The Practical Man Awesome Print Design

The Practical Man is an Australian clothing retailer that used these promotional posters for their website. Australian studio Garbett Design took on the work to create these colorful, promotional pieces.

The Practical Man Gorgeous Print Design

The focus is mainly the bright colors. Green, yellow, and blue all dominate the majority of the space on the poster. The name of the company is written in a style that almost gives off a 3D feeling. The text appears to bend and fold to create multiple surfaces. The only other typography that appears on each poster is the name of their website. If you don’t know The Practical Man, these posters certainly create a bit of mystery.

The Practical Man Print Design

Most of all, this design shows that a promotional poster can be very effective by creating a feeling in the viewer’s mind that makes them want to seek out more information. There are no models showing off clothing and no bright red text advertising the next sale—just a simple, clean poster with important information about the company.

The Practical Man is an outstanding print design in the fashion & beauty industry.