenty of apps on the market designed to help users save money for big events or major financial goals, but until Twine there haven’t been any that designed specifically to help couples save together.

Twine is a financial app that helps users reach a shared financial goal by managing their savings together. The app is backed by John Hancock and features bank-level security, so users can feel comfortable that their information is in safe hands.

The app experience begins with a brief onboarding process for first-time users. The onboarding process includes explanations of key app features and benefits and is defined by custom line drawings in black and white punctuated by Twine’s cheerful yellow accent color.

Because financial information is involved, the signup process is longer than most, but Twine takes pains to communicate each step of the process and provides an estimate for how long it will take. This helps keep users from giving up too soon.

Twine promises to simplify the process of saving by bringing a comprehensive view of accounts and goals to one simple app. Users can create automatic transfers and manage savings either in cash or by setting up a portfolio that’s customized to their goals. Everything can be achieved through Twine’s user-friendly interface.

Twine makes exceptional use of custom illustrations throughout the app experience. These illustrations make the process of saving feel approachable and fun, which is certainly a novel experience. Large, modern typography and plentiful white space give the experience a calm, uncluttered vibe, which serves the experience well.

Twine is a minimal app design in the Banking & Finance industry.

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