Visa Iconic Logo Design

Visa is a technology and credit card company that rules the world of electronic payments. They are worth $206.4 billion and are ranked #45 on the Forbes most innovative companies list.

In 2014, Visa updated their logo and their own internal designers accomplished the task. For the first time in 55 years, and in an act of controversy, Visa removed the color gold from their logo. The gold in the old logo once symbolized the luxury and prestige that having a credit card once signified.

The font type is an italic single sans serif in capital letters.

The all blue logo was simplified to show how consumers interact with the Visa brand on mobile and across all digital channels. It fits in with all sizes and backgrounds. Visa’s signature tagline was “It’s Everywhere You Want to Be”, but today, everywhere is within reach of everyone.


Visa Flat Logo Design

Visa’s new logo is also representative of flat design. Flat design is a philosophy. It incorporates a style of interface design that emphasizes minimal use of style elements and gives an illusion of three dimensions.

The blue and gold that Visa picked in their first logo was intended to reference the blue skies and golden hills of California where the bank was first created. Visa retains the blue because it synthesizes feelings of trust, stability, and loyalty.


Visa Logo Design

The new Visa logo modernizes the brand while paying homage to the rich history and tradition of the original Visa blue and sans serif font. The logo continues the design consistency that is required to encourage brand loyalty.

The colors and shape of the logotype communicate a sense of stability and reliability that is necessary for a credit card company in an era where digital technology and mobile payments are in the hands of everyone, everywhere.

Visa is an iconic logo design in the banking & finance and hospitality industries.