Standout Features:

  • Old school animation
  • Dystopian theme
  • Addressing a social issue

Detached is a short, animated film created by Foreign Fauna. The satirical film is a criticism of an ignored contemporary societal issue.

The video design's old-school animation resembles cartoons from the 60s. It shows us the protagonist’s drawer filled with perfectly arranged neckties. Once he picks the tie for the day, he opens the drawer below, which contains his three heads, each portraying an emotional state.

He picks the middle one and wears it, ready to go out.

The video proceeds to show a traditional society reacting to occurrences by switching their heads, and the protagonist seems like a careless person who ignores them. However, upon arriving at his desk, he takes his head off, places it on the table. The head quickly falls to the floor and breaks.

This dystopian video addresses the social issue of the inability to perceive someone’s mental state. We may seem fine and normal by wearing our clothes and performing our routines, but our psychological state remains invisible to others who only perceive our actions.

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