Charlotte Russe - Branding Video

Charlotte Russe is an on trend clothing retailer for girls and women. They pride themselves in knowing what the glam girl wants before they want it, and having a great user experience in store or online. This branding video introduces what it means to be a Charlotte Russe girl, and provides an "in" for girls who might not know how to become one.

The video begins with the Charlotte Russe logo—an all lower case, bold sans serif font in white over a hot pink background. The establishing shots of the video are several photographs of Charlotte Russe models and girls wearing the brand’s clothing. A stylized “hello, gorgeous” is displayed on the screen, in a similar manner as the opening logo, with white text and a hot pink background. However, this time the fonts are different, with the first word a curvy italic font and the second made up of dots to look like cinema lights. The words are bordered with a curly bracketed box made of the same cinema light font. Several of these stylized quotes are used throughout, always with different fonts but still carrying similar styles.

The video is shot as a casual documentary, and as the narrators discuss what it means to be a Charlotte Russe girl, photos continue to flash across the screen in quick succession, building collages of clothing designed to make fashion-sensible girls keen to wear the brand’s designs.

When the subjects of the one-sided interview portions of the video are shown, they are always surrounded by walls of clothing. Group meetings, discussions, behind the scenes — everything is always bedecked with the brand’s clothing. For example, when in a conference meeting, the surroundings are a little haphazard, depicting a brainstorm or creative session. During a one sided interview, the wall behind the subject is lined with lit, square cubicles filled with rows of shoes. The video closes the same way it began, with a hot pink background featuring the Charlotte Russe logo in center screen, only this time dazzling stars twinkle around the letters.

The Charlottoe Russe girl who watches this video will feel embraced by the clothing brand she loves, and the girl who wants to be on the in will feel welcomed.

Charlotte Russe — Branding Video is a casual commercial video.