Dancing Robots

Standout features:

  • Fun robotic concept
  • Theme-appropriate sound
  • Positive energy

Aside from the animation sequences and visual elements, animated videos rely on sound choices to communicate a message. Hence, knowing which sound to use in certain concepts is a crucial decision for video designers.

That’s why ALIEN studio balanced the percentage between the visual elements, animation sequences, music, and other audio elements to create this video. The goal? To entertain and send a warm message of love and friendship.

They used robots as the main characters of the animated video, which is a remarkable contrast to the message of emotional warmth they want to convey. Since robots are known to be cold and emotionless, the execution was challenging, but the designers did it so well that it worked.

Additionally, the energy exuded by the animated video is refreshing, warm, and infectious. People watching it might feel things they never expected while watching two robots dance and hold hands in the end.

Overall, this paradox of elements worked successfully.

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