ClickFunnels’ Funny Video Ad Introduces A Character That Is Unforgettable

ClickFunnels’ Video Design Compels Businesses To Increase Their Website Sales

ClickFunnels is a brand that helps businesses grow and thrive through comprehensive and effective sales funnels. Created in 2014, the dynamic duo behind this formula for success came together and started asking each other some tough questions about what it would take to create the ideal sales funnel.

The two came up with a plan to help businesses succeed. The solution they created was an all-in-one software to increase leads, sales, impressions, revenue, traffic and more. It’s an easy-to-use system that puts businesses back in control of their brand with the help of ClickFunnels’ insights.

More specifically, this brand helps businesses create a website that stuns. And considering 64 percent of users who have a bad experience with a website are likely not to return, it’s an admirable mission they’ve set out on.

Website design has a major impact on traffic, conversions and profits. A poorly designed or disorganized website is likely to do more to distract and push away users than it is to inspire positive interaction.

ClickFunnel set out on a lofty quest to help businesses and expand their own reach and awareness, they’ve created a witty and helpful video for consumers to engage with to better understand how they can help others create websites that drive leads.

ClickFunnels Uses Humor In Its Video Ad To Promote Its Brand And Identity

Whether your company means “serious business” or it's aiming to become more trendy and popular, expert branding agencies can elevate your marketing strategy, by introducing humor across. Video advertising? Why not? They'll make sure that the brand's advertising video content stands out from the competition. A touch of comedy, satire or sarcasm certainly helps as it adds a distinct personality to the commercial video and it makes the audience want to hear what you have to say.

The focal point of this video is the humorous character it creates — a rough and tumble “Gold Digger”, a prospector straight out of the gold rush. He’s a big, bumbling fool that has some enlightening insights you can’t ignore.

There are a number of different moving parts to this video — a story-like quality with this character, plus an informative layer that adds an immense amount of value. You learn a lot about the brand, their message, their identity and finally, their services. You learn about how your business can grow with their help and get access to real examples.

But there’s still a lightness to the overall video that keeps you engaged and makes the entire concept of redesigning your website doable and approachable.

The video opens up with an office worker named Steve who is told he’s going to be introduced to his first “Gold Digger.” Of course, there is one thought that comes to mind, but his hopes are quickly dashed when an actual gold digger shows up, suspenders and all.

This energetic character then takes Steve on a journey, highlighting the ways businesses fail — which is due to poorly designed websites that aren’t built to drive conversions, traffic and leads. This video uses real-world people and characters, as well as interactive and engaging cartoons to lead users on this journey.

The settings change throughout — going from an office to a river to a cave. This keeps with the gold rush theme and adds a story-like quality to the video that keeps users interested. It feels like you’re watching a story unfold, and that this character is really talking to you.

The video ends with Steve deciding to quit, following this man’s advice and starting his own business with this website funnel theory in mind.

The adept video producers at ClickFunnels sure know how to have fun with their content.

Interspersed throughout are tongue-in-cheek comments, silly jokes and hilarious references that add a humorous and down-to-earth element to the overall design.

There is also a voiceover that is clear and informative and present throughout the video. There are helpful pop-up animations that add excitement and silliness to the overall video blends seamlessly and add to the friendliness of the overall design. These are experts, but they can also be your friends too — just offering some helpful advice.

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ClickFunnels’ Video Incorporates Humor, Compelling Characters And Vivid Imagery To Entice Users

ClickFunnels uses humor, storytelling and imagery in an impactful way to promote their brand and increase awareness of their identity as a whole.

ClickFunnel can help businesses grow by offering tips on how to improve overall website designs and promote sales funnels. This video tells users who may not know who they are what they do, and does it in an extremely engaging and interactive way.

This video works like a commercial, a promotional video, a how-to and more! There are a variety of elements in this video, all of which are tied together by the character known as “Gold Digger.” This goofy and lovable character is rowdy, obnoxious and in your face. He’s direct, sarcastic and straight to the point.

He tells it like it is, which adds authenticity and authority to the video and brand that urges users to develop trust. There’s no BS in this video, though it does use humor to help crack a smile and open up its audience to its ideas and suggestions.

ClickFunnels’ video is humorous, impactful and engaging. Whether you knew the brand before, or are new to their services, you’re immediately curious and want to learn more.

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