Mack Special Brew Amazing Package Design

A Single Bold Color Makes These Beer Cans Jump Off Of Store Shelves

Talk about a bold beer can that will stand out on the shelves! With a colorful beer that immediately attracts the eyes of consumers, this special brew from Mack Brewery takes the guesswork out of choosing the right beer.

Mack Brewery is one of the four largest breweries in Norway. And in 2015, the popular brand decided to add a new selection to its roster. There, the special brew was born. But this innovative and exciting new beer couldn’t just be thrown in a bottle or can like all the rest.

It needed a new visual identity to showcase its excellence. And the resulting packaging certainly flies off of the shelf. One of the reasons for its success lies in its bold and vibrant coloring.

Each can gets its own color — and these colors tell consumers about the type of beer inside, whether it’s a blonde beer, an IPA or a wheat beer.

The single, bold color is perfect for allowing the simple, sans-serif text to jump off the can. It’s easy to read which variety of beer you’re choosing, and the color also acts as a great differentiator. Just reach for the yellow can if you want a light, blonde beer.

The design feels intuitive.

The color and typography are consistent in the multipacks as well. Rather than use a boring brown box or a typical plastic can holder, the designer chose to continue the bold design beyond just the cans.

This shows ingenuity and excellence on the part of the brand. They want to keep branding consistent and fun, and so they infuse this same vibrant coloring into all branded assets.

And these colors aren’t dull, that’s for sure. These colors are full of life and energy that exude an effervescence that tells consumers drinking this beer will feel like an exciting adventure.

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Mack Special Brew Package Design

Clean Typography Keeps The Branding Consistent

Color isn’t the only thing that helps these beer cans stand out. There is also something to be said about the clean, crisp typography that sits as the focal point to these enchanting beer can designs.

These cans all use bright white and black, sans-serif typography in varying sizes to tell consumers the type of beer that is inside and all additional information about its contents.

And the way these words pop from their colorful backgrounds is almost as attention-grabbing as the electrified colors themselves.

The type of beer takes center stage in a thick, clean bold font. Beneath and above are additional monikers and explanations.

The names sit on a colored background with the white font adding much-needed context. But the rest of the label is made up of a black and white coloring that lets the additional text and imagery take a backseat, while still providing vital information.

This clean and straightforward typography makes it easy for consumers to make a purchasing decision because it puts all the required information right at the forefront — which eliminates the frustration users feel when they have to go searching.

Consumers don’t have to work. They don’t even really like to read. They just want to look at a product and know what it’s all about. And the infusion of crisp, straightforward and bright typography helps them achieve that.

Mack Breweries Colorful Package Design

Intuitive Labeling Helps Even The Most Novice Beer Drinkers Find The Brew For Them

Color creates excitement. Typography adds context. But the labels on these special Mack Brewery beer cans adds an intuitive quality to the beers that give consumers the final push they need to buy a pack.

These beer cans are minimal in nature, but there is a creativity on the label that elevates the products and the brand as a whole. Because these labels don’t just detail the type of beer inside and its alcohol content. Instead, they offer a comprehensive and fun breakdown of the beer that helps even the least-experienced beer drinker make a decision.

These labels are made up of a bright, white coloring. And that lets the brand show off its creative talent and its beer-loving ingenuity in style.

Mack Brewery makes it easy for even the most amateur beer taster to choose the drink right for them. Food pairings, ideal temperature storage and a brand statement are all clearly and concisely displayed.

And they aren’t just shared through straightforward text — instead, cool and captivating images and rating systems appear on the label. This encourages consumers to get a closer look and helps them learn more about the beer inside — more than any other brand we’ve seen.

With so many brands available, choosing the right beer for your own personal taste isn’t always easy. But Mack Brewery created a can that not only grabs the eye of beer drinkers but helps to educate them, as well. How many other beer brands can say that?

If you have a specific meal in mind and want to find the beer to match it, Mack Brewery is here to save the day. Similarly, if there is a distinct flavor you want from your beer, a star rating system highlights that information with ease.

On a completely different note, these beer cans even show you what kind of glass is best for each can! Talk about comprehensive and intuitive.

Mack Breweries Gif Package Design

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What Is Mack Brewery?

Mack Brewery is a large-scale brewery founded in 1877. It’s one of the largest breweries in Norway and offers an extensive array of beers, ciders and more for its consumers.

Here’s a snippet from the brand itself:

Macks Ølbryggeri is the northernmost brewery in the world. The brewery was founded in 1877 by Ludwig Markus Mack. Mack is the fourth largest brewery in Norway, and is probably one of the strongest brands from Northern Norway. Our main production is located in Nordkjosbotn, approximately 70 km from Tromsø. Mack's historical sites in Tromsø houses our administration, the beer shop Kjeller 5, our legendary pub Ølhallen and Mack Microbrewery.

With over 100 years of experience, Mack Brewery knows good beer. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t in the business of trying something new.

In 2015, the brand decided to launch a new special brew for its consumers, and the resulting flavor combinations sparked a lot of interest. To complement the exciting, new offerings, the brand turned to design studio Tank to create a packaging that was sure to stun.

Here’s what Tank had to say about the project:

The interest in beer has increased dramatically in Norway in recent years, and especially for microbrews. Mack has run small-scale production of flavor beer in its own micro-building, and in 2015 they launched a new product range based on this production. This is a special brew with carefully selected ingredients, and high focus on cultivating distinctive flavor. The task was to create an identity and a clear series of marks that appear in the store shelves. We chose early in the process to engage in close dialogue with the brewer, and the solution became a rustic, honest and unobtrusive paper label with content focus and quality assurance from the brewer's master himself. The solution reflects good traditions and pride around the brewing process. Simple color coding and clear typographic solutions distinguish the different types from each other, making the range very accessible to the consumer.

These cans are creative, cool and fun — further promoting the Mack Brewery brand and solidifying its place in the Norwegian beer market.


Mack Breweries Innovative Package Design

Innovative Beer Can Packaging Elevates The Mack Brewery Brand

Mack Brewery unveiled a new beer offering in 2015. And to complement the new beers — packaged in easy-to-carry cans — the brand turned to design agency Tank to create a package design that matched the innovative spirit of the liquid inside.

The result was a vibrant and attention-grabbing can that used color, typography and intuitive beer knowledge to influence consumer purchasing decisions.

The vibrant and colorful nature of these cans draws your gaze immediately. And they aren’t just colorful, they’re bright! And they bring with them an energy and a youthfulness that exudes excitement and happiness.

These colors work as the perfect backdrop for the text, as well. The clean, crisp typography takes center stage and sits as the main visual point of interest. The font is simple, bold and bright. White and black text complement each other and the colors of the can.

But what's really cool about these cans is the comprehensive label that includes a wide variety of indicators about the beer inside.

This isn’t just a beer can that tells you there's beer inside — it tells you what food to pair with it, what kind of glass to drink it in, what flavor notes to expect and more.

It’s intuitive packaging that serves a purpose and convinces users to buy along the way.

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