Dropbox's Highly Personal Explainer Informs Users About The Brand With Bright & Airy Animations

Dropbox’s Informative Video Design Emphasizes The Service's Simplicity

Dropbox is a file-sharing, storing and syncing service that was launched in 2007 as a partially free alternative to data protection and sharing. They’re committed to making work easier on all individuals — making lives easier as a whole.

This is their story:

Back in 2007, that meant designing a simpler way to keep files in sync. Today, it means designing a more enlightened way of working—on files, projects, and more. Most “productivity tools” drain creative energy. They constantly ping, distract, and disrupt your team’s flow. And none of them connect, so you spend your days switching between apps, tracking down feedback. It’s busy work, not meaningful stuff. We want to change this.

Dropbox is one of the many data protection and file-sharing services available today — but what makes it so efficient is its functionality which lets users access their files from wherever. It’s an intuitive and productive service that streamlines efficiency and productivity.

But file sharing and storing still sounds like a complicated process on paper — so the creative team at Dropbox turned to an informative video to change perspectives and educate its audience.

The Dropbox Video Is  A Cute And Clever Design With Dynamic Animations & Smooth Motions Graphics

Dropbox uses colorful and light illustrations to display to viewers all of the different types of files that you can save and share using the file syncing platform. Leading video production companies utilize clever animation to simplify complex ideas, topics or services for the average viewer. The engaging visuals and illustrations can be consumed more efficiently and they inspire further exploration.

The Dropbox's video animations move in a dynamic and exciting way, like pages of a book being turned. There’s a fluidity and fun vibe to the movement — in both the animation transitions and in their exciting and fun actions as a whole.

The video begins with an animated box opening — in the same vein as the Dropbox logo itself. And when it opens, pages fly out — you see these pages swirl, and you can hear the sound of paper flapping in the wind.

Through this, you’re told — with the help of a narrator — that Dropbox can help you store and save files that are special to you. These files include family vacation photos, music recordings, business proposals and emotional video memories.

This video wants users to see very clearly all of the information that they have and all that could be lost without this platform.

It’s a clear, direct and honest video with simple animations, cute illustrations, and smooth motion graphics. You see vividly the platforms it can be used on, what files can be stored and all the places from which you can access your stored documents and files.

These illustrations are cartoonish in nature, but they are also modern and simple, with subtle features and crisp lines that keep the design wholly modern, fresh and sincere. It’s fun and light — keeping the mood airy and smooth.

The colors are light and subtle. The characters are basic and bubbly. The setting is clean and relatively empty — decluttering the entire design and creating a vibe of easiness, friendliness, and fun.

In the background, a narrator adds context and background about the products, its services, and its features. It’s a happy, informative voice that puts the viewer at ease, and brings a cohesiveness to the video as a whole.

Happy, bubbly music plays lightly throughout — elevating the mood and putting a smile on the face of everyone who watches it.

Motion graphics add playfulness to these creative animations and informational content. And the modern, silly illustrations promote the ease of use this product touts.

This explainer video gives a brief, concise and comprehensive overview of the Dropbox product. It’s light, smooth and fun to watch, and emphasizes the user-friendly simple usability the file syncing service is known for.

This explainer video is professional and smooth — aligning the brand as a leader in their field, and it wants consumers to know it.

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Dropbox’s Adorable Explainer Video Educates Viewers Easily

Smooth transitions, cute animations and an informative narrator help bring this Dropbox informative video to life.

The characters dance across the screen in a bubbly and unique way. It’s light and airy — which is further emphasized by the clean space and soft colors use. There’s a fluidity to this design, like paper flying in the wind. This is how the story starts, and this lightness continues throughout.

This video aims to educate and enlighten. It explains the ways in which Dropbox can help you as an individual and as a professional. The video is specific, direct and sincere. There’s no question as to how to use it or what files can be saved.

This exciting, pleasing and inspiring video design is the perfect mix of playful creativity, professional content and straightforward explanation. It’s a video that tells the audience everything they need to know and does so with a personality that is approachable and friendly.

This video design is inspiring — one that should be emulated by brands and businesses looking to create similar explainer videos that fit their brand identity and focus.

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