30 Park Place Gorgeous Print Design

Park Place is the name of my favorite monopoly board property. Expensive, rare, elusive, and powerful. You control park place, you have a chance and controlling the entire game. Like a regular ol’ railroad baron from the 1800s.

The best print designs are also elusive and powerful. Their effects are minimal but far reaching. Here we have 30 Park Place Branding. Designed by the agency Mother in New York, the print design used outstanding flowing lines and golden foil typography to create a gorgeous finish and memorable cohesive theme.

The number three numerical is based in a holographic golden foil. The three appears to have three dimensions but quickly fades into an illusion of lines that make it mistakable for modern art. The business cards or all white, with well-spaced font letters that are professional and elegant.

A small black strip highlights the top portion of the cards. This strip is left as a thin line to not overshadow the important information that lay below.

30 Park Place Elegant Print Design

The notebook design? Simply stunning. When the book is closed, the edges of the pages come together to give off an aura reminiscent of the notebook used by King Tut or King Midas. It is grand and superb. Four separate page markers hang from the bottom, dividing the golden foiled paper with different tabs. Your thoughts are valuable and words are powerful. They need be represented and accompanied by a book that takes them seriously for safekeeping.

We are not writing our thoughts or ideas in a third-grade composition black and white notebook anymore. It is time to put down the crayon box. The best print designs bring sophistication to a new level.

They do not follow normal rules. They create their own. They are memorable, far-reaching and impactful. This is a notebook to keep the most important notes and reminders that are crucial to one’s life.

30 Park Place Print Design

The paper ledger that accompanies the print design is also breathtaking. Look at how simple and eye catching the gold foil number three is at the top left corner. A glossy and gorgeous professional black color strip highlights the top header of the page. This is a professional paper that screams luxury for a luxurious real estate project. Gold is the color of kings and dominant in luxury. It is rare. Highly sought after. Gold is the element that causes mania in the form of manifest destiny where people that dream of being rich will travel with a shovel and a vision in hopes of changing their lives with the discovery of precious metal in the sands of the rippling river banks of the West Coast United States.

Luxury? Check. Brilliant use of golden color to illustrate sophistication and a real estate project for the wealthy? Check. Outstanding use of line work in the form of a hologram logo? Check.

The best print designs teem with qualities that make them indistinguishable from most. To be amongst the best, you have to look the part, too.

30 Park Place is a gorgeous print design in the Real Estate industry.