Harvey Distilling - Peach Ginger

Standout Features:

  • Exciting and energetic
  • ‘Peachy’ ingredient highlight
  • Short and direct

Harvey Distilling is a Canadian East Coast distillery that alleviates the market through exciting product placement and marketing. In line with this, BrainWorks Marketing created a brief, fun promotional video for their Peach Ginger.

This video revolves around two things: the brand and the star ingredient. Without wasting any time, it captures the viewer's attention immediately through a close-up of a liquid-covered fresh peach. Then, through a series of fast-paced frameshifts, the ad shows the liquid and fruit 'dancing' in harmony to form this delicious cocktail eventually.

This short, sweet, engaging video ends by showcasing the brand logo on a white background. The bird from the logo flies away shortly after, maintaining the established non-stop motion pace from start to finish.

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