UnitedHealth Group Typography Logo Design

UnitedHealth Group Inc. offers products and services through its two subsidiaries: UnitedHealthcare and Optum. They provide health insurance to 115 million people, have a staff of over 230,000 employees worldwide, and is worth $160.2 billion.

This logo contains traits representative of the ideal health insurance company-- very neutral, serious, and caring. The typeface used is Graphik. The color used is HEX#003C71 Navy blue.

There are no cross-hatched lines or distractions in this mark. There need not be. The two stand-out letters of “U”, “H” and “G” are larger than the rest of the lettering. This adds uniqueness to the logo and a subtle visual effect that makes its message clear: this is a brand.

“United” and “Health” unite together into one flowing word as a reference to the brand name.

The custom Graphik typeface includes subtle spacing between each letter that allows the logo to breathe freely.

Navy blue conveys authority, confidence, intelligence and power. It carries with it an elegance and sophistication that must be respected. It does not call attention to itself.

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UnitedHealth Group Clean Logo Design

Healthcare is about privacy and upholding the confidential information of patient records. The UnitedHealth Group mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.

The font and color combination show a sense of compassion to this mission. This is a company that serves the people. Most importantly, the logo represents responsibility.


UnitedHealth Group Logo Design

The effectiveness of the UnitedHealthcare Group logo is realized through relevance. A logo representing a health insurance giant does not need bright colors or bells and whistles. Rather, it must provide a sense of calming tranquility and seriousness. This is a company that helps people that are fighting for their lives by battling cancer and rare diseases.

And this logo gives them a clear message: we are here to support you.

UnitedHealth Group is a typography logo design in the hospitality, legal & insurance and medical & pharmacy industries.

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